Sunday, December 10, 2006

Zzzz Posture

Ah Boy has no idea why Liucas sleeps with this weird posture ... All legs terkankang.. Ah Boy only does that occasionally when being massaged or being scratched or tickled (like what happened that day when May jiejie scratched Ah Boy's tummy). Ah Boy doesn't sleep that way wan...

Ah Boy's sleeping posture is very normal... Kor kor & Jie jie don't believe Ah Boy? Ah Boy has evidence leh.. Chen loh.. always snap-snap photo when Ah Boy sleeping... No privacy liao... So Ah Boy must behaves too when sleeping. Cannot cincai sleep with weird posture wan.. Later she tangkap gambar and shows u all, Ah Boy shy-shy liao..

See? Ah Boy sleeps on pillow or cushion wan.. Just like all the other kor kor & jie jie.. Sometimes Ah Boy uses blanket too, during cold weather or rainy seasons...

Sometimes, Ah Boy sleeps on bolster too.. Comfy mah.. Ah Boy has a small blue karer bolster with lotsa cartoons.. Ah Boy has anothr pink karer piggy bolster too..

This is Ah Boy's cosy bed.. With towel as blanket and little cushion pillow as mattress.

At times Ah Boy sleeps on sofa too.. Afternoon nap when Chen is not at home. Besides playing computer, Ah Boy take naps when Ah Boy is alone at home.. Cannot go online too long, later Ah Boy sakit mata and lenguh badan ..

Ah Boy likes to sleep on the floortoo .. Nice mah for a change of environment.. Basically Ah Boy can sleeps everywhere.. with exception the toilet :P

See? Ah Boy doesn't sleep with this weird posture one.. Ah Boy very normal hoh? Liucas is the one who is abnormal, right? Psss... If Ah Boy is Liucas, Ah Boy will find a hole to hide in now... So paiseh leh.. So many pairs of eyes watching....


angel said...

pssst! ahboy! u forgot liao meh? tat day i got take pic of u sleeping liddat in the toilet! hah!


may said...

I also got picture of ahboy sleeping weird weird!!


may said...

sleep terkangkang means happy doggie mah. they feel safe enough to expose their bellies. ahboy dun feel safe with Chen ka?!

L B said...

Hahahahaha!!! Almost spotted some drool there too!!! What do you dream of, ah, Ah Boy, when you go to sleep after a heavy meal of a pork shank that is bigger than you?

ah nel said...

ah boy :u looks yummy when sleeping...

liucas said...

ahboy obviously u no learn yoga before

Ah Boy said...

angel jie,
issit? since when ah?
I can't remember meeting angel jie also?
Angel jie come visit ah boy when ah boy sleeping ah?
how come ah boy dunno geh? :D

may jie,
aiyak... sei for :P
that pict not counted lah..
can ah boy bribes may jie with pedigree dog food so that may jie won't show ppl the pict?
or may jie wants gardenia bread?


ah boy dun have the habit of sleeping with terkangkang legs leh.
since small ah boy sleeps in normal way liao...
syiok ah sleeping with legs terkangkang? :)
may jie ever sleeps that way or not ah?

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
drool? mana mana?
but ah boy does dream of food leh on & off..
especially during those days when Chen forgets to feed ah boy :(

ah nel,
u r more yummy..
Liucas shares the same opinion with ah boy regarding this matter :D

yeah, u r right, Liucas.
ah boy only learn somersault,
never learn yoga leh..
Chen only teaches ah boy somersault

ah nel said...

no ler as liucas same opinion with me as black kaler not nice but nice to eat...;)

Winn said...


ahboy u fast fast teach liucas good sleeping manners laaaa..

*ranjinly digging holes for liucas to hide*..


Ah Boy said...

ah nel,
u don't twist & turn leh..
u forget Liucas is my good fren? :D
u so thick skin geh?

winn jie,
ah boy hope Liucas will listen to ah boy's advice :)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

wakakaa LMAO...damn cute the both of you...

Pink Cotton said...


ah boy so yiu siu ho??

hmm...but i stil can see your ahem ahem 'x'

mistipurple said...

lol at Pink Cotton!

Sin Ling said...

i love both liucas and ah boy, liucas furry, ah boy blackie, liucas sleep terkankang, ah boy sleep nicely. But both also nice doggie.. :)

ah nel said...

muahaha...i no twist turn as dog wont listen to dog wan...
black n white kenot b good fren... ;)

liucas sapot ah nel so ah nel help him cook ah boy...muahahaha

Ah Boy said...

FF kor,
cute leh ah boy & liucas
handsome woh? :)

PC jie,
why PC jie lidat wan?
mana tak mau tengok, but look there?

misti jie,
yeah loh.. why PC jie so xxx geh? :P

sin ling jie,
thanks for liking ah boy & liucas.
ah boy sayang sin ling jie too :)

ah nel,
ignore u

Simple American said...

NOw I wanna take a nap nap. So sleepy lah.

Ah Boy said...

SA kor,
ah boy likes to take nap-nap too..
especially in the day time when Chen is busy working...

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy you sleep normal okay lar... better not like Liucas, otherwise when wake up sure muscle ache. Hehe.

Ah Boy said...

DD jie,
TQ very much for the concern :)
Ah Boy sleep with normal sleeping posture wan...
so no muscle ache :P

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