Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gahoo Yoogle

Ah Boy's favourite search engine is Google. Few weeks ago, Ah Boy discovered a new search engine called GahooYoogle whereby Ah Boy can search using Yahoo & Google at the same time.

What attracts Ah Boy is all the yummy food up there. That's why Ah Boy using it these few days. (Btw, this is not a PayPerPost post, Ah Boy doesn't get a single cent from this post).

A little "poem" regarding GahooYoogle:
Write Yahoo then Google,
Make the Y and G Toggle,
Never forget GahooYoogle.


may said...

*tosses you some Gardenia bread*
I think I'll just stick to Google. Yoogle or Gahoo just sound too strange...

L B said...

*invites ah boy to m e n u*

L B said...

Cow very cheap!!! Buy herd?

Ah Boy said...

Thanks for the Gardenia Bread..
Got sapu strawberry jam or peanut butter anot?

M e n u?
wat menu?
Ah Boy confuses liao...
*scratch head*

how cheap is cheap woh..
Ah Boy no $$$ leh.. how to buy?
Can exchange the cow with Pedigree Dog Food? :P

day-dreamer said...

Har?? Gahoo Yoogle? So funny geh...

Anyway, Google rocks! Hahaha~

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That's a very nice find - thanks for sharing!

I very often have to do searches, and anything that expedites the process is most welcomed.

Wishing you and your human a wonderful Sunday!

angel said...

You gahooyoogle for siewpaikuat ar? Or chendol?

Swinebread said...

that's cool

kyh said...

cool... but when the results come out... half half leh. very difficult to view.

Simple American said...

I am co sonfused!!!


Ah Boy said...

day dreamer,
Weird name
Ah Boy agrees with u
Google still rocks !!!
Google Man Sui !!!

Glad u like the Gahoo Yoogle
A Happy Week to u & your beloved ones too ;)

Ah Boy Gahoo Yoogle for Angel too :D

Ah Boy said...

Thanks :)

Yeah loh, that's why toward the end of the day, Ah Boy still prefers Google :)

Take it easy..
Don't confused..
Take a deep breath..
Do u feel better? ;)