Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vegetarian Dog?

*Poor Ah Boy*
Ah Boy wants siew pai kuat & char siew lah..
Not raw tomatoes nor steamed tofu/beancurd
Ah Boy is not vegetarian leh !!!


L B said...

*makes Chicken Pie for Ah Boy*
*adds Beef Gelato for dessert*

may said...

*sends some yummy slices of smoked ham to Ah Boy too*

L B said...

*extra portions of Bakuteh*

L B said...

*3 kilos of Sinful Bak Kwa*

L B said...

*generous helping of roast piggies*

Ah Boy said...

chicken pie ah?
Ah Boy likes...
Beef Gelato summore?
Wow.. o.O
(Don't tell Chen :P)

Sayang May jiejie
Thanks for the smoked ham
Ah Boy very happy liao :)

Thank u thank u :)
LB kor really sayang Ah Boy woh..
Loves BKT

3 kilos of Sinful Bak Kwa?
Wah.. Ah Boy also weighs 3 kilo plus woh..
Similar weight as Ah Boy liao ;)

roast piggies summore??
Must pinch own face to see whether is this a dream or not?

Wennnn said...

Ah Boy.... Today Wen jie jie cook assam laksa wor... Dun know whether U can eat or not lor..

Winn said...

wah got food also complaint!! no food also complain

Ah Boy said...

Thanks Wen jiejie.
Ah Boy dun eat hot & spicy food woh, but since Wen jiejie cooks wan & invite Ah Boy, Ah Boy will also eat lah..

Ah Boy not complaining leh..
Ah Boy just grumbles only mah..
just like...Liucas also grumbles mah when Winn jiejie feeds him roti skin :P

L B said...

*brings Steamed Pai Kuat*

L B said...

*with deep fried sotong*

L B said...

*and deep fried ice cream*

L B said...

O P E N . . . .

Ah Boy said...

wah... so much yummy food..
Ah Boy dunno which one to eat first liao..

*Open Mouth*
Chews & swallows deep fried sotong
licks deep fried ice cream
smells the steamed pai kuat prior to makan-ing

*Happy Mode*

Simple American said...

How's about a hot dog?

No! No! Not dog!

Hot dog. Want?

angel said...

Ei, you need fibre (tomato) to poo poo maa... kuai ler... faster eat ok...

kyh said...

eh tak syok meh become veggie? like me mah... veli healthy wan!!!

papercrazy said...

that's why I told you liaw ah boy...go on strike...on hunger strike..simply pee on the kitchen floor....sure chen will surrender and then serve u all the nice juicy pork

mistipurple said...

hahahahaa all the comments make me laugh!!
LB is going to make you fat fat fat!!!
Chen is going to make you run run run to lose all the lbs lbs lbs. (ironical eh??)

Chen said...

Ah Boy,
u cakap only tak suka..
I saw u eat & swallow the whole thing leh..
sapu bersih & habis..
till not even a single trace of tofu left behind :P

u like vege, don't u? ;)

Ah Boy said...

Hot Dog?
Want, want, want...
of course Ah Boy wants !!

Ah Boy eats that too...
Yeah, Chen told Ah Boy liao hot dog is not made from doggy meat :)
that's why Ah Boy can savour it peacefully without any hesitations..

Ah Boy good boy mah, that's why Ah Boy eaten liao the vege :)
Ah Boy also sked of constipation leh..
No joke wan :(

Ah Boy does eat vege but Ah Boy prefers meat woh..
Cos Ah Boy is doggy mah..
Doggies are not meant to become vegetarians wan.. :)

Ah Boy said...

wah... u better dun say out so loud
whisper softly can liao !!
Ah Boy sked later Chen might ban u from visiting Ah Boy's blog leh..

Tat day Ah Boy pee in the kitchen, and then kena marah & pukul...

yeah, Ah Boy won't feel hungry with LB kor around.. He will made sure Ah Boy is well fed...

*dreaming of the mouth-waering food again*

Ah Boy likes to run around & jump-jump wan, so no worry about getting fat :P

Ah Boy hungry mah..
so no choice but to eat :(

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Ah Boy ar, kenot choose makan 1...

if dun like, gip sum to Bobo laa...

she apa-apa oso makan 1...MPPP..


L B said...

*switches on treadmill machine for ah boy*

*with built-in iPod* *video*

L B said...

*pities ah boy running 30km*

*brings big white fluffy towel*

L B said...

*bowl of mango juice*

L B said...

*with straw*

L B said...

*prepares tiramisu for ah boy this weekend*

Ah Boy said...

woof meow,
how to give to Bobo woh?
Ah Boy waited to see for so long liao, but she never pays Ah Boy a visit leh... :(

*eat steamed tofu*

Ah Boy hates threadmill leh..
cos of puppy-hood trauma..
very bad experience....
all becos of Chen !!

Ah Boy rather jump-jump or run-run
Ah Boy can dances too..
Ah Boy can do somersault :P

loves the white fluffy towel...
so cosy...
rolls around on top of the towel

slurp mango juice..
huh? got straw ah?
Kkkkk... first time drinking with straw liao
syiok loh.. get to eat tiramisu :)

mistipurple said...

hahahaa. Chen gave you puppy-hood trauma on the treadmill??!!! buay tahan laugh 99!!! sayangz AhBoy, give you one bbq pai kuat. i just bought from the char siew seller.

Winn said...

*throws ahboy vegetarian sausage...

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy before you start complaining, think of those children, no, puppies in South Africa who don't have a bite to eat... Ah Boy is so lucky to even have tomato and steamed beancurd you know? Hehe...

I think Chen wants to keep your skin nice and smooth by feeding you tofu... wakakakakaka!!

Anyway, I bring dessert for you - Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua. Happy?? :)

Ah Boy said...

yeah, really puppy-hood traumatized experience..
From that day on up to now, Ah Boy dun like threadmill...

Thanks for the BBQ pai kuat

sedap jugak the vegetarian sausage..
Thank u :)

dun worry :)
Ah Boy will finish eating all the food that Chen gives..
Ah Boy normally won't waste food wan...

Yeah, Ah BOy has nice shinny skin
Very leng :)

Thanks for BCH bak kwa :)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

What? Tomato and beancurd??? Your mom so 'wun bun' geh?

Call the police, the spca, the media.

Don't worry Ah Boy, if you need, we'll mail you a carton of 'pai gwat' every month if you want. :D


josh said...

Feed him some meat for pitty's sake. It can't be easy being cute all day withoout any real food in his stomach.

He is a handsome fella, how do you think he'd get along with the little girl chuahuaha from my site?:)

david santos said...

Thanks for you work, is very nice, and have a good week.

L B said...

You been TAGGED!!!

_butt said...

kesian ah boy..

Ah Boy said...

today she fed me chicken woh.. :)

mailing ah boy a carton of pai guat?? Wooofff

Thanks for your concern. Ah Boy gets to eat chicken today :)

u have lotsa nice animal photos on your blog. Ah Boy still searching for the little chihuahua girl..
Looking high & low :)

thanks :)

so many layers of onions geh?
Ah Boy might peel the layers till tears coming out woh..

Abuthen, as long as got something to eat lah.. eating vegetable is better than not eating anything mah..

Pacco de Mongrel said...

haha....i dun think there's such thing as vegetarian dog...if yes oso, must b force by owner...

v loves meat!

Ah Boy said...

hehehe, Ah Boy loves meat..
Ah Boy prefers meat much more than vegetable & fruits
but need to eat fibre too to prevent constipation ;)