Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ah Boy Ah Boy...

Kelly wants to know 7 random facts about Ah Boy. *Ahem*
1. Ah Boy is photogenic.
2. Ah Boy enjoys Zzzzzzzz.
3. Ah Boy eats vegetable (but Ah Boy is not vegetarian).
4. Ah Boy prefers human food (more tasty mah).
5. Ah Boy always wipe mouth after eating (clever or not?).
6. Ah Boy hates cutting nails.
7. Ah Boy's favourite toy is grey hippo.

In return, Ah Boy wanna knows 7 random facts about :
1. The Younger Ah Boy aka Ehon.
2. Misti
3. Lulu


Selba said...

Oh yes... ah boh is photogenic but believe that also very cute in the real life :)

Waaaahhh.... human food? salty leh.... not good for ah boy's furr....

Long time not seeing the grey hippo... :)

Lulu got tagged? Okiedokie, I'll tell her... hope she can do it soon coz' now she is grounded, so nakal!!! grrrrrr.....

mistipurple said...

LOL! Lulu also kena tagged by AhBoy!!
ok ok this is easy tag, i will do for darling ahboy. ahboy won't eat me cos i am ostrich at the moment. kekeke.

Ah Boy said...

Human food more tasty mah..
The human food Ah Boy eats is low salt diet wan :)

Ah Boy still playing with grey hippo all these while. Ah Boy can throw the grey hippo high-high up :)

Lulu is grounded? Poor Lulu..
Dun get upset woh..
Lulu still little pup :)

u r now Ostrich?
*Imaginations run wild*
Thinking of ostrich satay...

angel said...

ahboy, ask chen to bring u go spa, do pedicure & manicure... very syiok wan... got massage massage summore... ok?


L B said...

ok, gonna kidnap ah boy soon...

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy, how you wipe mouth after eating ah?? Can show some pictures pls?? :D

Mike said...


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ehon said...

aiseh ah boy. got ppl wanna interview u ler.. famous liao!!!!

may said...

you mean... you mean... your favourite toy is not the bone I gave you?! *sob* *cries crocodile tears* *sniff*

ah nel said...

ah boy lyk to zzzz coz same same lyk owner lazy wan...LOL

in return human lyk to dog oso... :D

rinnah said...

Ah Boy, Kelly says thanks for submitting homework so fast... would you like to share roasted chicken rice with her? LOL!

Wah, Ah Boy is femes liao... got people want to interview you. Quick, gip me your paw print!

mistipurple said...

*line up wait for pawtograph*

sbanboy said...

Wow Ah Boy ROCKS !!!!

Winn said...

haha....ahboy din say he likes to go karaoke with liucas?

Huei said...

ahboy..i love to zzzzz too..i wana zzzzz

mistipurple said...

cham, not yet do tag. *whistles innocently*

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy dun like people to mess with Ah Boy's nails woh..
dowan to go for pedicure & manicure
massage massage Ah Boy wants lah

Ah Boy wants char siew pai kuat
dowan to be kidnapped

day dreamer,
Ah Boy wipes mouth using the clothes on the floor loh.

Ah Boy said...

Thanks :)
Ah Boy will look into it soon :)

Ah Boy not famous lah
Ah Boy is just a humble little doggy

Ah Boy sayangz and lup the bone toy may jiejie gave Ah BOy. Very cute leh.. can make squeak squeak sound wan summore. Ah Boy likey :)

Sayangz May jiejie
Kiss and muacks and licks

Ah Boy said...

ah nel,
u dun like to zzz meh?

sure :)
Ah Boy lups chicken rice

Ah Boy not femes lah..
Ah Boy is just a humble little doggy.
*paw print*

*paw print*
wanna take photo together with Ah Boy? :D

Ah Boy said...


Shhhhhhhh.. dun say so loud lah..
later kena marah then how? :P

Good Good
Zzzzzzz is good
Ah Boy enjoys zzzz including morning & afternoon & evening nap

faiti faiti loh..
tick tock tick tock :)

L B said...

*throws flying peanuts at ah boy's backside*

angel said...

*picks up peanut and let ahboy makan*

ahboy ahboy... waaaaa!!! u gonna be fehmes amos liao!!! keong hee keong hee...

ps: U hv been tagged again... wooofff!!! Lai lai lai... :D

mistipurple said...

ahboy, i finally pass up homework.
thank you for your patience ahboy, i lup you kaw kaw.

sbanboy said...

Ah Boy is definitely photogenic :D

Ah Boy said...

aiyak, why not throwing into the mouth geh? :(

Ah boy not femes lah..
Ah Boy hasn't answer the interview yet.. Ah Boy will do so soon :)

Tagged again? o.O
Why so many korkor jiejie tags Ah Boy geh? Ah Boy knows Angel jie tagged Ah Boy cos Angel jie loves Ah Boy, right? Woof

Thanks for answering, Misti jie :)
Too bad Misti Jie wanna retire liao... Ah Boy gonna miss Misti jie

Thanks. Ah Boy very happy liao :)