Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ah Boy feeling lucky..

Today Ah Boy is free and have time to go online since Chen is busy doing dunno what out there.. Ah Boy paid Google a visit (since that's Ah Boy's favourite search engine).

When Ah Boy typed in the words Ah Boy (not AhBoy) inside the search column and press the button "I'm Feeling Lucky" underneath.. Wah.. Ah Boy indeed feel lucky liao, cos Ah Boy's website come out woh.. When Ah Boy tested with Liucas' name, guess what? pulak come out.. Liucas definitely dun own that company, right? *Woof*


angel said...

wah, really lucky worrr...

then ahboy no peepeepee? :p


*campak satu char siew pao*

rinnah said...

Ah Boy femes liao! When gonna get

*adds bbq ribs to angel's char siew pao*

Simba said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. You look like a cute doggie.
Simba x

Ah Boy said...

hehehe.. Ah Boy indeed lucky
peepeepee ah? Ah Boy thinking about that too.. Can use the moolah earned to buy more char siew.

Thanks for the char siew pao. Ah Boy heard that day u fight with Chen for one char siew pao woh..

rinnah, sounds good hoh?
Thinking.. but no moolah yet.
Time to write peepeepee liao..
Thanks for the bbq ribs :)

Thanks, Simba. Hope we can become friends :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Ah Boy sure is popular for google to pick out his blog. :)

~ Girl girl

Baby said...

wahh!!! ahboy so keng! baby wan osoo!! =D

Ben_Benjamin said...

Ah boy, Happy Merdeka!!!!

may said...

waaaah, Ah Boy actsee oredi ka... kekekeke! *sayangz*

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Ah Boy. So femmes!

Chen said...

ah boy,
next time u tried google with chen22 and press "i'm feeling lucky", see which website will come out leh? :D

Ah Boy said...

girl girl hamster,
Ah Boy is very lucky :D

Thanks Baby.
Baby tried out already or not @ google?
Hopefully Baby is feeling lucky too :)

ben benjamin,
Happy Merdeka, Ben
did u get any Merdeka Treat? or any special meal?
Ah Boy dun ... :(

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy no actsee leh
Ah Boy just feel very happy
and very lucky too

*Woof Woof*
*wagging short tail*

Happy Birthday?
SA kor, Kkkkk.. should be Happy Merdeka?
SA kor must be too tired liao till typed wrongly

very lucky hoh?

psss.. got any special Merdeka treat for Ah Boy anot? Since today is Merdeka Day

Amber said...

Ah boy so lucky ar. Happy Merdeka!!

Snowy & Crystal said...

hey Ah Boy - we tagged you for the middle name game :) check out our blog to see how to play this game. We can't wait to see your tag game post ;)

have fun!!

oh and you sure is a lucky boy

woofs and puppy arfs,

S and C

Ah Boy said...

Yeah, Ah Boy is indeed lucky :)
Happy Merdeka Amber.
Did u get any special treat on this special day? :)

snowy & crystal,
Yeah, Ah Boy is very lucky, and very happy too ;)

Thanks for tagging Ah Boy. Ah Boy will run over to have a look what is it about :)