Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hou Lummmm Ah !!

14th February is a day to sayang woh..
A Day To Love & To Be Loved !!
Ah Boy Sayang all the kor kor & jie jie here...

♥♥ Happy Sweet Valentine ♥♥


mistipurple said...

Happy Valentine's Day Ah Boy!
i lap liu kaw kaw!!

kyh said...

Happy V Day liuliu ah boy!

*char siew pai guat*
*gai yok chu par*
*nga choi gai*
*yok gon*
*ngo loi ya*

a V day meal delivery!!!

L B said...

Woof Woof Me Tender,, Woof Woof Me True...
Buy me Lormaikai, Buy me Gelato..
Tickle me Die, Tickle me Klangs,
Big Kiss to your Nose!!!

angel said...

Waaa ah boy... liu kena tekan until kenot breathe arr?? Kesian...


day-dreamer said...

♥♥Happy Valentine's, Ah Boy!!♥♥

I ♥♥ You!!

Come come, time to show your sweety pie! Where where??

may said...

Happy Woof-atine's Day, Ah Boy!! mmmuaksss

may said...
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Pink Cotton said...

eeeeeeeeeeee ah boy use BLACK LIPSTICK!!!! 'x'

i see someone's face half half there!

i tell u ..tat someone no love u quite alot la..cos she no bring u back to kch boh..HOW?


L B said...

*brings siew pai kuat*

Cocka Doodle said...

happy ballantine's day, ah boy!
Lick lick!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

*throws smoochies at Ah Boy*.. Happy V day bud... you looked so un-stressed from the hug :P

Simple American said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Ah Boy.

plink said...

*hugz AhBoy*

Happy Valentine's Day!

papercrazy said...

Poor Ah Boy...Chinese New Year alone eating bak kua and drink shandy

Never mind, let papercrazy jie jie visit u....

Gong Xi Fa Chai Ah Boy

_butt said...

ai yerrr.. laam sei yan err... woof!

happy oink pink year oh.. be good! :D

kyh said...

gong hei fatt choi!!!

*throws siew pai guat*

and i tagged u!!! a big big angpow for ahboy! :)

Wennnn said...

Happy New Year Ah Boy....

mistipurple said...

Happy New Year Ah Boy! Chen will be back before you know it! so be happy okay? *leaves a pair of orange and a plate of char siew for Ah Boy*

Winn said...

ur mama is back!

mistipurple said...

yeah yeah! Chen is back!! liu must be soooo happy jumping around!! or... cannot be.. don't recognise her hor? :O hahaa. joking kaw kaw. :P

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wa Ah Boy, you look SO adorable!

That pic is nothing short of magnificent. *Shamelessly downloads pic to be wallpaper of the week*

Happy days to you and your human!

Sin Ling said...

Ah boy, i am back, how are you? give u some peanut biscuits and kuih ka pit... :D gong xi fa chai to you oh... :D

Ah Boy said...

ah boy lap misti jie too

wah.. so yummy geh?
TQ very much

ah boy no $$ woh
how to buy LB kor LMK & gelato leh
not the other way round meh?
ah boy tot LB kor will buy ah boy leh

The hug is tight but ah boy loves it...
*syiok kaw kaw*

Ah Boy said...

ah boy sayang DD jie too
sweety pie?
ah boy dun have sweety pie woh..
chicken pie got lah :P

Thanks, May jie jie
ah boy sayang may jiejie too

pink cotton,
err.. mana ada woh? :(
PC jie cannot spread rumours leh..
tat someone loves ah boy very much wan
ah boy knows :D

one kilo?
or two kilo?
the more, the better :D

Ah Boy said...

apa tu ballantine?
CH3CH2OH ah?
ah boy tarak drink arak wan :P

yeah, ah boy loves being hugged
ah boy felt being so sayang-ed

the same to u too, although very very belated liao... but better to be late than never, right? :P

hugs plink jie
a very belated heart-heart wish :)

Ah Boy said...

ah boy waited for papercrazy jie so many days liao.. bila nak datang melawat woh?
wait till neck also long-long liao

laammmmmmmm leh?
very syiok wan..
ah boy lap being hugged ;)

aiyoh... CNY kena tagged again?

Happy Oink Oink year, Wenn jiejie

Ah Boy said...

yeah loh.. time flies...
ah boy was sad earlier on when she left. But now she is back again

yeah yeah yeah
ah boy very happy :D

ah boy bark bark happily and jump-jump high high up leh..
so the happy :D

ah boy feels so elated & so happy

sin ling,
Welcome back, sinling jie
TQ for the treat
ah boy loves it very much
Gong Xi Fa Cai

yenchiew said...

so cute can die jor..

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for praising ah boy cute