Thursday, April 19, 2007

Onion Tag

LB kor tagged Ah Boy with an onion tag.. with endless layers to kopek :P

Layer One - On The Outside
Name: Ah Boy
Birth Date: 2nd December 2003
Current Status: Still Hungry
Eye Color: Brown-brown tei
Hair Color: Black-black tei
Righty or Lefty: Ah Boy is always right, no wrong nor left wan..

Layer Two - On The Inside
My Heritage: Miniature Pinscher
My Fears: Cutting nails
My Weaknesses: Food
My Perfect Pizza: as long as it's pizza.. Hampalang sapu..

Layer Three - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: Wanna manja with Chen although she is still zzzz
My Bedtime: Anytime is good time…
My Most Missed Memory: Eating roast pork kaw-kaw till tummy big-big

Layer Four - My Picks
Pepsi or Coke: Ah Boy no drink coke nor pepsi
McDonald’s or Burger King: Hampalang sapu
Single or Group Dates: what is this? Is the dates edible?
Adidas or Nike: Ah Boy no wear shoes
Tea or Nestea: Ah Boy no drink tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chen doesn’t allow Ah Boy to eat chocolate, although Ah Boy loves them..
Cappucino or Coffee: Ah Boy no drink kopi too

Layer Five - Do I..
Smoke: U ever see a smoking dog meh?
Curse: Ah Boy barks, tarak curse (Ah Boy good boy mah)
Take a Shower: Chen always force Ah Boy to take shower.. Dun like :(
Have a Crush: Is this something like crushed ice?
Think I’ve been in Love: Woof
Go to School: Hah?
Want to get Married: Faint
Believe in Myself: of course !!!!
Think I’m a Health Freak: Who cares? Eat first !!

Layer Six - In The Past Month..
Drank Alcohol: Nope
Gone to the Mall: Tarak
Been on Stage: Never woh
Eaten Sushi: No No
Dyed your Hair: Ever wonder how will Ah Boy looks like with Blue hair?

Layer Seven - Have I Ever..
Played a Stripping Game: Kkkkkkkkk….
Changed Who I Am to Fit In: Apa ni? Ah Boy Catch No Ball

Layer Eight - Age..
I am Hoping To Be Married: who cares..

Layer Nine - In a Girl/Guy..
Best Eye Color: Brown (like Ah Boy’s eye colour)
Best Hair Color: Black (like Ah Boy’s hair)
Short or Long Hair: Short fur (like Ah Boy)

Layer Ten - What Was I Doing..
1 Min Ago: Peeling onion…
1 Hour Ago: Makan..
4.5 Hours Ago: Zzzzzzz
1 Month Ago: Aiyeh.. gila lah u.. so long liao, how u expect Ah Boy to remember woh?
1 Year Ago: Faint.. dun care lah.. dowan to answer this… Ah Boy go makan first.

Layer Eleven - Finish The Sentence
I Love: being saying-ed
I Feel: hungry
I Hate: cutting nails
I Hide: my tit bits in a safe place
I Need: more food !!!!

Layer Twelve - Tag Five People..
1: Butt
2: Day Dreamer
3: Redsponge
4: Woof & Meow - Onion Tag
5: Winn

Phew!! Finally finish peeling all the layers.. Ah Boy starting to hate onions liao.. Made Ah Boy's eyes so watery :( Woof Woof....


angel said...

Aisay... so many tua liap chang today!

*nothing to say again*
Just wooooooffff KK!

L B said...

Hahaha, Ah Boy so deserving of hugs and kisses and belly tickles and Siew Pai Kuat!! Of course Ah Boy always right, so you tell that Doctor to stop bullying you when you bark, ok? *feeds you roast pork* Ah Boy, get married lah, so I can come ask you for Ang Pow... please!±!

mistipurple said...

i love good humans, and i love Ah Boy! very much!

mistipurple said...

angel said tua liap chang. not the same as tua liap nee hor?? *cabut*

mistipurple said...

ah boy answer so well. misti jie jie paiseh her answers. not so well behaved like ah boy's.
i must go back to discipline school already. :(

Ah Boy said...

yeah loh..
so many gigantic huge onion..
peel till ah boy's paw also pain-pain liao..

Wooooooooofffffff KK :)

Thanks for sayanging & hugging ah boy.. Thanks for all the yummy food
Yeah loh, Ah Boy always right wan
but sad huh Chen dun agree with Ah Boy. She thinks she is always right :(

why wanna get married woh?
Ah Boy dowan...
Ah Boy wants freedom..

Woof Woof..
Good to hear that..
Ah Boy feels being sayang-ed liao
TQ TQ :)

apa tu tua liap nee woh?
Ah Boy catch no ball again
nee tu apa?
*scratch head with paw*

Ah Boy said...

ah boy answered very well ah?

praise ah boy lidat, ah boy paiseh liao leh...

Misti jie wanna go back to discipline school meh?
apa pasal woh?
Misti jie not problematic student mah.. :P

Go baking school can liao..
so that can bake nice cheese cake for ah boy mah :P
(since ah boy always hungry wan & always need more food) :P

_butt said...

err.. ah boy really not thinking of getting married one day ar :P

thanks for tagging ah boy! *muaaaah* will do it as soon as I'm done with exam. :)

day-dreamer said...



Why? All pakat to tag me when I'm having exams, is it?? Must be lar...

First L B, then Chen, now you... if not pakat is what??

Since you can wait, you really have to wait. Must take number and Q-up.

Your number: 3
Currently serving: 0
Please wait. You will be served "short"ly.


By the way, why are you afraid of cutting nails?

kyh said...

ah boy no wan kahwin meh? how can? chen wanna see little ah boys and ah girls popping out wor! must must must say YES to this, OK??

Anonymous said...

Ah boy, I never met such a deep and interestingly layered dog before! Reminds me of shrek. Only Ah boy is much much cuter. and i agree with some of the other commenters, we want little ah boys and ah girls! then we can post pics of them on cute sites like!

may said...

I'm still hungry too, even after eating a home-cooked rump steak for dinner, with caesar salad. come on over, I cook another steak and we share-share, want?

mistipurple said...

hhahaa ah boy donno what is 'nee' or 'tua liap nee'!! eh.. ask chen lah. she everyday got examine this wan. *cabut far far*

(big er... i donch believe you donch know. kokokai and linpeh sure knows wan.) i better not say. wait chen cubit me hard hard.

Chen said...

u don't teach the innocent Ah Boy funny stuff, okie? :P

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA... hhahahaaaa....aaaaa
*echo echo far away....aaaaaaa*

Ah Boy said...

very leceh lah getting married..
ah boy prefer to stay single :D

Good luck for your coming exam
Thanks woh for doing the tag after exam.. :)

day dreamer,
cos Ah Boy heard from somewhere that..
"Good Things come in Three" mah..
so tags also must come in 3 :)

Ah Boy can wait wan..
don't worry..
Ah Boy also always wait to be fed mah..
Used to it liao :)

Ah Boy afraid of cutting nails cos of puppy-hood trauma.
Long long time ago,
when Ah Boy is still puppy time,
the first time Ah Boy cut nail,
they cut too deep leh till bleeding..
Painful leh..
That's why Ah Boy hates cutting nail loh..

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy heard rumors saying that no need to marry also can have puppies wan.. issit true ah?

Thanks :)
reminds u of Shrek? Hehehe...
Shrek has a very cheerful personality
Ah Boy don't have girl friend yet..
might be can consider about it when Ah Boy has one (or more) later ;)

drool kaw kaw at the drump steak & caesar salad..
Ah Boy only has pedigree dog food for dinner (which is better than none) :)
May jiejie wanna cook another one to share-share with Ah Boy?
thanks a lot woh...

Ah Boy said...

Abuthen Chen everyday examine lotsa things wan, Besides human, she also examine food leh.. Not only that, she even examine machines..
Ah Boy gets so confused liao :(

aiyer.. why u tell Misti jie not to teach Ah Boy woh?
Ah Boy wants to know leh..
Ah Boy is a curious dog & yearns to learn more things...

come back, come back...
Don't run away :(

mistipurple said...

buay tahan you and ahboy personality so split!!
HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAAA you make my day coming here each time!!!!

*leaves a pound of char siew for ahboy, no wait! a plate!!! high cholesterol cannot a pound!*

mistipurple said...

you know, i can actually hear you calling me... come back... come back.... hahahahahaaa

Chen said...

Misti, u fed Ah Boy so much Char Siew, later he becomes Fei Chai loh..
Kkkkkkk... No wonder lah he dowan to eat the pedigree dog biscuit liao..
all your fault lah..
feeding him char siew..

mistipurple said...

hahahahaaa. ah boy, be good boy okay? eat your pedigree dog biscuit. remember your long lost cousin? his hair dropping and he drinking water from the road. *sob, that made me sad*

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day-dreamer said...

Why is this David Santos spamming everyone's blog??

Simple American said...

And now I understand Ah Boy bette.

*scratch ears*

mistipurple said...

ahboy lonely without chen or not? sayangz ahboy more when chen away.

Ah Boy said...

that is not Ah Boy's long lost cousin leh..
itu anjing different breed woh..
not miniature pinscher :P

Ah Boy catches no ball too

Good good.. :)

time really flies,
now Chen is back home liao..
that's why Ah Boy "happy mode" today :)

Selba said...

ah boy doesn't like cutting nails? prefer taking shower? hehehe

Ah Boy said...

cos of puppyhood trauma
ah boy sked of cutting nails..