Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mummy Day

Since today is Mother's Day, Ah Boy would like to give Chen something. Too bad Ah Boy dun have $$$ to buy pressie for her (cos Ah Boy used up all the $$$ to buy Abalone).

So, Ah Boy will share Ah Boy's Pedigree doggy food together with her. Very yummy wan, Chicken, Liver & Vegetables flavour woh.. If kor kor jie jie dun believe Ah Boy, please take a bite and Ah Boy sures you all will love it.

Just in case if she dun like the doggy food, Ah Boy has something else to share with her. Ah Boy's beloved Chewie Bone (which taste like real bones) !! Good stuff.. Woof

p/s: Ah Boy good boy or not? Woof.


rinnah said...

Ah Boy pin sum worrr...

AhMay jie jie got such nice food like abalone for her birthday but mummy Chen only got Pedigree dog food for Mummy's Day? Chen will be so sad...

L B said...

Ah Boy, don't forget your special too:
O P E N ~ regurgitate!!

Haha, Ah Boy is so loving, so kwai kwai, so darling, so sweet, so cute, so special!!

Rinnah: Ah Boy used up all his special hoard yesterday..

rinnah said...

*sends some virtual $$$ for ahboy to buy chen some siew pai kuat or lormaikai (I myself not enough for abalone!)*

_butt said...

ah boy guai..


Chen said...

Hah? I get dog food only ah?
never mind lah..
i let u eat all
what matters is the "heart"

Ah Boy of course good boy
sayangz kaw kaw :)

may said...

alamak! Pedigree for your Chen? ok ok, I gip some abalone back, we share-share gip her surprise, ya? good lil' doggy!

day-dreamer said...

Dunno to laugh or to cry... :P

_butt said...

ah boy looking for mangoes ka?


kyh said...

wah ah boy so good! must sayangz!

*pat pat*

next time gip ur mummy ginseng chicken ok mou? ;)

mistipurple said...

*sneaks in a burger king whopper special*
you eat some and share share with mummy k?

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Mummy's Day to Chen wor! Ah boy so yau sim, share his Pedigree dog food. hehehe...

I can't wait to see chen eat it. Oh, she can show me on my Penang trip in July wor! hehe...

Ah Boy said...

Dun say lidat lah :(
Ah Boy sad liao..
Ah Boy used up every penny that Ah Boy has woh..
now Ah Boy no $$$ liao..
Can Rinnah donates some to Ah BOy?

Ah Boy hasn't regurgitate for quite a while oledi. That day loh.. Misti jie dowan to open mouth. Made Ah Boy waited for so long...

LB kor praising Ah Boy ah?
Now Ah Boy no more sad liao..
*currently in Happy Mode*

thanks for the virtual $$. Ah Boy will go online & see what Ah Boy can afford with that amount of $$.

Ah Boy said...

Thanks :)
*Happy again*

Ah Boy can eat all by myself?

*sayangz back*

can share some Abalone together with Ah Boy too? Ah Boy wanna taste the abalone too. Each of us take one bite..


Ah Boy said...

day dreamer,
apa pasal woh?
Ah Boy did something wrong meh?
*scratch head*

yeah loh..
Ah Boy loves mangoes
Ah Boy wanna eat mangoes again..
Got ah?

Thanks for sayang-ing Ah Boy
Ginseng chicken ah?
Must save pocket money liao...

Ah Boy said...

TQ TQ for the Burger King Chopper.. Ooops, Whopper Special
Ah Boy never eat that before leh
Mummy also never eat tat.
Thank u Thank u

*Happy again*

Ah Boy will convey your greetings to Chen soon.
She is halfway day-dreaming at the moment..
Dunno what she is thinking of :P

But she dowan to eat the pedigree dog food woh.
Neh, she wrote in the comment above liao.
Quote what she said -
never mind lah..
i let u eat all
what matters is the "heart"

Simple American said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Ah Boy is the best! :)

may said...

psssst... Ah Boy... 1 human year = 7 dog years. so since you're 3.5 dog years now, you can still do the tag for 18 years old, kan? so that's... 2.5 human years... LOL! this math is too difficult!

oh, and T A G !

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Ah Boy, you are so sweet. Sure your mama very happy.

Will said...

ah boy, you diam diam go karaoke with liucas also no call me... grrrr


Ah Boy said...

Thanks SA kor
Ah Boy very happy liao :)

*bringing out calculator*
Ah Boy did the tag liao..
Hope may jie dun mind ah boy din follow rules :)

ben benjamin,
Yeah, she is very happy..
She hugs Ah Boy so tight till Ah Boy felt suffocated

Liucas said cannot tell anyone woh
apa pasal u know geh?

L B said...