Friday, May 04, 2007


One word to describe how Ah Boy feels today...
very +chi
Ah Boy very happy today loh..
Ah Boy thinks all the kor kor jie jie knows why...

*Happy Mode*


day-dreamer said...

Coz Chen is back??

L B said...

Coz you get to eat pork rinds?

Chen said...

*sayangz Ah Boy*

angel said...

If she forgets to feed u, u bark KK, ok? *woof*

rinnah said...

Ahhh... must be chen is back with pork rinds that's why ahboy is so happy... :o)

Winn said...

i know why! coz today flyday!

May said...

I also happy for you, 'cos Chen is home again! and you get lots of pets and kisses and hugs, and hopefully siewpaikuat...

Ah Boy said...

day dreamer,
clever lah u :)
ah boy sayangz u :)
Chen is back, Ah Boy gets more kasih sayang liao..

Chen hasn't feed Ah Boy pork rinds yet :(

Where's Ah Boy's pork rinds?
LB kor said u got buy pork rinds woh..
Ah Boy wants to eat leh.. :(

day-dreamer said...


Like that say means when Chen not around we didn't give you kasih sayang lo??

Ah Boy said...

u say one ah..
u teach Ah Boy wan ah..
if Chen punish Ah Boy, Ah Boy will point paw at Angel jiejie

Ah Boy is happy cos Chen is back, but how come she never feed Ah Boy pork rinds yet??

Ah Boy loves Fryday too..
Cos Flyday, Ah Boy always get to eat yummy food wan..

Ah Boy said...

yeah yeah..
Ah Boy gets lotsa pets & hugs & kasih sayang..
lotsa attention too :)
but no pork rinds nor siew pai kuat yet woh :(

day dreamer,
Ah Boy said "Chen is back, Ah Boy gets more kasih sayang liao.."
Ah Boy mentions can get MORE kasih sayang mah..
Ah Boy didn't say u all didn't give Ah Boy kasih sayang woh.. :P

mistipurple said...

ah boy happy. misti jie jie also happy. we all hold hands and be happy happy! :)

kyh said...

*sayangs ah boy*

yay! more +ve chi for today! :)

Ah Boy said...

Good good
let's happy together

psss.. Ah Boy wants char siew ;)

Thank u for sayang-ing Ah Boy

_butt said...

ahh must be chen coming back home that day.. :)

mistipurple said...

hahahaa. ahboy not sienz of char siew ah? i dare not keep giving you same thing. wait you jelak then donno wat else to gib you already.

*leaves one plate of fresh bbq char siew* since ahboy still like!

Ah Boy said...

Butt jie so clever geh?

ah boy still loves char siew..
dun worry..
Misti jie can give Ah Boy fried chicken, roast chicken, BBQ chicken, satay, beef etc etc..
Ah Boy will sapu all wan :)

*happy cos can get to eat char siew*