Monday, December 11, 2006

Chat with Winn Jie

Today, while waiting for Chen to come back home, Ah Boy has a great time chatting with Winn Jie on YM. Ah Boy chatted for one hour plus with Winn Jie leh.. We talked and covered so many topics... We talked about food, we talked about Liucas, we talked about pig brain, we talked about university, we talked about hamsters, we talked about teddy bear, we talked about soft toys, we talked about squeak-squeak bone, we talked about Vietnam, we talked about invisible ink bla bla bla... Ah Boy will post up one small portion of Ah Boy's conversation with Winn Jie to share with Ah Boy's beloved kor kor & jie jie :)

Ah Boy: Winn jiejie
Winn: yes ah boy
Ah Boy: Winn jiejie eat oledi or not? ah boy hasnt eat yet
Winn: why leh? ah Chen sendiri keluar wet dowan to feed u again is it
Ah Boy: yeah loh, she hasnt feed ah boy yet. ah boy hungry. ah boy now curi use her YM
Winn: u open the fridge and see got leftover food or not?
Ah Boy: got laksa
Winn: i heard ah Chen tapao asam laksa from the longkang yesterday hasnt finshed
Ah Boy: got choc, but ah boy cant eat.
Ah Boy: got orange juice, ah boy planned to drink tat later. got cola
Ah Boy: yeah loh. how u know got laksa geh? ah boy heard she wanna eat tongiht
Winn: i know la. coz that Chen dam gian laksa. dun worry abt her. jus sapu first
Winn: then when she come back u said Liucas came and curi makan the laksa
Winn: must know how to tai chi ma

Ah Boy: good hoh, say Liucas eat wan
Ah Boy: later i go drink orange juice
Winn: ya. liucas always use this kinda dirty tricks on me one
Winn: so u must help me to revenge,
so i got excuse to spank him kao kao tonite
Ah Boy: dont beat liucas leh. he is my good fren
Winn: he likes to be beaten wor. he says it's like having full body massage
Ah Boy: aiseh. ah boy like massage, but don t like to be beaten
Winn: more reason to curi makan.. eh the wire behind the firdge oso can makan one u know.. faster!
Ah Boy: oh.. might be ah boy can eat the sotong fridge magnet too
Winn: ya..and the fluffly bone..can makan one, u know
Ah Boy: oh... wat else can eat wan?
Winn: the internet wire.. can eat oso u know. very yummy like spaghetti
Ah Boy: issit? but eat liao ah boy cannot go online liao
Winn: still can go online one. wire and internet is not related.
Winn: u can go online becoz there is anai anai operate in the cpu. thats why can function

Ah Boy: issit
Winn: wire is meant to be eaten
Ah Boy: anai-anai operator ah? issit ah? new things ah boy learn today
Winn: yes. Chen oso duno one. dun tell ok.
Ah Boy: yeah loh. she never tell me. she no good one
Winn: yalor. more reason to eat spaghetti now
Ah Boy: so many things can eat one ah? fatt tat loh
Ah Boy: eat liao can get tummy ache or not wan? ah boy vomited few times liao leh. dowan to vomit again
Winn: no. eat liao can grow fairer. tot u always very jeles how come liucas can be so fair rite? u on the other hand, same color like muthu..
Ah Boy: muthu is good


Ah Boy: can ah boy post this conversation up?
Ah Boy: ah boy lazy to write new post
Winn: hahaha....can...
Ah Boy: good good
Winn: hahahah
Ah Boy: thank u Winn jie. ah boy sayang Winn jie
Winn: this ahboy dam cheecky!
Ah Boy: ah boy not cheeky lah. ah boy use brain wan


Thanks to Winn Jie, else Ah Boy won't know wire is edible.. :P


may said...

remember, eat the GREEN wire, not the RED wire!!


or is it the other way around?

Winn said...

dun think too much ahboy



liucas said...

ahboy u sure u wanna listen to mummy? she everyday oso lie one..dun eat the wire. eat the main switch power supply , it has no relation to internet one....

the buttons taste like may jie jie's gingerbread very nice oneeee...

ah nel said...

ah boy go in to the hot boiling pot whre ur lokter chen cook curry wan then u sure no need eat for whole life liao...muahaha...

good idea rite?

faster go...

Ah Boy said...

may jie,
green wire ah?
ah boy go check..
err.. or is it the other way round?
if eat the wrong wire what will happen ah?

winn jie,
eat all the wire ah?
hai mai gah?
later tummy ache then how?

your mummy everyday lies to u wan ah? But she sounds so sincere leh..
eat the switch power supply?
can cause black out wan leh..
ah boy dowan to live in the dark leh..

really ah the button taste like may jiejie's gingerbread?
ah boy wanna try liao..

ah nel,
why u lidat one?
ah boy dont like u..
if u want to play with hot boiling water, u can play yourself..

ah nel said...

ah boy want some peace with ah nel?

L B said...

Just swallow the entire pork shank, liao!!! I know you poor thing have been hungry all evening too. Your mummy didn't feed you eh? Why ah? Why liddat wan? How come?.. Poor thing you!

Simple American said...

I think someone needs to be bound with wire here. Hmmm...

Sam Iam said...

ah boy~
Just remember You humans may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important ritual for your humans, so there are some things you need to know: a. don't pee on the tree b. don't drink water in the container that holds the tree c. mind your tail when you are near the tree d. if there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that have your name on them, don't rip them open e. don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree.sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Huei said...

Eat wire? Really? Hmmm

angel said...

doncha lurve winn jie???
i do! i do!!!

ps: can't sign in to blogger... liuuu... :(

Ah Boy said...

ah nel,
ah boy dunno whether is it worthy to do so? u like to bully ah boy :(

LB kor,
no more pork shank..
Dunno why ah..
Sometimes she dowan to eat, she thought ah boy no need to eat too. She not hungry but ah boy hungry leh :(

SA kor,
who SA kor wanna bound with wire?

Sam I am,
thanks a lot, Sam for the nice explanation. Ah Boy will remember what Sam told ah boy :)

dunno leh.. ah boy hasn't try yet..
ah boy will only try when ah boy is desperate..

angel jie,
blogspot sometimes sot-sot wan :(
ah boy also dunno why..

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy you really eat the wires???!

Ah Boy said...

haven't woh..
Ah Boy plans to eat the wires in Winn jie's house when Ah Boy pays her a visit in the future.. Chen told me her wires taste better :P

day-dreamer said...

Ooo... Ah Boy you memang clever boy!

Ah Boy said...

DD jie,
hehee.. thank u for praising ah boy clever boy :)

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