Thursday, March 01, 2007

Desktop Challenge

Ah Boy didn't go online for so long liao.. Miss all the kor kor jie jie here.. And that kyh very notti wan. Instead of giving out angpows, he gave out tag during CNY time. He wanna see Ah Boy's desktop wallpaper. Ah Boy better answer this tag before CNY is officially over.

Nice or not Ah Boy's desktop wallpaper? Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone. Ah Boy won't mind angpow but Ah Boy prefers to get siew pai kuat or char siew :)


angel said...

Ah Boy gots new gf liao horrrr!!!




Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wa Ah Boy, you baby killer ah?

L B said...

Which new GF Ah boy got ah? PussyGalore wants to know right away!!!

kyh said...

waaaa!!! so cute leh!!!

ah boy soooo good do hw, i hereby gv u a charsiew paiguat...

since ahboy requested more, i gv another one...

but ahboy how can say me notti one!?! *takes back all the charsiew paiguat* *feed to liucas instead*


Simple American said...

Wau! Ahboy so fierce one. Can bite off the head. 0.0

May said...

*teehees with angel...*


Ah Boy said...

Lulu still so young..
still a little small puppy..
but cute hoh?

Furkids in HK,
ah boy din kill the baby leh..
he is still intact..
ah boy just play-play with him only..
but at times ah boy throw him around high-high up :P

Shhhhhhh... Dun listen to rumours lah.. those are not true wan.
Ah Boy no new GF yet :D
But Ah Boy just get to know few little puppies lately - like Goldie, Mini & LuLu


Sam Iam said...

Ah Boy~
Hey you got new gf didn't tell me ..what are you doing Ah Boy.And who's this PussyGalore ,woof-woof

Baby said...

Ahboy! come peejay..we go eat char siew and pai kuat together!

day-dreamer said...


Ah Boy got go and throw kam?

mistipurple said...

ah boy so clever know how to twit! DYK LB kor kor called me a twat! i gib you char siew, don't gib him! :P

Ah Boy said...

sam i am,
ah boy is still single
*woof woof*
but lately ah boy get to know one cute little puppy called Lulu :)

PussyGalore is the cat who adores Ah Boy ;)

ah boy loves char siew & pai kuat
hoping can go to PJ soon :D

ah boy only eats kam, no throw kam. Following Chen's advice. She says dun waste kam :D

Misti jie also must twit.
See? We all also twit twit here & there :P
Ah Boy waiting for Misti jie to twit twit too :)

OKie... dun tell LB kor about the char siew..
*eats quietly*

kyh said...

u din reply me, SA and may jiejie's comments!!! *sworn nvr to gv siewyok paiguat liao*


Ah Boy said...

ah boy swears ah boy answer liao wan
where did the comment go????????
need to reply the comments again
*blogger eats up ah boy's comments wan*
No good

Ah Boy said...

u really notti lah..
give ah boy charsiew pai guat, then take back summore
tipu wan :(

*snatch back charsiew pai guat*

ah boy not fierce lah
the head is still ther woh..
the most ah boy does was throw throw the baby toy high high up only.. ah boy never chews off the head wan :P

Woof woof
ah boy still single & available lah
still bachelor :P
cos Lulu still young mah
still little puppy

Pink Cotton said...

ah boy haven do tag!!!

*piak ur pigu*

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton,
Eeee.. why lidat wan?
piak ah boy's pigu?
Chen also hasn't do the tag yet,
why u never piak her leh?
u pilih kasih wan !!