Monday, April 09, 2007

Best Animal Blogger Award

LB kor nominated Ah Boy for The Blogger's Choice Awards as the Best Animal Blogger. According to LB kor, Ah Boy is the cutest, the slinkiest, the biggest eyed one, the most talkative, loves Grilled Spare Ribs, and tickles..

Anyone else wanna casts your vote for Ah Boy??? Thank you very much. Ah Boy sayang u all.


mistipurple said...

Ah Boy!!!!! i knew you're celebrity material!! i will go vote for you!!!! don't forget to paw-print your autograph later okie? *sings.. congratulations and celebrations..*

L B said...

Hahaha... Watch out for Insomnia and stalker autograph-hunters!!!


kyh said...

aiyo so da sayang u!!! must vote for u oso!!!


may said...

waaaa!! Ah Boy so fehmes now!! can I walk with you on the red carpet? can I? can I? autograph, please! your pawprint here will do...

day-dreamer said...

Want vote need register ka? So mah huan... :D

L B said...

Registering probably means they're trying to prevent some unscrupulous people from voting non-stop for a fave blog, or for themselves. Love Ah Boy!

mistipurple said...

*honk honk!!!* AhBoy open door!! freshly bbq-ed pork ribs and char siew for you!!!

angel said...

Pssttt! I vote for you liao, you give me your siew pai kuat, char siew paos, siew chee yoke etc etc?? Want anot jek? Want laa...
*chuk chuk chuk*
*blink blink*
*Food Politics*


*opens door for misti*
*keeps the food*

Ah Boy said...

TQ TQ misti jie :)
Ah Boy will leave one big paw print for misti jie :D

Ah Boy indeed having insomnia yesterday... :P
Thanks for nominating & voting for Ah Boy :)

loves the siew pai kuats :)

Thanks for sayang-ing Ah Boy
Ah Boy still waiting for your vote leh... Bila nak vote? :)

Ah Boy said...

Thanks May jie for voting for Ah Boy. Ah Boy very happy leh :)

Can, can..
we can run on the red carpet too..
or how about rolling around? ;)

Big big paw print :)

day dreamer,
where got mah huan..
one minute can kao tim registration liao..
u no sayang Ah Boy meh?

yeah yeah.. LB kor pandai :)
Ah Boy loves LB kor too :)

Ah Boy said...

So happy !!!!!!!
got freshly BBQ-ed pork ribs & char siew specially for Ah Boy
Ah Boy feels so sayang-ed :)
Ah Boy heard Misti jie delivers Milk too..
Can Ah Boy have some?
TQ TQ :)

Angel jie, thanks for voting for Ah Boy.
Looking at the voters name...
Which one is you ah?

Errr.. need to exchange food ah?
how about exchanging Milk?
Ah Boy just get one carton from Misti jie :)

rinnah said...

I already voted for Ah Boy liao! Go Ah Boy go!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

woof wof wuff wuff

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

A well deserved vote from us. Good luck Ah Boy!

On a side note. If it's not too much trouble, could you visit our doggie friend, Casper D Dog and send him and his human your well-wishes? Casper has gone into relapse and would very much like our support at a time like this.


Ah Boy said...

Thanks Rinnah
Ah Boy sayangz Rinnah :)

siew pai kuat?
char siew pau?

Thanks for the vote ;)
Sorry to hear about Casper :(
Sure, Ah Boy will definitely pay Casper a visit soon...

Winn said...

wah ......!!!!!! meng seng!!

autograph pls!! sign on my shoulder, like tattoo!! so now canot go out with u oredi la? coz u wil be swamp by ur fansi!! haha

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wahh....i wan autograph oso leh..

gip 1 to Bobo too ya?

Simple American said...

Can I have your pawprint?

Ah Boy said...

sign on Winn jie's shoulder & tummy and put paw prints on both thighs :P
Can still go out with Ah Boy.
Ah Boy not lansee wan :D

woof meow,
where to put the paw prints ah? :)

can can...
of course can :)
how many u want?

Wennnn said...

Yes yes I voted too....

kyh said...

vote jor! vote jor!

Ah Boy said...

thanks wennnn jiejie for voting..

Yeah, Ah Boy saw liao..
after a long wait :)
Thanks for voting :D

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