Friday, December 08, 2006

Ah Boy 3 years old liao...

Sorry for not posting for so many days.. Chen loh, all her fault. These few nights she slept so early (around 10 pm to 11 pm, and then sometimes wakes up at weird hour pulak like 3 am in the morning).. Ah Boy doesn't really mind if she sleeps early, but why she sibuk go & switched off all the power supply woh.. Kesian Ah Boy... Ah Boy has no access to broadband & internet at all.. Ah Boy so sad..

Ah Boy wanna thanks all the kor kor and jie jie earlier on leh who wishes Ah Boy happy birthday but too bad Ah Boy doesn't have the chance to do so... Today since she busy working, Ah Boy curi-curi go online. Shhhhhhhhh.................

This is the little black doggy given by Chen. Same colour as Ah Boy. Black-black tei. Cute or not? Ah Boy likes it very much.. Can shake-shake and throw it high-high up. But sometimes Chen scold Ah Boy if Ah Boy does that too frequently... *Sob*

This is the birthday greetings given to Ah Boy by Winn Jie. Ah Boy doesn't understand why she mades Ah Boy so dark geh? Her photo made Ah Boy looks like negro only.. Ah Boy is black but not so dark lah... Winn Jie very cheeky wan.. See the writing up there? She made Ah Boy saying Happy Birthday to Ah Boy myself instead of she wishing me Happy Birthday. So cheeky hoh? And summore she forced Ah Boy to say "I wish I could be fairer than Liucas"... This is not true leh.. Ah Boy kena paksa to say that sentence wan...

This is the birthday greetings given by LB Kor. Got italian gelato, got mangoes, got a nice piece of roast ham on the shank, got greetings from PussyGalore, got colourful picture of Ah Boy... All these are Ah Boy's favourite food leh.. LB Kor even wrote a poem for Ah Boy.. Ah Boy feels so happy. This is the poem LB Kor wrote for Ah Boy.


A PussyGalore wish for Ah Boy’s birthday yesterday,
for heaps of tungku spare ribs in many pots of clay,
grilled chicken thighs, char kway teow, Irish stew,
all specially prepared, baked, and BBQed for you,
and also durian, pistachio gelato, & mango cheesecake,
desserts that make you wish you can stay up late awake,
with cool four legged skills at throwing the dice at Mahpoli,
so when you travel to Italy, you can get ice cream happily!

This is the birthday greetings by May Jie. Nice drawing hoh? Got bone picture, got Ah Boy's name.. and got one big Question Mark. May Jie told Ah Boy that the Question mark means the mystery gift woh.. And this is the mystery gift Ah Boy gets from May Jie :

Presenting the Beanie Bone soft toy by May Jie. Ah Boy has been playing with it for the past few nights. Got sound wan leh.. *Squeak Squeak* Thanks May Jie for the pressie. Ah Boy loves it very much.. And Ah Boy really enjoys the scratching tummy and tickling behind the ears session with May Jie... So comfortable...

This is the birthday greetings by Angel Jie. Apple flavoured Pup Cakes :D

This is a nice piece of artwork by 小毛 aka Ben Kor - Doggie Treat for Ah Boy. So nice of him :D

And last but not least.. My chu pang kao yew (猪朋狗友) aka "pig & dog friend", Liucas did this to Ah Boy on the big day... Why he so notti woh? Went & splashed the birthday cake on Ah Boy's face leh... Wasted the yummy cakes only.. Ah Boy spent so much time licking the cakes off from Ah Boy's face.... But thank Q also lah, Liucas. Liucas, your birthday coming soon too, right? Your beloved mummy told me that your birthday is on 32nd December... But how come Ah Boy din see that date on the calendar one? Your mummy bluff you, issit?



L B said...

hahahha, at last!! So many false alarms wan!!!! The furry plant got you, was it? Nevermind, I won't tell Chen that you curi curi come online to post all this kembang stuff, ya? What you give me in return? *faint*?

may said...

so now the mystery question mark isn't so mystery anymore, kan? glad you liked the squeaky toy!

pssssst... curi-curi play with Chen's sotong, also sqeaky wan! but don't let her catch you, if not you kena liao... nanti she piak you with her Sotong magic wand, wakakakakaka!

liucas said...


i oredi google for world calendar, chinese lunar calendar, and even indian and malay calendar oso canot find 32 dec:( i so sad la ,ahboy...

liucas said...

just now i call angel jie jie she asked me to look into cat's calendar...

got such thing meh?

day-dreamer said...

*shout loud* CHEN~!!!! AH BOY CURI-CURI ONLINE LEH!!!

*reads back the post* Oops! Cannot tell Chen ah? Sorry ah, too late...

Ei? I asked your mummy to buy you BKT on behalf of me, she didn't?

Chen said...

Ah Boy,
don't worry lah..
U can always use the computer when I'm not using it..
Now u have the greenlight to do so liao :D

mistipurple said...

this is so hilarious!! we are all infected by the good doctor! opps.

er Ah Boy, i missed you alot leh. thought you got writers' cramp, or block, so didn't write. but i everytime come and check check if got new posts. i talking less to humans even now. omwoofinggawd!

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
sorrie sorrie for the false alarm earlier on.. Ah Boy hasn't finish writing yet mah...

The furry plant ah? Ah Boy tarak suka that weird plant.. Looks like monster wan.. First time Ah Boy see Ah Boy already tak syiok the plant :) Thanks for keeping the secret for ah boy, u r not like that DD jie, cannot keep secret wan..

What LB kor wants? One bowl of pedigree doggy treats? :D

may jie,
yeah yeah.. no more mystery liao..
earlier on ah boy really cracks ah boy's little head to think what issit about leh... think too much till ah boy drop hair. Luckily didn't become botak :P

Curi-curi play with Chen's sotong ah? I scared she scold & beat me leh if she finds out.. Cos all these while I never touch her toys wan... Ah Boy only plays with Ah Boy's own toys :)

Poor Liucas. Ah Boy wanna help u but dunno how to help woh.. Might be we should find Doggy's calendar?

Errr? how come Angel jie asked u to look into cat's calendar geh? U r not cat woh.. U r doggy, right? U woof woof instead of meow meow, right?

Ah Boy confused liao...

Ah Boy said...

u ah... why u cannot keep secret wan? No good leh if lidat :(
Luckily Chen just give me greenlight to use the computer when she is not using..
U didn't pay $$$, how u expect her to belanja BKT on your behalf woh???

TQ TQ, TQ so much...
Now Ah Boy can blog or post more frequent liao without worrying being scolded :D

misti jie,
Err? what is that infected story about? Got coutagious disease spreading here ah? Issit Kutu? or some other diseases? Apa tu? Ah Boy tarak faham leh...

Misti Jie miss Ah Boy ah? Ah Boy also miss Misti Jie leh.. Thanks for always visiting Ah Boy punya humble blog.. Ah Boy very happy

angel said...

hahahaha!! liucas!!!!

ah boy, liucas is a cat who thinks he's a dog... his real name is Liucat but he kenot accept the fact... so, he use Liucas lor...

Simple American said...

Looks like you had a good birthday Ah Boy. Maybe Chen will teach you how to turn on the computer.

Wish you a very good year.

Ah Boy said...

angel jie,
Liucas is actually a cat ah?
Why he sounds like a dog geh?
Why he looks like a dog geh?
Why he barks instead of meow geh?
Why he so confused geh?
Why why why?
oopss... Now Ah Boy sounds like Liucas liao...
Asking so many why :P

pssss... I remember Chen telling me in the past Liucas is a rabbit woh.. So confusing hoh?

SA kor,
This birthday is indeed very special :P Chen gets angry when Ah Boy disturbs her when she is using the computer. Sometimes Ah Boy itchy hands and go & press on the keyboard or press the mouse while she is typing :P

Couldn't help it lah... :D

a^ben said...


compared to the other gifts~ my si kut tao paling cheap` kakakakakka :D

poor liucas` I draw two si kut tao for you larh okay? :)

L B said...

I would like a bowl of Fried Sotong, with a slice of lemon..

Winn said...

teh o ice kacang pls..

Ah Boy said...

Ben kor,
cheap or not cheap tarak masalah..
as long as sedap..
but Ah Boy prefer meat than bone :P

When Ben Kor wanna give the kut tao to Liucas? on 31st December instead of 32nd December? :)

LB kor,
Can Ah Boy give LB kor the fried sotong tomorrow? Now market close liao.. Cannot buy fresh sotong oledi..

Winn jie,
Winn jie wanna Teh Boh O or Teh Lipton O?
Ah Boy will add in more atap chi & sprinkle some dried nutmegs for the ice kacang

Huei said...

Ah Boyy, U so lucky, I so envious! I never celebrate birthday so nice before wann because my mummy duno my real birthdayy :(

Ah Boy said...

dunno when is the actual date for your birthday also never mind one..
just ask your mummy to select one date & make that as your birthday loh :)