Saturday, May 12, 2007

Woofy Birthday, May jiejie

Today is Ah Boy's beloved May jiejie's birthday. Ah Boy is given the priviledge to play with the magical alphabet A. Since Ah Boy enjoys and loves eating, Ah Boy wishes to give May jiejie the following Grade A Imperial Dishes/Food for her birthday.



Apple Pie

Ais Kacang

Assam Laksa

Apom Balik

Ais Krim

Ang Koo Kueh

Ah Boy wanna wishes May JieJie A Very Woofy Birthday




L B said...

Waiseh, you really lurve AHMAY, all that food, eh? How come so much wan? LOL! Ah Boy, I jeles!! But, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AH MAY!!! *woof* * O P E N *

may said...

Ah Boy!! such a royal spread for me ka? waaaa!! I so happies!! got Assam Laksa too, my favourite... yumyum!!

T H A N K Y O U S A Y A N G Z !

*pats lil head*

cutiepie said...

waaaaaaa manyak food for MaY MaY jie jie .. Happy Birthday Ah MaY MaY!!!

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Ah May

I also want to eat Abalone leh..
i jeles liao..
Ah Boy offers Ah May abalone :D

Wennnn said...

Wah Ah Boy offer Abalone ah?? Wennnn jie jie also wan can or not ah??? May Happy Birthday!!!

mistipurple said...

abalone!!! wahoooo!!!
Happy Birthday Ahmay!!!

kyh said...

waaaa like empress treat! maymay jie is lb's empress liao? :P

happy birthday maymay jie, ur highness!!!

L B said...

*curis a bite of Apom Balik*

angel said...

S E L A M A T A U A U B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ! ! !

Jemima said...

*starts singing*

"Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May....
Happy Birthday to May!"

My very 1st visit here, Ah Boy.
Have a great weekend. :)

a^ben said...

waiseh` so many food!!!!! tsk tsk tsk tsk~~~

I got or not?? kekekekek

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to AhMay!

Waaahh... so much food... I am hungry now... *looks longingly at the assam laksa*

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Wah! Ah Boy really gave May a spread for her birthday! :) Happy bday May

day-dreamer said...


Ah Boy, I also jeles... you pilih kasih one... My birthday what also don't have... *sad*

*runs to a corner and cry*

Helen said...

Hugs and kisses to Ah Boy and his excellent choice of food. :-)

mistipurple said...

AhBoy is sooooo handsome!!!!
Happy Birthday again AhMay!!

Samm said...

Ah boy.............. i love those food too.


Ah Boy said...

ah boy loves ah may jie jie
ah boy still remember how ah may jiejie tickled ah boy's tummy

woof woof

may jiejie happy, ah boy also happy
Happy Woofy Birthday, may jiejie
*enjoyz may jiejie's patting*

yeah, many food..
cos today is a special day ;)

oops.. no more abalone liao leh

Ah Boy said...

Chen also wants woh, but Ah Boy only has one abalone.. how leh?

misti jie also wants abalone ah?
Ah boy only has one abalone woh..

must give may jiejie imperial treat mah, since she sayangz ah boy :)

Open, please :D Ah Boy will give LB kor more apom balik.

Ah Boy said...

Woofie woofie..
Happy Woof Woof Burpday to May jiejie

Thanks for visiting..
We sing & woof together :)

what u want leh?
Ah Boy only has one abalone btw :P

psss... Chen also eye-ing at the assam laksa (besides the abalone)

L B said...

* O O O O P P P E E E NN N N *

Ah Boy said...

paris beaverbanks,
Ah Boy sayangz May jiejie mah :D

day dreamer,
Sorry woh...
Ah Boy dunno when is your birthday woh.. Chen didn't tell Ah Boy leh..

*searching for Kleenex*

Thanks for the hugs & kiss
Ah Boy feels so sayang-ed
*Licks in return*

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for praising Ah Boy handsome woh.. Ah Boy very happy liao
*Woof woof*

Ah Boy loves those food too..
Except Penang Assam Laksa, cos too spicy for Ah Boy liao.

Throw in 3 slices of apom balik

Will said...

ahboy always think about food only... must be Chen didn't feed you enough... heheheh

_butt said...

I want the cornetto!!

happy birthday to may may!


Ah Boy said...

ah boy likes to makan mah..
eating is ah boy's hobby #1
especially delicious food

Woof woof

We share-share, okie? ;)

kat said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

Wahh..ahboy such a food connoisseur... clever ahboy!! Here catch!
*throws ahboy some bak-kua slices*

oceanskies79 said...

Ah Boy is brilliant to come up with so many Grade A Imperial Dishes. Yummy.

Happy Birthday to May.

mistipurple said...

come and see ahboy again. gives ahboy mangoes. know ahboy like. so got plenty liao, incase other people curi. :P

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy loves eating mah.
*jump & catch*
Thanks for the flying bak kua.

Thanks for visiting Ah Boy.
Ah Boy enjoys eating.
Ah Boy loves food :)

Thanks for visiting Ah Boy again.
Ah Boy loves visitors, especially Misti jiejie :)

Thanks for the mangoes.
Ah Boy likes :)

mistipurple said...

good morning ahboy! chen got feed you this morning or not? :P

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. I like Ah Boy.. he thinks like me..

A is for food.. nothing else! :P

eastcoastlife said...

Wah, Ah Boy! Yummy Food from Penang! Abalone?! So dai sao part.

Happy Birthday to May!

velverse said...

Huar huar... can I have abalone too. All such nice food. I also want!

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy still has some leftover food in the bowl, that's why she didn't fill up kua :P

zara's mama,
Good, good
U have great minds too :)

Now Ah Boy has no $$$ liao..
Spent everything on the abalone.
Why abalone so expensive geh?
Ah Boy dun understand :(

Come come come, we all share-share the food together.. Oops, must ask permission from May jiejie first, since Ah Boy gave all to her liao :)

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday May!

So much good food begins with A. *drools*

Ah Boy said...

Share some with SA kor :)