Saturday, May 19, 2007

Songs Ah Boy ♥♥♥...

May jiejie wanna knows what songs Ah Boy listened to when Ah Boy was 18 years old (in doggies year). That was in 2004, Ah Boy presumes...

The Rules
1 Go to
2 Select the year you turned 18
3 Get all nostalgic over the songs of the year
4 Write about it
5 Pass this tag onto 5 others
Ah Boy actually seldom listening to songs, except songs that Chen listening too. And she likes old songs.. That's why Ah Boy dunno all those songs in 2004. How ah? *Sob*. Ah Boy will list out the songs that Ah Boy likes then... Hope May jiejie won't mind. Sorry for din follow the rules. *Grin*

1. Who let the Dogs Out? Woof Woof
2. How Much is That Dog in The Window, Arf Arf
3. Songs to Make Dogs Happy
4. Doggone Songs Traveling Tunes
5. Kirk Olsen Dog Songs

p/s: May jiejie, please don't piak Ah Boy for not following the rules..
*Cute face & puppy eyes*


Will said...

ah boy is a party animal... listen to "who let the dogs out"... hahaha

did ah boy dance to the tune?

rinnah said...

*sings* How much is that doggie in the window... the one with the waggly tail... How much is that doggie in the window... I do hope that doggie's for sale... *grin*

L B said...

Hahahaha, Ah Boy so smart! So sweet! So tender! So snesitive! But where is "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo"?

angel said...

ahboy, liu dun ti(p)u... liu go karaoke wt Liucas summore say seldom listen to songs???


may said...

yarrr, agrees with angel!! go out sing at karaoke, sure only sing these few songs meh? I know you know Leon Lai songs wan... kkkkkk!!

ok lah, since got do tag anyway, fong kor lei... *pat pat*

day-dreamer said...


Winn said...

so ahboy.....u really got go sing karaoke hor? *fierce!!*

faster ans we all wanna know u got sing leon lai's or not!

kyh said...

u only listen to dog songs meh? it tot oso got fish songs one? :P :P :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

sing baby sing
The world is getting better!

Ah Boy said...

will kor kor also enjoy partying, right? Yeah.. Ah Boy dances & io ka chng too :)

*encore encore*

Alamak.. tat song ter-slip Ah Boy's little doggy mind tim..
paiseh liao :P

Ah Boy said...

How come u know geh Ah Boy went karaoke with Liucas? Who lets the dogs out? Ooops.. Should be who let the cats out of the bag?

alamak.. how come u all know Ah Boy's little secret wan?
*sked kaw kaw liao*

LOL at what ah?
laffing at Ah Boy ah? :(

Ah Boy said...

sei lor..
how come u all know Ah Boy went karaoke geh???

Liucas sang more Leon Lai's songs leh.. Those are his favourite songs tim :)

apa tu fish songs?
catch no balls liao :D

sing sing
whistle whistle
tweet tweet
smile smile
:D :D

mistipurple said...

ahboy, you can go karaoke again when lb kor kor visits! under the table?

Ah Boy said...

Looking at calendar.
See when can go karaoke again..

Err.. only Chen laff under the table wan. Ah Boy dun.. Ah Boy only sleep under the table :P

kyh said...

woof woof ah boy,

U R TAGGED!!! ;)

L B said...

YATTAAAA! You've been TAGGED!!

karen said...

my dog likes credence clearwater, especilaay 'bad moon rising'

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy has just submitted homework

luckily it's the same tag as kyh.
Ah Boy has submitted homework too

That's nice :)
Thanks for dropping by :)