Friday, November 30, 2007

Coming Birthday

Ah Boy's birthday barkday coming soon liao... Ah Boy will be celebrating the 4th birthday on 2nd December, this coming Sunday. Last year Ah Boy had a little black doggy toy as present. The year before Ah Boy was given a dice as barkday pressie. What will be the birthday present this year leh?

Ah Boy wonders what is in store for Ah Boy on that day... Is there any birthday party for Ah Boy? Is there any birthday cake? Is there any char siew and tungku siew pai kuat? Ah Boy hopes can have the chance to eat Durian Cake and Mango Pudding and Vanilla Ice Cream.

*Continue Praying*


may said...

haaa, I'm sure your Mummy got lots of nice and yummy things in store for you wan! we celebrate with you too, ya? lots of pudding and siewpaikuat for you!

L B said...

Pray harder! Pray more! Every night! On your knees and elbows.. Pray! Pray! Pray more.. Even more!! In five different languages, just to be sure.. Six, even better!! Pray!

angel said...

Kakakkaka... read LB's comment and forgot wat i wanted to say liao!

Ermm... u dun like liulian aiskrim??


Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy hope so..
Continue praying
May jiejie will give ah boy pudding and siew pai kuat ah?
Thanks for celebrating together with Ah Boy :)

Ah Boy had been trying to pray with all sort of different posture instead - standing, lying sideway, sleeping, bathing time, poo poo and pee pee time. All day long !!!

Ah Boy love liulian ice cream, in fact Ah Boy loves all sort of ice cream. But mummy dun allow Ah Boy eating chocolate ice cream cos she says it is poisonous woh..

L B said...

LOL! And at night, count stars?

Chen said...

Ah Boy, there are few more hours to go before the BarkDay countdown.
Tick Tock Tick Tock..

*checking whether there is any vanilla ice cream in the fridge*

Hammer said...

Hi Ah Boy
I haven't met you yet. I live in Australia. I hope you have a wonderful BARKDAY and you receive lots of treats and lots of cuddles and everything happy and good you deserve.
Love from Hammer

kyh said...

u like liulian? later mouth smelly leh... chen got help u brush teeth and gargle listerine or not?

may said...

oredi 2nd Dec here in Sydney liao...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ah Boy! Woof Woof!

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy was told that Counting stars is better than Throwing stars. But too bad tonight No Stars. So can't count nor throw stars :(

Ah Boy very excited liao.. One more hour to go :)

Thanks Hammer for dropping by :)
Thanks a lot for the BarkDay wishes. Nice knowing u, Hammer :)

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy loves liulian.
Ah Boy's favourite fruits are mango and liulian. So delicious.
Ah Boy can salivate thinking about those fruits..

Ah Boy will wipe mouth after eating those food stuff leh. Ah Boy very clean wan :)

Thanks May jiejie for the birthday wishes. Any Siew Pai Kuat for Ah Boy? :)