Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mamma Mia

Ah Boy being tagged again, by Rinnah jie, asking Ah Boy to share with you all eight facts about Ah Boy's mummy.

1. She loves taking pictures and Ah Boy has no choice but to pose for her.

2. She likes Moo Moo and she dun let Ah Boy touching her Moos.

3. She will beat Ah Boy if Ah Boy notti or misbehave.

4. She always shares her food with Ah Boy wan.

5. She sayangz Ah Boy very much.
*Hou Lum*

6. She has friends who always wanted to pull Ah Boy's ears. Why lidat geh?

7. She always forgets to water her plants wan..
*No eye see*

8. She sometimes occasionally forgets to feed Ah Boy too.
*How can?* *Bawl*

And Ah Boy sayangz her very much. Woof


rinnah said...

Wah, ah boy so clever to do the tag! *sayangz ah boy*

How can chen forget to feed you one... so kelian... come, I give ah boy one plate of char siu, okay?

may said...

kakakakakaka! love all the *emo* that follows the facts! where's all the paikuat for Ah Boy?! *tosses siew paikuat over*

mistipurple said...

chup then read. i go eat dinner first.

mistipurple said...

hahahaa. i lup ah boy and i lup ah boy's sampat mamma.

Snowy & Crystal said...

aww Ah Boy - whenever she forgets to feed ya, come over to our place, okay?

S and C

papercrazy said...

hah?? Your mummy so lazy...din water her plants ah??

Why her friends so bad wan..want to pull your ears hor???

Baby said...

mummy sometimes forget to feed me too!!!! lets sue them!!! =P

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy go bao liu about your mummy eh? Hahahah~

rinnah said...

You're awarded coz you're fab!

L B said...

Woof Woof, you been TAGGED!! Hurry along now! Come, come, you're being lurved..

MaxDex said...

I am MaxDex and you are kiut!

may said...

ah boy long time no come see jiejie liao... *sad*

steve said...

ah boy ar, uncle steven very sayang animals one. very very sayang, but uncle sometimes senile, so, his joke might be a bit too much, so forgive uncle ok? pat pat ah boy. the next time, if we can meet in person, i belanja u kaw kaw! hug ah boy tight tight

Ah Boy said...

*Happy coz kena sayangz*

Ah Boy lately lazy, didn't update much. Can't put all the blame on Ah Boy too... Cos that someone uses the computer most of the time..

*Lups Char Siew*

True mah.. Ah Boy sad leh when kena marah or being forgotten
Ah Boy has emotion too mah.. :(

Thanks for the pai kuat
Ah Boy lovin' it :)

Happy coz being lup-ped
Ah Boy lup Misti jiejie too
Of coz Ah BOy lup mama too :)

Ah Boy said...

snowy & crystal,
Thank u Thank u.
so kind of u both to share your food with Ah Boy. Next time Ah BOy dun have to worry of hunger oledi :)

*touched & happy*

yeah loh, her friends very notti wan. And Ah Boy saw her sms that one of her friends called MNG likes to pull Ah Boy's ears too..

Your mummy also so notti geh?
Forgets to feed u wan ah?
How Can?
*poor baby*
*poor us*

Ah Boy said...

day dreamer,
dun say so loud
Ah Boy thinks she dunno about this yet..

TQ TQ, Ah Boy is fabulous ah?
*Happy liao*
*Big Grin*

Thanks for tagging & luving Ah Boy.
Ah Boy so happy liao :)
Ah Boy paiseh to show the whole world the handphone that Ah Boy uses leh.. coz it's an old model.

Ah Boy will try to do the tag one of these days :)

Ah Boy said...

Maxdex, Thanks for dropping by and saying Ah Boy is cute :)

*paiseh paiseh*
Sorry woh May jiejie..
Ah Boy wanna hide face under the pillow liao..

Thanks for sayangz Ah Boy
Ah Boy will sayang and love those who sayang Ah Boy wan :)

*Lick Unker Steve's face*

rinnah said...

You're tagged again!

_butt said...

forgot to feed you?? adoi... poor ah boy. nvm, you're always welcome to my place. anything you wana eat, I give. :P

sbanboy said...

Wah Ah Boy really loves mummy :)

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for the tag. Ah Boy will do it later :D
Too many tags backlog liao :P

Thanks.. Butt jiejie so good
Can Ah Boy requests for siew kai yek?
or char siew?

Yeah, Ah Boy lup her and she sayang Ah Boy too.