Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Net Disaster

Ah Boy really have fun playing with Net Disaster a couple of hours ago. Ah Boy gets the link from kyh's post. The steps are as easy as ABC or 123 :

1. In the Target field, type in any website addy that u wanna play with. Please don't enter Ah Boy's blog web address, okie? Remember : Do not enter this website address : http://ahboy22.blogspot.com.
2. In the Disaster field, pick any of the disasters (some are yucky, some are interesting, some really kia si lang).
3. Press Go.

Ah Boy playing with Ah Boy's good friend, Liucas' blog just now..

Naughty Baby scribbling Liucas' Blog. Don't let this baby come near Ah Boy's blog :)

Liucas' Blog was flooded !!! (Reminds Ah Boy of Tsunami which occured 2 years ago on 26th December 2004)

Flies. So geli wan...

Spilled Coffee. See? Ah Boy told Liucas liao not to drink while typing, but he stubborn, dowan to listen..

Cream Pie. Mmmm... This reminds Ah Boy of what Liucas did to Ah Boy on Ah Boy's birthday!!!

Demonstration !! This is the BEST !!! MUST TRY. Even Chen agrees with Ah Boy :)

Whose blog should Ah Boy plays with now??? *grin*


Will said...

heehehe didn't play with chen's blog ka? scare she piak piak you? :P

Ah Boy said...

dun dare lah..
later she marah dowan to give ah boy makan, then ah boy cham liao :D
so better ah boy play with other ppl's blog :D

Will said...

hahaha yeah the cream pie also reminded me of your b'day incident... now is payback time :P

kyh said...

no wonder the steps sound so familiar! hahahahaha...

thanks for dropping by my blog... :)

Sin Ling said...

Wah ah boy, naughty naughty, later mummy slap ur pet pet then u know! but sin ling sayang ah boy so wont tell ur mummy *high 5*...

Ah Boy said...

yeah loh..
ah boy last time so kesian..
kena piak-ed with birthday cake :D

but not pay back lah..
play-play only... :P

wah.. so fast u r here liao?
ah boy changes the word mah..
didn't copy exactly your steps :P

sin ling,
she won't scold me lah..
just now she is amazed with the DEMO pict..
She syiok liao & play tat with her own blog too

may said...

cheeky ah boy, heheh! and we thought you were out partying with your best fren Liucas summore! instead you conteng on his blog, lol...

L B said...

How con Ah Boy didn't pee wan?!! LOLOLOL!!! Chun hai sel pau moh yerh chou ah!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Ah Boy said...

Cheeky ah? No lah..

Abuthen, Ah boy only conteng his blog after partying :P Cannot conteng before partying lah, later he merajuk, dowan to party with ah boy liao...

Can Ah Boy conteng May jie's blog?

pee ah?
cannot show so many ppl lah..
shy shy mah....

ah nel said...

ah boy no scared being bite later? :P

Jerry said...

Poor poor Liucas.

Such a notti doggie. keke

a^ben said...

apuh` ah boy` apahal lu cpbsp also` dun follow me eh` ahhaha :P

Winn said...

wahhhh..ahboy so clever!!! * pats head*.....dai sek!

liucas said...

wah ahboy u noting better to do ar? that day i ask u go pubbing u dowan.. ended up drawing at home only?

i had great fun with carlbarg leh:P hahahahah

NOTTI AHBOY!! see . how now????? my blog sabotage liao. i very seong sum i have to go drinking again ( finds excuse)

angel said...

ah boy, u very liu... no bone for liuuu :P

*goes try out ah boy's site*


Ah Boy said...

ah nel,
who wanna bite ah boy?
Liucas ah?
he won't bite me wan..
dun worry :D

Liucas also notti leh..
he splashed birthday cake on ah boy's face leh not long ago :)
on 2nd December :D

ah boy very free wan mah..
no need to go to school..
no need work..
only eat, sleep, play, manja & go online :D

Ah Boy said...

winn jie likes what ah boy did ah?
i scared winn jie will be angry with ah boy leh..
made ah boy can't sleep after ah boy posted the post :P

dear buddy, dun lah...
dun lah merajuk :D
your birthday coming soon liao leh
32nd December right?
today is 30th December liao..

Happy Birthday to Liucas
an advanced birthday greetings to my dear buddy :)

angel jie, nice or not chatting with ah boy yesterday night?
we can chat in cantonese, hokkien, mandarin, english & malay leh...
syiok hoh?

when is our next chatting session? ;)

Sotong said...

Got sotong attack feature or not @ Net Disaster?

L B said...

LOL @ Sotong!! Woof Woof Sot Sot!

day-dreamer said...

Try Chen's blog, maybe you will make her happy. :D

This kyh... 教坏小孩子!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy New Year, Ah boy!
Hope you'll find a bitch to hump this year!

Ah Boy said...

Ah BOy searching very hard for it but couldn't find woh.
Too bad :(

Errr.. LB kor likes sotong attack feature too?
Octopus attack will be cute hoh?
not exactly cute lah..
attack mana ada cute wan?
but syiok loh.. :P

Try Chen's blog ah?
Ah Boy scared later she angry, dowan to feed ah boy.. then ah boy cham loh... :P
So ah boy cannot cincai play-play one... :)

Happy LIu Year, unker cocka
wat a great wish..
ah boy likes :)
seng lei kuei yin :D

Anonymous said...

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