Sunday, July 15, 2007

Four Meme

Angel jie tagged Ah Boy with a FOUR tag some time back.

*4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:-
- Obedient Son
- Cute and Hansome Doggy
- Fantastic Friend
- Hopefully Great Daddy (in the future)

*4 Places I’ve Lived :-
- Mummy and Daddy's house
- Grandpa's place
- Grandma's place
- The dreadful Doggy Hostel

*4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:-
- Feringgi Beach
- Youth Park
- Hiking Trails
- Mmmm... *Thinking*

*4 Places I Would Rather Be In:-
- Where else is better than Home Sweet Home leh? U tell Ah Boy lah.

*4 Of My Favourite Food:-
- Char Siew
- Satay
- Mango
- Ice cream

*4 Lucky Souls Tagged:-
Ah Boy not tagging anyone. *Woof*


angel said...

*throws a BIG piece of cha siew*
*sayangs ahboy*

woof woof wo ai niiii!!!

mistipurple said...

for a moment i thought ahboy met the Ferengis. (The Ferengi race are extraterrestrial characters from Star Trek) :P
i don't watch much movies but i loved the tv series Star Trek. kkkkk.

day-dreamer said...

Long time no see, Ah Boy! Hehe.

rinnah said...

Wah... Ah Boy wanna be Great Daddy in the future ah? Got girlfriend already or not? Hehehe.

Ooo... when did Chen leave Ah Boy in the dreadful Doggy Hostel?

L B said...

woof wooof wooof meow meow see ghost! throws peanuts!

Winn said...

eh tot u live in the white house b4? liucas says u told him one.
u say u guard dog rite? royal blood ma rite?

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for the gigantic char siew
Ah Boy likey very muchie
Sayangz Angel jie


Should put it as Batu Feringgi instead. YEsterday night sleepy mah, so didn't type the world Batu.
LOL.. Ah Boy has no idea who is Ferengis till Misti jie explained in details :)

day dreamer,
Yeah, long time no blog :)
Got miss Ah Boy or not?
Woof Woof

Ah Boy said...

haven't have gf yet leh..
still S&A, single & available loh

Chen did so few years back, in September 2004. When she went for vacation (The Three Gorges or Yangtze River Cruise in China). She left Ah Boy in the horrible hostel.. *sked*

TQ TQ for the free flow of peanuts
throw peanuts at mouth can liao
dun aim at other place woh..

Ah Boy thinks Liucas remembers wrongly liao.. Ah Boy told him so many times dun drink so much alcohol liao but he dowan to listen. See? now he get confused liao.. :P

may said...

you is my Fantastic Friend, aren't you Ah Boy?


Ah Boy said...

may jiejie is definitely Ah Boy's fantastic friend.