Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Wants & Dowans

Selba jie tagged Ah Boy not long ago on 10 things you want and dowan on your birthday. Ah Boy's birthday wishes are very simple only. Very easy to please Ah Boy wan..

10 Things Ah Boy Wants..

  1. Ah Boy wants siew pai kuat
  2. Ah Boy wants char siew
  3. Ah Boy wants bak kwa
  4. Ah Boy wants durian
  5. Ah Boy wants mango
  6. Ah Boy wants strawberry ice cream
  7. Ah Boy wants birthday greetings from the beloved ones
  8. Ah Boy wants birthday pressie
  9. Ah Boy wants more kasih sayang & hugs
  10. Ah Boy wants more yummy food

10 Things Ah Boy dowan..
  1. Ah Boy dowan to kena marah
  2. Ah Boy dowan to kena piak @ beaten
  3. Ah Boy dowan to be made fun of
  4. Ah Boy dowan to be ignored
  5. Ah Boy dowan to eat pathetic routine dog food
  6. Ah Boy dowan to sleep early
  7. Ah Boy dowan stay alone in da house
  8. Ah Boy dowan ... cukup already lah.. so many liao
Ah Boy wanna tags...
1. Misti - AhBoy lup me!
2. LB - Wanted: Dead Or Alive..
3. Rinnah - My David Letterman moment


L B said...

Hahahahaha!!! I also kena this tag too, from Raychin, but not yet do, so with 'incorporate' lah, eh? What? You want Bakuteh or not? Woof!!! Woof me tender, woof me true... SST!!!

*sayangs Ah Boy till leg kick air again*

Ah Boy said...

can, of course can :D

Bakuteh? of course ah boy wants
chikuteh also ah boy sapu
*BBBB* (Brings Big Big Bowl)
SST? made SST into SS teh ah?

Sayangz LB kor

may said...

Ah Boy, you share-share all the siew pai kuat, char siew, mango and all with me, can? I trade you with... errr... with Easter eggs!

angel said...







day-dreamer said...

I don't understand, why Ah Boy don't wanna sleep early leh??

rinnah said...

Ah boy tagged me... with my third tag! *starts thinking what I really want for my woof-day*

kyh said...

i gv ah boy a packet of delicious char siew and siew yok....

*sayangz ah boy*

Ah Boy said...

Err... exchange all those yummy food with.. easter egg ah?
can ah boy has candies too beside eggs? ;)


Ah Boy wanna play with Chen mah..
She sleeps late, Ah Boy also wanna sleeps late too loh :)

*waiting waiting*

thank u thank u
sayang u back :)

Selba said...

Thank you ah boy for doing the tag *pats* *hugs* *sayang2*

Wah.. ah boy likes durian? same like auntie mini, when she smelled durian she got so hyper and couldn't wait until she ate it :)

ah boy... lulu mei mei, these days so naughty, can you give advise to her so maybe she might listen from you. she makes her small & big business all over the house (before she didn't do it), dunno what makes her like this :(

mistipurple said...

hahahahah i escaped from the 'humans', now kena from ahboy instead!! lemme read after i chup. i got chupping disease. *looks for imperial loctor*

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy!!!! i pass up homework oredy! because i lup liu!!!!

mistipurple said...

helps ahboy bring back BBB of bbq siew pai kuat!!

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for sayangz Ah Boy :)

Ah Boy doesnt like durian initially when ah boy is still puppy time. But subsequently with time, Ah Boy starts liking durian ;)

Lulu still small mah.. still little puppy.. but she definitely needs toilet training ;)

ah boy wonder wat is all the chup chup? sounds like chicken chop or pork chop lidat? can eat or not wan? :D

misti jie so fast submit homework liao? thanks for loving Ah Boy. Ah boy loves misti jie too ;)

and thanks for the BBB of BBQ siew pai kuat too :D

mistipurple said...

ahboy, chupping is done by kiasu humans who wants to get first place by announcing they were first at a particular destination. trend started by some emperor. (sticks out tongue and run)

Simple American said...

I bring strawberry ice cream with real strawberries chopped up. Sound yummy? *slurps*

Ah Boy said...

abuthen.. sometimes Ah Boy sees people chup also even though they are in the 10th place woh? Mmmm....

Ah Boy dun care lah..
As long as got siew pai kuat can liao.. :P

Of coz yummy...
Ah Boy loves ice cream..
whatever flavour also sapu ;)

_butt said...

ah boyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

long time no visit you already.. how are you? chen got buli you or not? :P

*gives ah boy a sotong hug*

mistipurple said...

tonight got char-siew for you. i bring later.

mistipurple said...

*ding dong* open door!! char siew delivery for AhBoy!! (as promised)

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy is fine, but still hungry. Ah Boy is a growing dog mah.. Always hungry wan :)

Chen no bully Ah Boy, just tat at times she forgets to feed Ah Boy only :(

pss.. what is Sotong Hug? ;P

Thanks for the yummy char siew :)
Got extra? Ah Boy wants summore...