Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Happy Woof Woof Year 2007


L B said...

*PussyGalore brings phantom Lormaikai*

You look so melodramatic! So striking!

WOOFY NEW YEAR, Ah Boy! May you have lots of pies, gelato, pork shanks, babies, and a few mangos!! *MUAKS*

may said...

Happy New Year, Ah Boy! be a good doggie next year, ok? lots of pats on the head for you! hugs!

Chen said...

Happy New Year, Boiboi :)
why u like to make the kesian looking face geh? :D

Ah Boy said...

wah.. phantom LMK?
can eat or not wan?
or just can see but cannot eat type of food?

melodramatic ah?
so cheem geh..
ah boy gotta check dictionary for the meaning liao

ah boy photogenic boh?

ah boy dowan babies lah..
so troublesome :D

Woofy Liu Yah, LB kor

Happy Woof Yah, May jie
Ah Boy will try to be a good boy :)
*sayang & licks*

cos ah boy hungry mah...
haven't have dinner yet mah just now..

Pink Cotton said...


i think its time to ask ur mami to get a wife for u...wahahaha

angel said...

Woof woof woofffff!!! Mana your Liucas?

Sin Ling said...

ah boy, happy new year 2007 to you and your beloved mummy, ah boy sudah grow up, one year old but nvm still look handsome. ah boy can get a hot chick already, you want liucas? :p

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton,
happy woof year, pink cotton jie :)
ah boy wants gf only lah..
dowan wife yet..
ah boy still young
dowan to get married yet lah :D

woof woof
Liucas ah?
he no good wan..
he says ah boy boring woh..
ah boy dunno why leh..
he now busy reading Play Boy lah..

sin ling,
happy new year, sin ling jie :)
ah boy although getting older day by day but ah boy still young lah generally.. ah boy only 3 years old niah :D

want Liucas as fren or as ... ?
Liucas very notti wan..
He always bully ah boy..
He very cheeky wan :P

Will said...

happy new year ah boy...

got see my photoshop job on liucas ah? nice or not? :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

your mommy never bring you out to celebrate new year issit? look so lornful must piak mommy :P
happy new year furball

day-dreamer said...

Wah... show handsome face on the first day of 2007, what a great way to start the new year off!

Happy 2007 to you, Ah Boy!

Ah Boy said...

Happy Woof Woof Year, Will kor kor
Yeah, Ah Boy saw liao your photoshop job.. not only u photoshop Liucas, U photoshop ah boy too leh...
Good lah u :D

She didn't bring me out on New Year Eve but she brought me jalan-jalan on motorbike on New Year Day. So still consider okie lah... Better than staying at home growing mushroom :)

Furball? LOL..
First time ah boy being called furball leh.. Ah Boy's fur so short :P

DD jie, thanks for praising Ah Boy handsome :)
Ah Boy very happy liao :)
Later tonight cannot sleep then how leh?
Happy Woof Woof Year

plink said...

Skunkie ask me to tell you Happy New Year!

*muaks and hugs*

day-dreamer said...

Now is not woof woof year lo... now is oink oink year already... your mummy never tell you??


Ah Boy said...

so touching..
heppi niu yah to Skunkie too
wish Skunkie a more skunky year ahead ;)

Officially, it's still Woof Woof year lah..
not yet Chinese New Year mah..
Still Woof Woof year till 17th February 2007 mah..
18th February 2007 onwards, then only it's Oink Oink year :P

Woof Woof :D

mistipurple said...

Happy New Year AhBoy! heard you want my mashimaro ah? i can lend you to play for a week. after that must return hor. because it's a present from all the jie jie! :P

Winn said...

happy new year ahboy the ahgal:P

Ah Boy said...

happy woof year, misti jie :)
Misti jie lend ah boy mashimaro for one week only ah? ah boy scared by the end of one week, the mashimaro will be full of saliva and grey colour liao.. Misti jie still wants it back? might be misti jie will let ah boy keeps the toy liao.. :D

winn jie, u confused ah boy liao..
why got ah gal wan?
ah boy is ah boy leh..
ah boy is not like poor Liucas who is confused whether he is a dog or a cat or a labbit :D

mistipurple said...

ahboy's saliva is cleaner than humans', so should be okay!! :)

Ah Boy said...

misti jie dun mind ah?
good loh if lidat
ah boy sayang misti jie :)

Simple American said...

Happy New Year Ah Boy.

At first glance I thought you were coming out of the toilet. hahaha

Chen said...

Eeeee... SA kor tot ah boy hiding inside the toilet bowl earlier on ah? Waaaa... Ah Boy not so suku one lah.