Wednesday, February 07, 2007

5 Things U Dunno About Ah Boy

Ah Boy wanna faint kaw kaw. Why so many people tagged Ah Boy for the past few days? Baru saja answering the 70 Q tag, followed by First Time, and then the Grab A Book tag. Now have to answer 5 things tag woh.. Many thanks to Day Dreamer jie liao. She must belanja Ah Boy Bak Kua liao for this coming CNY. (That's Ah Boy's favourite food for CNY leh) !!

5 Things U All Dunno About Ah Boy :
1. Ah Boy is very cute even since small time liao. Ah Boy's papa & mama cute mah, that's why Ah Boy is so cute & so adorable !! Ah Boy has all the cute genes !!
2. Ah Boy has feelings & emotions wan. Ah Boy will feel sad and depress too. Ah Boy will get angry as well. Don't made fun of Ah Boy, okie?
3. Although Ah Boy not vegetarian, but Ah Boy does eat vegetables. But of course lah Ah Boy prefers eating siew pai kuat.
4. Ah Boy can scold people too if provoked. Grrrrrrrrrrr
5. Ah Boy has 6th sense wan. Don't play-play.

Ah Boy would like to know more about the following kor kor & jie jie. Gong Xi Fa Cai :)
1. Fantasy Flier - 5 Things U Dunno About Flyboy
2. Papercrazy - Tag
3. Redsponge - 5 things that you dunno about me
4. 13th panda - 5 things Ah Boy don't know about me
5. Sin Ling


may said...

your sixth sense can sniff out siew pai kuat wan ah?

L B said...

AhBoy got a girlfriend too!!

Sin Ling said...

ah boy cute cute, chen also cute cute. ah boy got gf ar? who is the gf? ah boy can sense that i give you siew pai kuat ar? *give ah boy siew pai kuat* :)

angel said...

ah boy loves liucat...

kyh said...

*leaves a siew pai guat + char siew*


*cubit cubit*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Ah boy, you tag me ah?
come come I gib u pork puffs....

Redsponge said...

u faint ah?? i also faint!

day-dreamer said...

Good boy got do homework... sayang-sayang...

*gives Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua to Ah Boy*

Simple American said...

I need to learn about sixth sense. Can Ah Boy by my liao shih?

papercrazy said...

Ah Boy ah, your No 4 sound so like Pink Cotton jie jie....ada grrrr pulak

Pink Cotton said...


u kno u kno???

i have new 'daughter'

show u pics when i manage to take more ya???she is very notti here n tehre...


_butt said...

ah boy got sixth sense?? fuu yo, demo demo a bit for us jie jie gor gor and see.. :D

Ah Boy said...

Can can..
Can sniff out siew pai kuat
can sniff out who wanna tipu ah boy
can sniff out weird weird stuff
can sniff out lotsa things wan :)

looking up & down...

sin ling,
why pull chen into the water woh?
ah boy talking about ah boy mia biological mama & papa lah :P

gf ah? Shhhhhhhhhhh...
*top secret*
TQ TQ for the siew pai kuat
can ah boy requests for summore?
One piece tarak enough lah..
hungry still

Ah Boy said...

abuthen, nowadays Liucat very busy wan. Ah Boy tries call him many times liao but the phone cannot get through woh.. Always engaged one. Ah boy also dunno wat happened to him liao

Long time no talk liao leh..
Miss him a bit too ;)

TQ for the be-earlier CNY pressie or angpow
Food is the best angpow for ah boy

Eeeeeeeee.. don't lah cubit-cubit
ah boy dun like lah..
painful woh :(
Go & cubit Liucas !!! :D

*munching pork puffs*
abuthen, don't try to distract ah boy mia attention woh..
u r still being tagged ;)
*woof woof woofie*

Ah Boy said...

red sponge,
don't faint woh, RS jiejie
ah boy saw & read liao RS jiejie punya tag.
So fast geh RS jiejie did the tag

don't scared of ah boy woh..
ah boy most of the time very harmless wan.. and summore ah boy so cute ;)


day dreamer,
*munch munch*
can ah boy has more?
very nice leh the Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua.
So juicy
So tender
So delicious

I'm lovin' it :)

Wah... ah boy becomes SA kor mia lao shih ah?
*stressed up*

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton jie jie always grrrrrrrrrr also ah?
so cute geh?
so like ah boy??

pink cotton,
ah boy saw liao your new daughter
no name yet ah?
ah boy suggests u call her Winnie leh :P
And can call her Wei Wei in short too, so nice !!!

*run fast fast before Winn jiejie sees this*

no need to demo lah
ah boy paiseh lah..
shy shy mah ;)

mistipurple said...

sayangz ah boy. soli ah boy, i am liuliu tired. dunno wat to say, but just want to sayangz ah boy.

day-dreamer said...

Eh, Ah Boy you don't 搞错 leh... "I'm lovin It" is for McDonald's, not Bee Cheng Hiang!!

*gives Ah Boy another packet of Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Tagged no more ! LOL

Ah Boy said...

poor misti jie, so tired ah?
must rest more woh..
must take good care of yourself
must eat regular meals

ah boy sayangz Misti jie

if tat is so..
then ah boy uses i'm loving it instead loh...
add one "g" behind lovin',
can liao, right? :D

Wah.. so nice ah?
Another packet of Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua?
Ah Boy lovesssssssss it

Kkkkkkkkk.. hope so, but can't promise woh :P

day-dreamer said...

Okay okay, "I'm loving it" can, no problem!

*last packet of Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua*

Ah Boy said...

ah boy must be dreaming liao?
get to eat so many bak kwa..
*dowan to wake up from this sweet dream.... so lummmmmmmmmmm*