Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Merdeka

Ah Boy is a Malaysian doggy. Today Malaysia celebrates 50 Years of Independence. Ah Boy wanna wishes every Malaysians Happy 50th National Day. Selamat Hari Merdeka. Woof Woof.



mistipurple said...

Happy Merdeka AhBoy!
Happy Holiday! woofwoof i lup liu!

angel said...

Merdeka over liao! Wish u nxt year's merdeka!

Ei, tell chen hor, cocka said merdeka, merdeka, jiak tu bak... kkkk... chen catch no balls... kkkk...

Wennnn said...

HAppy belated merdeka lor Ah Boy!! Hope U had a great time celebrating it!!

Ah Boy said...

Woof Woof Merdeka
Have a Toast
*peanut butter toast
Woof Woof

Merdeka over liao ah?
Don't care lah.. Ah Boy will continue to celebrate throughout the weekend :P

Ooo... Ah Boy will convey tat message to her later :D

Appy Appy Merdeka
Ah Boy had a siew kai yek Merdeka
yum yum :)

rinnah said...

Happy Belated Merdeka Day, Ah Boy! *waves Jalur Gemilang*

Asta said...

Selema Hardi Merdeka to you AhBoy
Thanks fow visiting me
hope you're having a wondewful holiday
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ah Boy
I hope you are having great time celebrating Merdeka Day!
Have a good night

Ah Boy said...

Appy Gappy Merdeka
Ah Boy enjoys looking at the Jalur Gemilang leh, especially when blown by the wind..
So nice :)

Thanks Asta.
U have a wonderful weekend too.
Woof Woof :)

Thanks Lorenza.
Yeah, Ah Boy having a feast yesterday night. Having grilled chicken :)

may said...

Ah Boy, Happy Merdeka!

waaaa, you also know how to earn money through PPP ka?!

H O W C O M E ? !

Ah Boy said...

Appy Merdeka

pss.. Wanna earn more MooLah mah
Lidat loh :P