Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kena Marah

Ah Boy very sad cos kena scolding by Chen earlier on..
She said Ah Boy barked too loud & very annoying woh..
That's why she locked Ah Boy inside the dark bedroom without lights for a short while..
Ah Boy was so hurt... :(



L B said...

*burns incense for Ah Boy*
*prays for good behavior for Ah Boy*
*and strikes lottery big-time*
*so Ah Boy can buy his own kennel*
*with padded sound-proofing*
*so as not to annoy Mummy Dearest again*
*leaves mandarins and pai kuat as offerings*
*prays summore*
*burns more incense*
*mumbles a long poem*
*... forgot where I am*

angel said...

kkkkwoofkkkkwoofkkkk @ L B!

*pat pat ah boy*
Pssstt.. nxt time dun bark, dun woof... follow Liucat... just meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...


Simple American said...

Poor Ah Boy. No freedom of speech for you lah! *scratch ears*

May said...

hmmmm, maybe should get you a soundproof room so you could bark all you want without disturbing the neighbours, yea? like one of those music recording rooms, with plush red velvet walls, a drum set, awesome keyboard, guitar... and a mic for you to bark in, of course!

mistipurple said...

ah boy can bark in my studio all day long. come don't sad. sayangz ah boy.
i will give ah boy lessons on not singing too loud, so chen won't marah you anymore okay?

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Poor Ah Boy, what were you trying to tell your mom ah? Must be something important.

Nevermind Ah Boy, I'm sure she will give you lots of hugs again very soon from guilt.


Ah Boy said...

why need to burn incense leh?
*scratch head*

ah boy most of the time also very good boy one. Only occasionally ah boy notti nia..

Strikes lottery big time?
good woh..
can buy a mountain of siew pai kuat
ah boy will buy one lorry of lormaikai for LB kor too :)
and buy big-big kennel..
with all the facilities..

padded sound proofing?
Sounds great but then what's the use of barking leh if others cannot hear? :(

*listening to the long poem* :)
very syiok...
very happy...

wah... now got new way of laughing + barking liao?

ah boy is a dog woh..
sure will bark one :(
ah boy not cat leh..
ah boy dun have confused identity woh..
so ah boy won't moo nor meow

yeah loh..
no freedom of speech...
very limited freedom only.. :(

Ah Boy said...

ah boy likes the microphone for ah boy to bark in !!!
so syiok
then the whole world can hear ah boy's woof woof liao

really ah?
when can ah boy visit misti jie's studio?
need to make appointment or not?
Thanks for sayang-ing ah boy :)

ah boy wanna tell her got people outside the neighbour's house loh..
yeah, she feels guilty already this morning..
She hugs & sayangz ah boy liao

rinnah said...

Ah Boy is not notti... Ah Boy is clever to be watchdog and tell Chen got people outside the house...

*pat and sayang Ah Boy*

L B said...

Yeah, them Jehvah's Witness again...

day-dreamer said...

Kesian Ah Boy!

Never mind, come, I give you Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua.

Ah Boy said...

Yeah loh..
Ah Boy where got notti..
Ah Boy doing doggy's job only mah..
telling Chen there's strangers outside the house :(

Catch No Ball liao..
Ah Boy wanna eat siew pai kuat :P

day dreamer,
Bee Cheng Hiang bak kua?
Woof Woof
*open eyes big-big*

L B said...

Gonna make you a whole rack of siew pai kuat tomorrow ok? Ready to shake some legs?

Ah Boy said...

*wiggle short tail*

L B said...

*the aroma of freshhly grilled SIEW PAI KUAT drifts across Ah Boy's sleeping body...*

Ah Boy said...

no wonder Ah Boy dreams of SPK liao yesterday night..
All your fault liao..
make Ah Boy drools in Ah Boy's dream & stained the pillow with saliva :P


kikare said...

ah boy, you may not mean harm by barking, but to the human ear barking IS annoying, especially when you're told NOT to. it will drive your mommy CRAZY you know!
be a good ah boy and learn to obey la.
do you know why i know barking drives human crazy? cos when my dog barks non-stop, i got nuts!
*rubs ah boy's belly so ah boy not mad at me*

kyh said...

lol ur mummy probably feel guilty now and dat's why she's not here!

be a good boy cos maybe she curi curi go and buy u siew pai kuat leh. muz wait patiently lo!


L B said...

*throws klang for ah boy to catch*

Pink Cotton said...

psst ah boy
i tell u

chen ah...din lock u up bcos u barked too loud la...she was eating bak kua outside...kei2 don want let u eat..

U KNO????

mistipurple said...

Chen fed you already or not? lol.
*brings packet of dry food put at side of your bed, incase she forgets again* *cabut to avoid sotong's tentacles!*

mistipurple said...

Happy Easter AhBoy!!!
wish you lots of charsiews and paikuats all your happy life!!

_butt said...

sayang ah boy.. next time bark softly ya.. :P

Ah Boy said...

ah boy will try to remember this..
but most of the time, ah boy just couldn't help it but to bark..
Dunno why lah :(
ah boy presumes this is doggy's nature? :(

ah boy wishes she will go & buy siew pai kuat for ah boy too...
hopefully she is not buying tau foo or tomatoes again..

*jump & catch*

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton
Eeeeeeeeee.. why lidat one?
Ah Boy knows at time when she eats yummy food, she hides herself inside the room & eats everything by herself.. She dowan to share with Ah Boy !!

She forgotten to feed Ah Boy again last Thursday.. causing Ah Boy to have Blue Thursday again :(

Happy Easter, Misti Jie..
Wishing u lotsa Eggs & Chocs throughout this year :)

Oops... Ah Boy just barked loudly again an hour ago

L B said...


Ah Boy said...

Thanks for nominating Ah Boy. Ah Boy sayangz LB kor :)