Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Ah Boy Blog?

Pink Cotton wanna knows why Ah Boy blogs. She very curious why dog wants to blog woh. Dun she knows there are lotsa doggies who blog in this world? Ah Boy thinks Goldie will start blogging soon. Might be at And summore Ah Boy heard Winn also wanna know why Ah Boy blogs leh!!! Psss.. just now Pink Cotton wanna piaks Ah Boy's pigu or ka ch'ng cos Ah Boy hasn't do this tag yet. So, no choice but to do liao cos dowan kena piak :(

Since they all so curious, Ah Boy will sit down & humour all the kor kor & jie jie with 5 reasons why Ah Boy started blogging.

(1) Remember the phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do? This apply to canines too, hence Dog See, Dog Do. Ah Boy sees everyone has blog. Ah Boy also wants loh. Summore that hao lian Liucas also has blog, so how can Ah Boy be left out leh?

(2) Syiok mah. When Ah Boy eats full nothing to do time, then Ah Boy can sit down & writes story loh.

(3) Ah Boy knows there are many kor kor & jie jie out there who loves Ah Boy. That's why Ah Boy wanna blogs & shows more of Ah Boy eng tau & handsome pictures ;)

(4) Thru blogging, besides meeting up with kor kor & jie jie, Ah Boy can meet up with many other handsome & pretty canines. And not only that, Ah Boy gets to know PussyGalore too :P

(5) Have to write reason #5 ah? Enough liao lah.. Ah Boy dowan to think liao.. Dun care liao. Whatever lah. Ah Boy wanna go main already.

But before Ah Boy go makan, Ah Boy wanna passes the baton to few other canines worldwide :
1. Liucas from Malaysia.
2. Mark & Cream from HK - The end of CNY festives
3. Sam I Am from US - It's My Dog's World: I Just Live In It


L B said...

PussyGalore is in rapture, seeing her name up there!!

angel said...

Then why Sotong blogs leh?

L B said...

Sotong is terrifed!!

Pink Cotton said...

yao si


sounds so so so so...hmm i better not say it 'x'

hmm*patpat* ah boy very kuai hoh?

*scratch ur ear abit*

rinnah said...

Ah Boy is the only doggie I know who blogs. Maybe my dog should start a blog of her own too... *drifts off into thoughtful thinking*

Ah Boy said...

Please convey Ah Boy's Woof to PussyGalore
or should Ah Boy says Meow to her?
More sincere, right?
*meow meow*

How ah boy knows why Sotong blogs woh?
Might be Sotong See, Sotong Do?
Might be Sotong syiok?
Might be Sotong NBTD?
Might be...
Dunno lah, Ah Boy is not Sotong!!

Sotong goes hibernating liao..
Indeed Sotong is terrified
Just now Sotong just sms Ah Boy :P

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton,
yao si too !!

PussyGalore is a cat that adores Ah Boy (cos Ah Boy eng tau mah)
sounds so so so wat??????
wat pink cotton jie thinking of ah?
don't mislead ah boy woh :D
ah boy very innocent wan

of coz ah boy kuai lah..

psss.. after scratch ear, can scratch neck & scratch head or not?
or give ah boy massage too?
thank u :)

*welcome woof*
there are many doggies who blog too.

u have a doggie too? Great
please please intro the doggie to ah boy, so tat ah boy can made frens with her
wat's her name?
ah boy excited liao..

ah boy will teach her to blog soon

Sam Iam said...

“The World Never Dies Twice Dr No Pussy Galore”, sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

yenchiew said...

whatever the reason is, am glad that ah boy blogs.. entertaining read all the time.. :)

Simple American said...

Such good reasons to blog.

I saw you wanted some of my lormaikai and I have brought a special plate just for you.

*scratch ears*

may said...

ah boy, you need to find a new hobby liao...

Sam Iam said...

ah boy~
thank you for passing the baton,
Ah Boy wanna know why Sam I am blogs

1.Think of it as a personality site. Given that, one hopes that Sam I am has an interesting enough personality to keep you entertained for at least a little while.

2.I like to practice my Barking writing skills. Barking being my frist second or third language.

3.It's a creative outlet -- a challenge to make something beautiful and interesting

4. I meet some of the kindest and most amusing Dogs and humans blogging.

5.It's My Dog's World: I Just Live In It.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... Ah Boy so pannai hor... finish this tag so tactfully! Good job!

liucas said...

lol @ angel!...sotong!

ahboy dun 'pretend'la..u blog coz got other reasons one..u blog coz u wanna surf 'Xxxxx''n get to know more lengluis??..tot that day we discussed oredi and found that our objectives are the same? later i bao your tai wok then u know! muahah

eh i where got hao lian? * strikes a haolian pose*

Ah Boy said...

sam i am,
*woof woof*
Ah Boy loves this --> It's My Dog World :)
*Woof Woof*

So sweet:)
Just like eating sugar lidat
How lummmmm...

Ah Boy gets to eat lormaikai?
Tat's great :)
Chen always eat the lormaikai by herself, never gives ah boy wan :(

Can scratch ah boy's neck too?

Ah Boy said...

err.. why need new hobby woh?
may jiejie dowan to read ah boy's post liao ah?

thinking of wat new hobby to indulge in...
might be chasing after the bee?

Thanks for praising ah boy
ah boy happy liao

why u sounds so like your mummy geh? Oh.. Ah Boy knows liao
Like Mother, like Son :D
How true !!!

sikui hao lian Liucas :(
Wah... lu mai cincai kong lah..
ah boy where got so hamsap wan?

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Tag dutifully done! :D

kyh said...

wahhh good reasons! *gv paikuat*

ah boy must be good and update more lo! *gv siewyok*

no sked! i dis time dunwan take back liao... ;)

Ah Boy said...

furkids in HK,
thanks, ah boy will hop over to read very very soon

thanks for the pai kuat & siew yoke

ah boy also gives u vegetarian bun,
u also update more, okie huh?

Simple American said...

You tell em Ah Boy!

I bark. Therefore I am.

Ah Boy said...

wah.. Ah Boy will quote this
*woof woof*