Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If Time Machine is a Reality

Three jie jie, namely Misti, Doreen and May jie jie wanna know which age that Ah Boy wishes to go back to if there is a Time Machine.

*in deep thought for 10 minutes*

Ah Boy wanna go back to the time when Ah Boy was just born (that was 2nd December 2003) cos Ah Boy wanna meet up with Ah Boy's biological mummy and brothers and sisters. Ah Boy never meet up with them leh since then. Ah Boy miss them mah. Ah Boy sure they are as cute as Ah Boy too :)


mistipurple said...

cium cium cium.
ah boy sooooo cute!!!!!!
i lup ah boy very much!!!!
and thanks for rescuing me from the tree, hahaha

L B said...

Ok, OK, your biological mama is called Ah Chee, your brothers are Ah Sing, Ah Song, Ah Sixpence, and your sisters are Ah Ting, Ah Tong, and Ah Tan..

may said...

aaaawwwwwwwwwww!!! Ah Boy so tiny! not that you're not still small now, but that time... really tiny!

thank you for submitting homework, you're such a good doggie... *pat* *pat*

here, siew pai kuat for you as reward!

Ah Boy said...

thanks for cium-ing Ah Boy and lup-ing Ah Boy
Ah Boy very happy liao..
Ah Boy very cute hoh?
happy again
*wide grin*

So ocipala geh their names?
made ah boy pening only..

Ah Boy when born time very tiny..
now Ah Boy big boy liao..
but still small hoh, compared to other big dogs

Ah Boy loves siew pai kuat
Thank u may jiejie :)
thanks for the pat pat too :)

kyh said...

awww so cute!!!! wah really cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! sleeping so peacefully in the hands of, i suppose, chen mami??? :D

hahaaa chen so bad hor rampas u from ur biological parents! :P

Ah Boy said...

No lah.. that is not her.
Ah Boy is cute since small.
Ah Boy is cute yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Forever cute wan, hoh? :)

But Chen sayang ah boy woh,
and Ah Boy sayangz her too..

Goofy said...

wow... you were so adorable... ouch...

Chen said...

cute ah boy
sayangz ah boy
muacks... :)

angel said...

Come ahboy, we go open a FB account for you, then we go find Ah Chee, Ah Sing, Ah Song and all your Ah family members...

*patpat Baby Boy*

sbanboy said...

so cute !!!!!!!!!

Doreen said...

OMG! Ah boy you're sooooo cute! I want to cuddle cuddle you, I want to muaks muaks you.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Aiyo Ah Boy, you so cute ler!!! You came to your mommy so young ah??

Huei said...


is that ahboy when he was a puppie??? SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahboy small that time so cutteeeeee..ahboy now so handsome!!!!

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy believes u are adorable too when u r puppy time. And u are forever handsome, just like Ah Boy ;)


FB ah? Mummy dun allow Ah Boy to visit that website leh..
Dunno why :(

Ah Boy said...

TQ TQ. Ah boy very happy already :)

Ah Boy sayangz Doreen jie jie too.
Thanks for the hugs and muacks :)

ben benjamin,
all puppies are cute hoh?
including u and me :)
Ah Boy still stays with Ah Boy's biological mummy till Ah Boy 2 months plus old :)

TQ TQ, Ah Boy very happy liao :)
Ah Boy very cute hoh?
Baby is very cute and pretty too :)

kyh said...

ur mummy din allow u go FB cos she sked ur biological parents will get connected with u, and will urge u go back to them. i see conspiracy here! :P

Ah Boy said...

really meh? got such thing wan ah?
Ah Boy dun think so leh.. Btw, Ah Boy checked email few days ago and saw got two jiejie invited Ah Boy to join FB leh..

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Ah Boy, your barkday on 2nd Dec ho....wah another celebration!! Hmm....since its a holiday season, how about another pawty!! hehhee

mayb we can have an undersea pawty, after the space pawty *wink*.. how about that?? Oh I hev to look for a submarine?? Busy, busy!!

Ah Boy said...

ben benjamin,
yeah, Ah Boy's barkday falls on 2nd December. And this year Ah Boy will celebrate 4th Barkday :)

undersea pawty? tat sounds good
so interesting.. Ah Boy lup that idea
helping to search for submarine :)

Amber said...

Hello AhBoy, You're so cute and so tiny. I was really tiny too last time. I didn't meet with my biological and siblings too.. My sister was sold when mommy first saw me.
Have a nice weekend:)

Simba said...

What an adorable picture. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great weekend.

Simba xx

Snowy & Crystal said...


you were soooooooooooooooo cute and tiny ;)
still a cutie pie ;)

S and C

Ah Boy said...

yeah, we are all cute and adorable when we are puppies time. And even now we are still cute :)

Woof Woof, Have a great week ahead.

snowy & crystal,
yeah, Ah Boy is always cute. Snowy and Crystal are cute and adorable too. We are cute dogs :)

ails&candi said...

That must be the sweetest, cutest picture i have seen in a long time, absolutely gorgeous

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