Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cutest Doggy POLL !!

Wisdom aka Dom Dom, Ah Boy's new blog kaki fren, comes up with a poll recently (placed on the sidebar of his blog), asking ~ Who is the cute-test 'kuit-est' doggy in blogsphere? (contestants are adorable Dom Dom, lansi Liucas and cute Ah Boy). The poll will run for one week. Feel free to cast your vote there.

Any korkor jiejie wanna votes for Ah Boy? TQ TQ. Ah Boy will lick you all in return. Woof woof

p/s : Ah Boy heard rumours saying that each person can only vote once leh. Cannot ti(p)u one and voted several times :P


angel said...

I said I wanna vote for the Lanci-est Doggy!!! :p

Snowy & Crystal said...

Oh Ah Boy - you sure is a cutie pie :o) Our vote will go for YOU and YOU only ;)

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

day-dreamer said...

All also so cute, how to choose????????

Baby said...

ahboy i go vote for u!!

Ah Boy said...

hahha.. Ah Boy knows who is the Lanci-est dog :D

snowy & crystal,
many thanks for casting your vote for Ah Boy. Ah Boy loves u all :)

day dreamer,
hopefully u don't have to scratch your head too much thinking who to vote for :D

Thank u thank u :)
Ah Boy heartz Baby :)

liucas said...

ahboy u dun pretend kelian.. later i smack another pie on ur face i tell u.. haha

rinnah said...

I tried to vote... but... the server said network error worrr... How? Try again at home loh...

Chen said...

of coz i will vote for Ah Boy.
Ah Boy is the cutest :D

liucas said...



Ah Boy said...

wah.. why so LC one? :O

yeah, try again at home.
vote for Ah Boy the cutest doggy


lidat also called not muka tebal ah?
no eyes see liao :P

Simba said...

Well you look very cute. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope we can be friends.

Simba x

ROSSI said...

Hi cute ah boy!... thanks for dropping by my blog... am heading over to Dom Dom's blog now..

Golden Rossi

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I voted for you Ah Boy.. I hope you win..

~ Girl girl

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i go vote 4 ah boy...

mistipurple said...

ahboy i love youuuuuu!
i also love liucas!!!! how ah? i know i know what to do already. heheheh.

Alicia said...

nottiboi is the cutest :P

dom dom said...

Ah Boy, we must cooperate to beat Liucas... he so LC one

Snowy & Crystal said...

Ah Boy - we want you to win, pal for being such a cute dog and a very nice pal to us :)

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

plink said...

Habis, AhBoy got Fan Club liao!

Amber said...

Haha, My vote goes to you, Ah-boy. You look familiar. Did you go to any doggies event before?

Ah Boy said...

Thanks Simba.
You are very cute and handsome too
Woof, we are now friends !!
isn't that great? ;)

Hi Cute Rossi,
Hope to see u around frequently :)
and Woof ;)

girl girl hamster,
Thanks, girl girl hamster. Thanks for voting Ah Boy :)

Ah Boy has 2 hamster friends in the past too but they have RIP 2 years back. Ah Boy miss them.

Ah Boy said...

Thank u thank u :)

*looking at Misti Jie with kesian looking big round eyes*
Woof Woof :)

Ah Boy miss Notti Boi too
Haven't see him or his picture for long time liao..

dom dom,
hehehe.. yeah loh..
Doggy suppose to be humble wan, right? Cannot be LC wan :D

Ah Boy said...

snow & crystal,
Thanks Snow & Crystal, for your vote & support, and for visiting Ah Boy too :)

Will there be a "Ask Ah Boy" column coming up soon? Just like the "Ask Dr Chen" column? Hehehhe :P

Thanks Amber for your vote :)
Ah Boy never goes to any doggies event before. So sad.. Ah Boy dunno if there is any doggies event held in Penang. Ah Boy wanna go....

mistipurple said...

hahahha. shhhh. misti jie jie voted for you lah. (on my home computer) (i later go office vote for liucas there.) kawtim. i love ahboy and i love liucas. poor dom dom hor? but i got access to two computers only at the moment. unless... unless...

may said...


can I only vote for one?! uhmmmm... ok ok, I vote for you, ya? and... and... and you lah!

Anonymous said...

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Huskee Boy said...

Hello Ah Boy...
I will vote for you!!

Ah Boy said...

thanks for voting ah boy. ah boy sayangz misti jiejie :)

may jiejie voted for ah boy? yes? no?

Thanks Huskee :)