Monday, December 04, 2006

Ah Boy being notti..

Boy has a very memorable birthday..
So many kor kor jie jie sending greetings to Ah Boy
Ah Boy very happy..
Ah Boy 3 years old liao..
May Jiejie even give Ah Boy a pressie..
A Beanie Bone
Very cute wan..
May Jiejie very lenglui..
Ah Boy manja and play-play with May Jiejie
May Jiejie scratches Ah Boy's tummy, scratches Ah Boy's neck..
Tickle Ah Boy's tummy..
so syiok..
However, Ah Boy notti..
Ah Boy bully May Jiejie..
Ended up Ah Boy kena scolding and being punished by Chen cos Ah Boy misbehave.
Ah Boy earlier on thought birthday boy can tai sai (大嗮)
Mana tau.. this is not the truth.. *sob*
will still kena scolding & kena punish..

Sorry woh, May jiejie..


L B said...

cannot blame you for being naughty lah, not when you were in such a position with ah may, hor? Why your mummy piak you with sotong wan? Now you smell like fish! Liucas might think you did something really naughty with ah may !!! Waaa!!!

mistipurple said...

hahaha. notti LB instead!

wah Ah Boy, May jie jie get you so nice pressie!! happy happy Ah Boy!!

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
LB kor think senget liao..
ah boy didn't do that lah..
ah boy did something else...
ah boy malu to mention here..

misti jie,
LB kor very notti wan..
yeah loh..
may jiejie very nice
very pretty too :)
ah boy likes :)

L B said...

Even worse?!!! OMG!!!! Ah may wanted 18 kids, but this is too much!!! *piaks misti along*

may said...

hehehe... s'ok lah, ah boy was being a canine through and through! be a good doggie from now on, ok? *pat pat*

*piaks LB with smelly sotong*
*sayangz misti*

mistipurple said...

hahahahaa. *piaks back LB*
*sayangz Ah May*
*looks at Ah Boy... i saw the pic Chen took.. lol*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
LB kor jangan fikir bukan-bukan :P

may jie,
may jie not angry with ah boy ah?
ah boy worried leh..
Chen is worried too..
luckily may jiejie not angry..

misti jie,
errr.. don't get mislead with that photo lah..
it has nothing to do with that..

plink said...


Happy Birthday AhBoy!

*Wonders who to piak*

Simple American said...

Must be careful around you then. Scratch eays anyway.

Pink Cotton said...


wat u did ho boy2...

must b u gigit may jie2 de

hmmm i also wanto meet youuuuuu...woooo

Ah Boy said...

plink jie,
thanks plink jie :)
why plink jie wanna piak ppl?
painful leh..
that day after Chen piak ah boy, ah boy feels so sad :(

SA kor,
ah boy most of the time is good boi, just tat occasionally ah boy is nottie :)

pink cotton jie,
how u know geh?
i wanna meet pink cotton jie too :)
will pink cotton jie buy pink cotton candy for ah boy?
thank u :)

day-dreamer said...

Wah... never mind la, next birthday you become good boy then Chen won't scold you. Normal time be 乖仔 also she will sek dou lei long!

Hehe. :D

angel said...

ah boy, everyone not around liao... u faster tell wat u did!

Cum cum, I bribe u...

plink said...


*pistachio gelato*

Sam Iam said...

Naughty or nice I won't one to.It looks goood..
Happy Birthday AhBoy!woof-woof
Lot's of Lick's

Ah Boy said...

DD jie,
hehhe... most of the time ah boy very 乖仔 one, only occasionally ah boy is notti :)

angel jie,
ah boy shy shy to tell wat ah boy did..

plink jie,
can ah boy eats the pistachio gelato first & tell story later? :)

thanks, sam :)
Thank Q very much for the birthday wish :)

mistipurple said...

wah, got another doggie friend, Sam iam come visit you ah?!! nowsadays all the doggies so smart, not like our time wor!! *pengsan*

Chen said...

ah boy next time cannot be notti liao hah...

Ah Boy said...

misti jie,
Doggies are always smart mah..
just that misti jie doesn't realise in the past :P

ah boy will try but ah boy cannot promise leh......

Huei said...

Ah Boy you are so adorable!!! =)

Can I intro you a leng lui? She's called Baby, a Shih Tzu Mix! =P

Ah Boy said...

huei jie,
Thanks Huei Jie
ah boy feels so elated :D

got lenglui to meet ah?
ah boy likes
Woof Woof Baby
Nice meeting u :)