Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ah Boy's Breakfast

According to Winn, the kaypoh Liucas wanna knows what Ah Boy had for breakfast. Yeah, Ah Boy kena tagged again, and so many backlogs liao...

Pedigree Beef-Flavoured Dog Food ~ this is what Ah Boy had most of the time for breakfast.

Occasionally Ah Boy will have this for brekkie. Yeah, u didn't see wrongly ~ it's an empty bowl. At times Ah Boy's beloved mummy forgets to feed Ah Boy before she rushes for work in the early morning. Hence, Ah Boy has no choice but to skip breakfast and lunch. *Bawl*

Occasionally Ah Boy will get to eat something different and nutritious such as char yip tann hard boiled egg or half boiled egg etc ;)

One tag down. Three more tags to go. Ah Boy would like to pass "The Breakfast Tag" baton to the following doggies. Ah Boy wanna knows what u all have for breakfast :)
* Baby
* Dom Dom
* Snowy & Crystal