Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Happy Woof Woof Year 2007

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Net Disaster

Ah Boy really have fun playing with Net Disaster a couple of hours ago. Ah Boy gets the link from kyh's post. The steps are as easy as ABC or 123 :

1. In the Target field, type in any website addy that u wanna play with. Please don't enter Ah Boy's blog web address, okie? Remember : Do not enter this website address :
2. In the Disaster field, pick any of the disasters (some are yucky, some are interesting, some really kia si lang).
3. Press Go.

Ah Boy playing with Ah Boy's good friend, Liucas' blog just now..

Naughty Baby scribbling Liucas' Blog. Don't let this baby come near Ah Boy's blog :)

Liucas' Blog was flooded !!! (Reminds Ah Boy of Tsunami which occured 2 years ago on 26th December 2004)

Flies. So geli wan...

Spilled Coffee. See? Ah Boy told Liucas liao not to drink while typing, but he stubborn, dowan to listen..

Cream Pie. Mmmm... This reminds Ah Boy of what Liucas did to Ah Boy on Ah Boy's birthday!!!

Demonstration !! This is the BEST !!! MUST TRY. Even Chen agrees with Ah Boy :)

Whose blog should Ah Boy plays with now??? *grin*

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sheep Pooh Equation

Few days ago before Chen went to KL, Ah Boy chatted with Winn Jie

Ah Boy: Winn jie going to meet Chen or not ah?
Ah Boy: Winn jie buy lah one pressie for ah boy too
Ah Boy: ask Chen to bring back
Ah Boy: if she dowan to bring, Winn jie can scold her
Ah Boy: ah boy wants a teddy bear
Ah Boy: last time Chen throw ah boy's teddy bear away cos dirty liao
Ah Boy: ah boy so sad
Winn: HAHAHA....
Winn: wat teddy u wan
Winn: Winn jie jie hse got a lot of pooh bears!
Ah Boy: any teddy will do
Ah Boy: pooh bear?
Winn: wan ar? got one sheep one very very cute
Ah Boy: ah boy likes pooh bear too
Ah Boy: wan
Ah Boy: Chen has pooh bear too, but she dowan gives ah boy
Ah Boy: she gives Ah Boy the other teddy bear
Ah Boy: now ah boy has one hippo, one cat and one dog soft toy
Ah Boy: the teddy bear soft toy that Ah Boy had previously sudah kena buang liao
Ah Boy: ah boy loves the hippo soft toy the most
Winn: haha
Winn: ahboy want so many toys for wat?? choke urself?
Ah Boy: nice mah
Ah Boy: boring lah if play with only one toy all day long
Ah Boy: ah boy now has another squeak squeak bone toy too, given by May jie
Ah Boy: can made sound wan
Ah Boy: squeak squeak
Ah Boy: like mouse lidat

Who knows, Winn Jie Jie really buy the Sheep Pooh Bear for Ah Boy woh.. Ah Boy so happy when Chen brought back the pressie. So cute :)

Ah Boy's equation #1 : White white tei sheep = Liucas, the white-white tei doggy (or issit cat or rabbit?)

Ah Boy's equation #2 : Winnie the Pooh Bear = Winnie Jie Jie (same name mah..)

In conclusion, Ah Boy's equation #3 : Sheep Pooh = Liucas + Winn Jie Jie

Thanks Winn Jie Jie for the pressie.
Ah Boy sayang U ( & Ah Boy sayang Liucas too)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So sad :(

Chen going to KL today for few days...
She didn't bring Ah Boy together with her...
So sad..
Ah Boy will miss Chen :(
Hope she will come back soon...
Hope she will buy some pressie for Ah Boy...
Hope she will bring back some nice food for Ah Boy to savour...
Hope she will call Ah Boy every night before she go zzzz...
Hope she will dream of Ah Boy when she sleeps at night time...
and Ah Boy she will enjoy herself and have a good time in KL too...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chat with Winn Jie

Today, while waiting for Chen to come back home, Ah Boy has a great time chatting with Winn Jie on YM. Ah Boy chatted for one hour plus with Winn Jie leh.. We talked and covered so many topics... We talked about food, we talked about Liucas, we talked about pig brain, we talked about university, we talked about hamsters, we talked about teddy bear, we talked about soft toys, we talked about squeak-squeak bone, we talked about Vietnam, we talked about invisible ink bla bla bla... Ah Boy will post up one small portion of Ah Boy's conversation with Winn Jie to share with Ah Boy's beloved kor kor & jie jie :)

Ah Boy: Winn jiejie
Winn: yes ah boy
Ah Boy: Winn jiejie eat oledi or not? ah boy hasnt eat yet
Winn: why leh? ah Chen sendiri keluar wet dowan to feed u again is it
Ah Boy: yeah loh, she hasnt feed ah boy yet. ah boy hungry. ah boy now curi use her YM
Winn: u open the fridge and see got leftover food or not?
Ah Boy: got laksa
Winn: i heard ah Chen tapao asam laksa from the longkang yesterday hasnt finshed
Ah Boy: got choc, but ah boy cant eat.
Ah Boy: got orange juice, ah boy planned to drink tat later. got cola
Ah Boy: yeah loh. how u know got laksa geh? ah boy heard she wanna eat tongiht
Winn: i know la. coz that Chen dam gian laksa. dun worry abt her. jus sapu first
Winn: then when she come back u said Liucas came and curi makan the laksa
Winn: must know how to tai chi ma

Ah Boy: good hoh, say Liucas eat wan
Ah Boy: later i go drink orange juice
Winn: ya. liucas always use this kinda dirty tricks on me one
Winn: so u must help me to revenge,
so i got excuse to spank him kao kao tonite
Ah Boy: dont beat liucas leh. he is my good fren
Winn: he likes to be beaten wor. he says it's like having full body massage
Ah Boy: aiseh. ah boy like massage, but don t like to be beaten
Winn: more reason to curi makan.. eh the wire behind the firdge oso can makan one u know.. faster!
Ah Boy: oh.. might be ah boy can eat the sotong fridge magnet too
Winn: ya..and the fluffly bone..can makan one, u know
Ah Boy: oh... wat else can eat wan?
Winn: the internet wire.. can eat oso u know. very yummy like spaghetti
Ah Boy: issit? but eat liao ah boy cannot go online liao
Winn: still can go online one. wire and internet is not related.
Winn: u can go online becoz there is anai anai operate in the cpu. thats why can function

Ah Boy: issit
Winn: wire is meant to be eaten
Ah Boy: anai-anai operator ah? issit ah? new things ah boy learn today
Winn: yes. Chen oso duno one. dun tell ok.
Ah Boy: yeah loh. she never tell me. she no good one
Winn: yalor. more reason to eat spaghetti now
Ah Boy: so many things can eat one ah? fatt tat loh
Ah Boy: eat liao can get tummy ache or not wan? ah boy vomited few times liao leh. dowan to vomit again
Winn: no. eat liao can grow fairer. tot u always very jeles how come liucas can be so fair rite? u on the other hand, same color like muthu..
Ah Boy: muthu is good


Ah Boy: can ah boy post this conversation up?
Ah Boy: ah boy lazy to write new post
Winn: hahaha....can...
Ah Boy: good good
Winn: hahahah
Ah Boy: thank u Winn jie. ah boy sayang Winn jie
Winn: this ahboy dam cheecky!
Ah Boy: ah boy not cheeky lah. ah boy use brain wan


Thanks to Winn Jie, else Ah Boy won't know wire is edible.. :P

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Zzzz Posture

Ah Boy has no idea why Liucas sleeps with this weird posture ... All legs terkankang.. Ah Boy only does that occasionally when being massaged or being scratched or tickled (like what happened that day when May jiejie scratched Ah Boy's tummy). Ah Boy doesn't sleep that way wan...

Ah Boy's sleeping posture is very normal... Kor kor & Jie jie don't believe Ah Boy? Ah Boy has evidence leh.. Chen loh.. always snap-snap photo when Ah Boy sleeping... No privacy liao... So Ah Boy must behaves too when sleeping. Cannot cincai sleep with weird posture wan.. Later she tangkap gambar and shows u all, Ah Boy shy-shy liao..

See? Ah Boy sleeps on pillow or cushion wan.. Just like all the other kor kor & jie jie.. Sometimes Ah Boy uses blanket too, during cold weather or rainy seasons...

Sometimes, Ah Boy sleeps on bolster too.. Comfy mah.. Ah Boy has a small blue karer bolster with lotsa cartoons.. Ah Boy has anothr pink karer piggy bolster too..

This is Ah Boy's cosy bed.. With towel as blanket and little cushion pillow as mattress.

At times Ah Boy sleeps on sofa too.. Afternoon nap when Chen is not at home. Besides playing computer, Ah Boy take naps when Ah Boy is alone at home.. Cannot go online too long, later Ah Boy sakit mata and lenguh badan ..

Ah Boy likes to sleep on the floortoo .. Nice mah for a change of environment.. Basically Ah Boy can sleeps everywhere.. with exception the toilet :P

See? Ah Boy doesn't sleep with this weird posture one.. Ah Boy very normal hoh? Liucas is the one who is abnormal, right? Psss... If Ah Boy is Liucas, Ah Boy will find a hole to hide in now... So paiseh leh.. So many pairs of eyes watching....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ah Boy 3 years old liao...

Sorry for not posting for so many days.. Chen loh, all her fault. These few nights she slept so early (around 10 pm to 11 pm, and then sometimes wakes up at weird hour pulak like 3 am in the morning).. Ah Boy doesn't really mind if she sleeps early, but why she sibuk go & switched off all the power supply woh.. Kesian Ah Boy... Ah Boy has no access to broadband & internet at all.. Ah Boy so sad..

Ah Boy wanna thanks all the kor kor and jie jie earlier on leh who wishes Ah Boy happy birthday but too bad Ah Boy doesn't have the chance to do so... Today since she busy working, Ah Boy curi-curi go online. Shhhhhhhhh.................

This is the little black doggy given by Chen. Same colour as Ah Boy. Black-black tei. Cute or not? Ah Boy likes it very much.. Can shake-shake and throw it high-high up. But sometimes Chen scold Ah Boy if Ah Boy does that too frequently... *Sob*

This is the birthday greetings given to Ah Boy by Winn Jie. Ah Boy doesn't understand why she mades Ah Boy so dark geh? Her photo made Ah Boy looks like negro only.. Ah Boy is black but not so dark lah... Winn Jie very cheeky wan.. See the writing up there? She made Ah Boy saying Happy Birthday to Ah Boy myself instead of she wishing me Happy Birthday. So cheeky hoh? And summore she forced Ah Boy to say "I wish I could be fairer than Liucas"... This is not true leh.. Ah Boy kena paksa to say that sentence wan...

This is the birthday greetings given by LB Kor. Got italian gelato, got mangoes, got a nice piece of roast ham on the shank, got greetings from PussyGalore, got colourful picture of Ah Boy... All these are Ah Boy's favourite food leh.. LB Kor even wrote a poem for Ah Boy.. Ah Boy feels so happy. This is the poem LB Kor wrote for Ah Boy.


A PussyGalore wish for Ah Boy’s birthday yesterday,
for heaps of tungku spare ribs in many pots of clay,
grilled chicken thighs, char kway teow, Irish stew,
all specially prepared, baked, and BBQed for you,
and also durian, pistachio gelato, & mango cheesecake,
desserts that make you wish you can stay up late awake,
with cool four legged skills at throwing the dice at Mahpoli,
so when you travel to Italy, you can get ice cream happily!

This is the birthday greetings by May Jie. Nice drawing hoh? Got bone picture, got Ah Boy's name.. and got one big Question Mark. May Jie told Ah Boy that the Question mark means the mystery gift woh.. And this is the mystery gift Ah Boy gets from May Jie :

Presenting the Beanie Bone soft toy by May Jie. Ah Boy has been playing with it for the past few nights. Got sound wan leh.. *Squeak Squeak* Thanks May Jie for the pressie. Ah Boy loves it very much.. And Ah Boy really enjoys the scratching tummy and tickling behind the ears session with May Jie... So comfortable...

This is the birthday greetings by Angel Jie. Apple flavoured Pup Cakes :D

This is a nice piece of artwork by 小毛 aka Ben Kor - Doggie Treat for Ah Boy. So nice of him :D

And last but not least.. My chu pang kao yew (猪朋狗友) aka "pig & dog friend", Liucas did this to Ah Boy on the big day... Why he so notti woh? Went & splashed the birthday cake on Ah Boy's face leh... Wasted the yummy cakes only.. Ah Boy spent so much time licking the cakes off from Ah Boy's face.... But thank Q also lah, Liucas. Liucas, your birthday coming soon too, right? Your beloved mummy told me that your birthday is on 32nd December... But how come Ah Boy din see that date on the calendar one? Your mummy bluff you, issit?


Monday, December 04, 2006

Ah Boy being notti..

Boy has a very memorable birthday..
So many kor kor jie jie sending greetings to Ah Boy
Ah Boy very happy..
Ah Boy 3 years old liao..
May Jiejie even give Ah Boy a pressie..
A Beanie Bone
Very cute wan..
May Jiejie very lenglui..
Ah Boy manja and play-play with May Jiejie
May Jiejie scratches Ah Boy's tummy, scratches Ah Boy's neck..
Tickle Ah Boy's tummy..
so syiok..
However, Ah Boy notti..
Ah Boy bully May Jiejie..
Ended up Ah Boy kena scolding and being punished by Chen cos Ah Boy misbehave.
Ah Boy earlier on thought birthday boy can tai sai (大嗮)
Mana tau.. this is not the truth.. *sob*
will still kena scolding & kena punish..

Sorry woh, May jiejie..

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Dice Story

Last year Chen gave Ah Boy dice as birthday pressie. Ah Boy has been practising very hard since Ah Boy gets the dice, from day one till today, trying to master the skill... It's not easy to roll the dice to the desired number leh.. needs tactic wan. Ah Boy has been practising very hard for the past one year.

Do you know what happened when Ah Boy get the dice earlier on.. Ah Boy kena bully cos didn't manage to roll & get the desired number. There is evidence for it... Chen wrote the whole event down in her blog somewhere in January this year (with picture summore).. Got bukti one.. Ah Boy didn't bluff.

Ah Boy copy & paste what Chen wrote in the past.. Of course with Chen's permission lah.. Below is Chen's writing...

This is my doggy's new toy ~ presenting the DICE.. (His 2 years old birthday present). I teach my dog how to gamble roll or throw dice, and he enjoys playing with it :)

I told him, if he gets number 3 or 5 from throwing/rolling the dice, he will get a nice treat, which is ice cream (My dog loves ice cream). My dog agrees and he starts throwing the dice..

1st attempt : number 4. You can see the disappointed look on his face. Never mind, he still has 2 more chances

2nd attempt : He tries hard to get number 3 or 5, but not successful. :(

3rd attempt : Number 1 :( *sob* So sad, no ice cream.. You can see the sad look on his face.

Although he didn't manage to get number 3 or 5 from the throwing dice session, but.... since he knows how to act cute, he still manage to eat the ice cream at the end. :P
Ah Boy now clever liao.. know how to roll dice liao... So Ah Boy can constantly get to eat ice cream :D

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coming BIG day

Ah Boy's birthday coming soon liao... Ah Boy will be celebrating the 3rd birthday on 2nd December leh.. this coming Saturday leh.. Ah Boy big boy liao... Last year Ah Boy get a dice plush toy as birthday pressie. Up to today Ah Boy is still wondering why Chen gave Ah Boy a dice ??? She wanna teach Ah Boy how to gamble ah?

Ah Boy wonders what is in store for Ah Boy on that day... I hope Chen won't forget Ah Boy's birthday. Is there any birthday party for Ah Boy? Will my beloved kor kor & jie jie out there buy cakes or pressie for Ah Boy? Ah Boy prefer FOOD .... Ah Boy dowan to eat Pedigree dog food on that day leh... Ah Boy wants BBQ spare ribs or fried chicken or Irish stew pork. Ah Boy hopes can have the chance to eat Durian & Mango Cheese Cake. Ah Boy hopes can get to eat pistachio gelato too !!! *Grin*

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sad :(

Yesterday night, Chen brought me out for dinner at her father in law's house. Ah Boy is lucky cos get to go out on weekends for dinner. Ah Boy ate fried rice yesterday night :) As usual, it rained quite heavily at night time. On our way back home, Chen was busy driving and Ah Boy wanted to manja with her... So Ah Boy climbed up Chen's lap - sitting & lying there while she was driving in the rain. So nice & cosy to lie on her lap..

Ah Boy dunno why Chen got so angry when Ah Boy sit & lie down on her laps. She scolded me and asked me not to disturb her and to go away.. Ah Boy so sad... so depressed.. wanna manja with her but kena scolding...

Ah Boy don't understand..
Cannot manja with her meh when she is driving ?????
Ah Boy will keep that in mind not to disturb Chen when she is driving to avoid kena scolding again...


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Short Hair

Chen went to cut hair few days ago.. Why she cut her hair till so short geh??? Luckily still longer than Ah Boy's hair.

Ah Boy remember few days ago LB kor kor said Ah Boy is baldie.. Ah Boy punya hair although short-short but Ah Boy is not bald leh.. Ah Boy still has hair, just that Ah Boy's hair is short only. But good also Ah Boy has short hair... at least Ah Boy doesn't have to worry being forced to cut hair like what happened to poor Liucas.. Kena suruh woke up at 2 am in the early morning from his sweet dream & saw his mummy holding a big scissor in her hands.. and the next seconds.. can hear the cut cut cut & snip snip snip sound.. & sobbing sounds too... (someone is crying leh...). The aftermath is Liucas looks so.... *giggle* Now Ah Boy happy Ah Boy has short-short hair :)

Ah Boy doesn't have any camera, so Ah Boy pinjam the picture that Chen posted in her blog to put up here... Ah Boy asked permission liao from Chen to use the picture..

Although Ah Boy has short hair, but handsome also mah.. Good looking also, right? Don't you agree with Ah Boy?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ah Boy "kembang" moment

Ah Boy feels very happy lately..
Ah Boy will show u some of the Ah Boy's "kembang" moments...

First of All, Ah Boy is featured in Charlie's THHC Angels leh.. as John Bosley Ah Boysley, (in The Hug Hug Hug Club X) thanks to LB kor kor.

U all can notice Ah Boy in the picture, right? Neh...The little cute dog there is Ah Boy.

Then one fine day, a weird looking cat says Hi to Ah Boy (from One Two Button My Shoe). Ah Boy dunno who is this cat till LB kor kor told Ah Boy that the cat is PussyGalore, and she loves pink flowers (daffodils), pink nuts (don’t ask), and pink meat (salmon)..

Next Ah Boy appeared in the cute button here, thanks to LB slash CK kor kor again.

Ah Boy feels so happy. Not only that, Ah Boy was also accepted as one of the honourable member of the long alphabet company, Carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjaliboyliu. Since Ah Boy becomes famous liao, Ah Boy starts to get attention from the public too... lately Ah Boy was also mentioned in one of the thread in the WAC forum leh.. Alicia jie jie praised Ah Boy sibeh cute. She also has one brown min pin by the name notti boi :)


However, despite all these kembang moments, Ah Boy is still a humble little doggy lah.. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Liucas baked cake for his beloved Winn few days back.. Ah Boy must bake something for my beloved ones too :)

This is what Ah Boy bakes..

Hard work, u know?
Ah Boy created a mess in the kitchen just now..
beating eggs.. mixing flour with sugar, butter & water....
Hope Chen will like the cookies & won't scold Ah Boy for the mess Ah Boy caused in the kitchen....

And Ah Boy bakes all these cookies for those who sayang Ah Boy too :)

Ah Boy wants to bake more cookies just now...
but too bad Ah Boy run out of flour...
Ah Boy still sayang you all, for those whom that Ah Boy tak sempat bake cookies :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Ninja Text Generator

Since Chen is busy snapping photo in the living room, Ah Boy takes this opportunity to go online again.. This time Ah Boy play-play with The Ninja Text Generator.


Shhhh... Chen doesn't know about this site yet..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a Treat :D

I know yesterday night Chen went for Monggolian Buffet and she left me all alone by myself in da house in de dark. So hungry... Summore she didn't feed me anything before she left... So sad... But I so good boy, I never mess up the house or open the fridge to search for food. She came back quite late. I think she felt guilty for leaving me behind in hunger. So she gave me treat... two slices of white Gardenia bread mixed with pork stew (with potato, baked beans, green peas etc)..

I love my treat..
Yummy :D

Friday, November 10, 2006


My favourite fruits are mangoes and durians.

I felt happy cos I get to eat mango yesterday night. Although Chen only gave me one small pathetic slice of mango (and she sapu the whole mango by herself !!!), but I’m happy liao… one small slice is better than none mah…

A reminder to all the kor kor and jie jie out there, if u want to visit me in the future, please bring mangoes for me - the cute and adorable Ah Boy :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Faint.. I was tagged !!


I couldn't believe this !!!

I was blog hopping just now, and I saw Carcar Jie Jie tagged me with the Before & After Tag. Luckily I'm not alone. Liucas kena tagged too... So I have companion :)


Welcome to my cosy home :)

I follow Liucas footstep. Now I have my own blog too.
I hope Chen will be proud of me :)