Thursday, April 19, 2007

Onion Tag

LB kor tagged Ah Boy with an onion tag.. with endless layers to kopek :P

Layer One - On The Outside
Name: Ah Boy
Birth Date: 2nd December 2003
Current Status: Still Hungry
Eye Color: Brown-brown tei
Hair Color: Black-black tei
Righty or Lefty: Ah Boy is always right, no wrong nor left wan..

Layer Two - On The Inside
My Heritage: Miniature Pinscher
My Fears: Cutting nails
My Weaknesses: Food
My Perfect Pizza: as long as it's pizza.. Hampalang sapu..

Layer Three - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: Wanna manja with Chen although she is still zzzz
My Bedtime: Anytime is good time…
My Most Missed Memory: Eating roast pork kaw-kaw till tummy big-big

Layer Four - My Picks
Pepsi or Coke: Ah Boy no drink coke nor pepsi
McDonald’s or Burger King: Hampalang sapu
Single or Group Dates: what is this? Is the dates edible?
Adidas or Nike: Ah Boy no wear shoes
Tea or Nestea: Ah Boy no drink tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chen doesn’t allow Ah Boy to eat chocolate, although Ah Boy loves them..
Cappucino or Coffee: Ah Boy no drink kopi too

Layer Five - Do I..
Smoke: U ever see a smoking dog meh?
Curse: Ah Boy barks, tarak curse (Ah Boy good boy mah)
Take a Shower: Chen always force Ah Boy to take shower.. Dun like :(
Have a Crush: Is this something like crushed ice?
Think I’ve been in Love: Woof
Go to School: Hah?
Want to get Married: Faint
Believe in Myself: of course !!!!
Think I’m a Health Freak: Who cares? Eat first !!

Layer Six - In The Past Month..
Drank Alcohol: Nope
Gone to the Mall: Tarak
Been on Stage: Never woh
Eaten Sushi: No No
Dyed your Hair: Ever wonder how will Ah Boy looks like with Blue hair?

Layer Seven - Have I Ever..
Played a Stripping Game: Kkkkkkkkk….
Changed Who I Am to Fit In: Apa ni? Ah Boy Catch No Ball

Layer Eight - Age..
I am Hoping To Be Married: who cares..

Layer Nine - In a Girl/Guy..
Best Eye Color: Brown (like Ah Boy’s eye colour)
Best Hair Color: Black (like Ah Boy’s hair)
Short or Long Hair: Short fur (like Ah Boy)

Layer Ten - What Was I Doing..
1 Min Ago: Peeling onion…
1 Hour Ago: Makan..
4.5 Hours Ago: Zzzzzzz
1 Month Ago: Aiyeh.. gila lah u.. so long liao, how u expect Ah Boy to remember woh?
1 Year Ago: Faint.. dun care lah.. dowan to answer this… Ah Boy go makan first.

Layer Eleven - Finish The Sentence
I Love: being saying-ed
I Feel: hungry
I Hate: cutting nails
I Hide: my tit bits in a safe place
I Need: more food !!!!

Layer Twelve - Tag Five People..
1: Butt
2: Day Dreamer
3: Redsponge
4: Woof & Meow - Onion Tag
5: Winn

Phew!! Finally finish peeling all the layers.. Ah Boy starting to hate onions liao.. Made Ah Boy's eyes so watery :( Woof Woof....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vegetarian Dog?

*Poor Ah Boy*
Ah Boy wants siew pai kuat & char siew lah..
Not raw tomatoes nor steamed tofu/beancurd
Ah Boy is not vegetarian leh !!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Best Animal Blogger Award

LB kor nominated Ah Boy for The Blogger's Choice Awards as the Best Animal Blogger. According to LB kor, Ah Boy is the cutest, the slinkiest, the biggest eyed one, the most talkative, loves Grilled Spare Ribs, and tickles..

Anyone else wanna casts your vote for Ah Boy??? Thank you very much. Ah Boy sayang u all.