Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Prayer Answered...

Ah Boy told mummy few nights ago that Ah Boy wanna eats spaghetti and Ah Boy prayed. Ah Boy's prayer was answered... Ah Boy is now a happy doggy.

Ah Boy now prays for Tungku Siew Pai Kuat. Woof Woof


may said...

WAAAAA!! such an overflowing BBB of spaghetti! your Mummy ah, when forget to feed you that time, get nothing at all... suddenly when remember to feed you that time, waaaaaa!! can last for 1 week liao... kakaka!

Winn said...

dont be so happy yet..overnite one....hehe

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy loves spaghetti.
Ah Boy will always reminds her to feed Ah Boy when she forgets to do so :)

Last for 1 week? Ah Boy sapu them within less than 5 minutes leh.. Ah Boy very good appetite wan :D

Eeeee... why say lidat geh?
Tonight Ah Boy wanna eat ice cream

*Pray for ice cream*

L B said...

LOL at Winn... So heartless!! At least Chen pretended it was fresh off the Cooker! Ah Boy, you gotta pray hard hard tonight, ok? Pray, and borrow lots of paper money..

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wa, you're so lucky Ah Boy!!!

I have never ever tried spaghetti before. Maybe should pray like you did too!

Also, the baby photo of you soooo kawaii ne!


angel said...

Ahboy, where your chopstick??

Waa... can finis anot geh? So banyak!!

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy always pray hard wan. If prayer dun work, Ah Boy will use Ah Boy's cuteness and big round eyes to charm others for food. Most of the time, it works wan :D


We pray together, okie?
Ah Boy will pray so that Mark will get to eat nice and yummy food :)

Thanks :)

Aiyah, so leceh to eat with chopstick. Eat straight easier lah.. more tasty mah

banyak meh? Ah Boy habis makan within few minutes leh.. and wanted more.. but mummy dowan to give extra liao :(

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yummy yummy...

can share share with Bobo not?

been long time since she ate spaghetti d...

i think she "lau hau sui" lo..

Doreen said...

Ah boy you so lucky leh, eat spaghetti for dinner. A bowl full until overflowing somemore....of course happy lah you. Got dream of spaghetti or not? Hehehe

Simba said...

A great big bowl full, you lucky thing.

Simba xx

Ah Boy said...

woof meow,
Ah Boy stil waiting to meet BoBo
never meet up how to share food woh?

Ah Boy loves spaghetti.
yummy yummy
Ah Boy very good appetite wan.
Can sapu all within few minutes :)

Yeah, but too bad Ah Boy don't get such treat everyday :)