Monday, January 22, 2007

Ah Boy's First Time woh...

Ah Boy was tagged again woh.. This time by LB kor asking Ah Boy to write down 5 memorable First Time that Ah Boy encounters woh.. Ah Boy still young, so not many first time that Ah Boy can think of ...

1) First time Ah Boy being sayang-ed.
The first time Ah Boy felt being sayang-ed was on 14th March 2004, whereby two "strangers" came to the pet shop to buy hamster food and they saw the tiny cute & adorable Ah Boy sleeping inside the cage in a kesian way. So they decided to buy & bring Ah Boy back home and give Ah Boy a new meaning to life. Ah Boy finally knows what is the meaning of Home Sweet Home liao.. U all know who are those two so-called "strangers" in the past, right? Woof

2) First time Ah Boy kena kicked.
Ah Boy was first brought back to Chen's house on 14/3/2004. Ah Boy was so tiny and likes to run around their legs. Cos they are not used to the presence of Ah Boy in the house, Ah Boy was kicked accidentally for few times leh on the first day. So the ouch... So painful.. There was once Ah Boy was kicked till almost fly away. Of course Chen felt sorry lah for what she did.. And the next day, Ah Boy gets a collar with the ring-ring thing liao..

3) First time Ah Boy get drunk.
Ah Boy dun have to drink alcohol to get drunk wan... There was once, someone drank alcohol and exhaled the alcoholic breath into Ah Boy's nostril and Ah Boy felt high-high liao.. Till Ah Boy can't walk straight leh.. Ah Boy walked like drunkard for a while leh...

4) First time Ah Boy eat durian.
Last time when Ah Boy puppy time, Ah Boy hates durian leh.. till Chen says Ah Boy has ang moh blood. But surprisingly, now Ah Boy loves durian.. Now Ah Boy no more ang moh liao..

5) First time Ah Boy kiss........
Guess who is the first person Ah Boy kiss? Ah Boy having palpitations at that moment leh... Shhhh..... May jiejie woh.. Ah Boy even have photo of that memorable moment, but Ah Boy dun dare to post up the photo leh, unless with green light loh.

Now is Ah Boy's turn to tag people. So syiok :D
1) Will - First Time Tag
2) Winn - My 5 (minus 2) First Times & My 5 (minus 3) First Times
3) Misti
4) Mr Goober - The 5 Memorable..Oh, First Time
5) Sengkor - My Very First...


may said...

wahahahahahaha!! I gip you your first kiss meh? I thought Chen would've muaks you when you were a puppy liao! you show-show photo, I also shy lerrrr...

Ah Boy said...

Chen only muacks ah boy with her cheek on ah boy's forehead mah..
never kiss on the lips wan :(
tat one not considered as "kiss", right? It's totally different from May jiejie's kiss woh..

Ah Boy likes :)

mistipurple said...

hahahahaha. flip and laugh! first kiss so romantice!! May jie jie!!!

eh.. ahboy you tagged me ah? *pengsan* humans tag not enough, now kena dog tagged. :P

angel said...

LOL @ misti kena dog tagged!

Post Picture! Post Picture!!!


L B said...

Ah Boy, lei cheng toh ngor siew toh pah tei har loh!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK again!!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! So cute! So cute! Ah Boy, I want your off-springs!!!

kyh said...

hahaha... ah boy kena kicked by CHEN ah... that CHEN so bad hor, wanna adopt u but bully u summore... such a cruel mum! kekekeke...

wah still got kiss ah... damn romantic wei... it's like the canto movie called wat liao har... starring cheung kar fai and lei ka yan (michelle reis) one, where the dog (cheung) and the dai mei yan become lovers one... hehe...

Will said...

aiyak... kena dog-tagged :P

ah boy so ko lian, kena kicked around... hehee

Simple American said...

You dun tag Liucas?

Hey what's wrong with being an Ang Moh? o_0

I need a complete barkfession on this.

day-dreamer said...

I thought Winn done this tag already?

Wah... not bad ah... for the First Times of a dog...

Pity you kena kicked around by Chen, maybe because you too small size already. You should eat more to grow bigger. Hehe.

Ah Boy said...

cannot laff so loud lah..
misti jie made ah boy shy liao...

yeah, Ah Boy tagged misti jie
misti jie in return can tag misti jie’s pet fish :D

angel jie likes to be tagged by doggy or not?
Next time ah boy can tag angel jie too :)

May jiejie says she shy-shy leh if ah boy posts the picture

wah… why LB kor laff till lidat ah?
Made ah boy shy-shy liao leh...

Errr.. ah boy has no off springs lah..
Ah boy hopes to have too…
Imagine those cute small little ah boy & ah girl running around

Pink Cotton said...


then where r the hamsters leh??
ah boy eat them all ah???


Pink Cotton said...

ah boy tag mr goober ah?

u got tell him or not?machiam he dono wo..LOL LOL

Ah Boy said...

aiyah.. She didn’t mean it lah..
She felt so sorry for kicking ah boy leh..
Ah boy knows wan...
Ah boy never blame her...
She not used to the presence of Ah Boy mah on the first day :D

Yeah loh.. the first kiss is indeed very memorable wan..

aiyoh… ah boy kena kicked around Will kor still laff?
No kesian ah boy meh? :P
Will kor gotta made sure u don’t repeat the same mistake too !!
Don’t kick little Mini, okie?

Liucas very lazy wan…
Tat is the info Ah Boy gather from his beloved mummy :)

AngMoh dun like durian mah..
How about SA kor?
U like durian or not? :D
Bark bark Woof woof Woooooooooofffffffffff

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy told Winn jie earlier on liao mah tat Ah Boy wanna tagged her :P
Btw, she answered half way only mah..
Tak habis jawab lagi :D

Ah Boy hopes can grow up as big as Doberman leh..
That’s why must makan more

pink cotton,
Those hamsters ah?
They RIP liao leh... Due to unknown reason..
Not cos of Ah Boy lah..
The hamsters & Ah Boy are fren fren leh..
We used to play together wan..
ah boy miss them leh..

ah boy baru saja inform mr goober not long ago..
if he dunno or forgets, then pink cotton jie can help to remind him again loh :D
Thank u

Ah Boy sayang pink cotton jie

day-dreamer said...

Chen always go makan-makan, got big fat char siew, siew yok, pai kuat... so many! Ah Boy ask Chen give you some la... sure can grow big and strong!

Hehehe! Hope Chen doesn't kill me for suggesting this to Ah Boy. :D

mistipurple said...

i am still so touched by number 1: first time ahboy being sayang-ed.
when two 'strangers' came and see ahboy sleeping in the cage in a kesian way, and brought ahboy home immediately. wah, my heartstrings just pulled..

mistipurple said...

Angeliu!! ya lor, i kena dog-tagged! how to escape around here i ask you. lol.

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy!!!!! i pass up homework liao!!! i good gal hor? horrrr???

Ah Boy said...

wat a good suggestion,
but then hoh, everytime she goes out makan, she dun tapao back for ah boy wan.. unless if she makan at home, then only ah boy manage to get some :(

touching hoh?
ah boy was so hungry leh tat day
when they brought ah boy back home & feed ah boy with the pedigree dry dog food, ah boy sapu the whole bowl leh... ah boy so kesian cos the pet shop ppl didn't feed ah boy :(

misti jie so good wan
so fast submit homework liao?
ah boy sayang

Sin Ling said...

Wah, may jie jie kiss you, envy la ahboy, i want ah boy's kiss also, must ask chen permission first.. :D ah boy good boy, do homework.. get A+ + for ah boy's assignment..

_butt said...

ah boy can tag ppl!! so kheng wan.. :D

kena kicked until almost fly away?? *horrors*

Ah Boy said...

sin ling,
so many people wanna kiss ah boy?

Next time ah boy will tag butt jie too. Butt jie hasn't do the tag yet, right?

Last time ah boy very small & very tiny mah... and very light too..
that's why loh...

Mr. Goober said...

wahlau this ahboy memang cantik life hoh?!

:P ok ok i shall serve thy tag, O' Great One

day-dreamer said...

*whispers to _butt*

Eh, this doctor quite the what hor? Last time punch till people's teeth drop. Now kick till Ah Boy nearly fly away... Scary, scary!

Hahaha! Joking only, no offence.

JoeC said...

eee, what lovely stories from cute cute ah boy! Btw, you've got tagged! Cheers!

Ah Boy said...

goober also has cantik life mah
plucking grapes in the vineyard
so syiok :D

TQ TQ :)
Woofing forward to woof the tag :)

wah... spreading rumours here?
notti DD jie

Ah Boy just finished doing 2 tags, now kena tagged again ???????
Summore about books wan?
Ah boy read comic only
how, how, How, HOW? :D

day-dreamer said...

Not spreading rumours... it's true!

mistipurple said...

sayangz ah boy. *hug ah boy and pat pat head* lick lick lick...

Mr. Goober said...

eh boy boy, do ur tag few days later k?!?! byebye :P

Ah Boy said...

true ah? What is our topic ah?
*trying to recall*

ah boy sayang misti jie too

no problem :D
Ah Boy also takes one week to answer the latest grab a book meme ;)

Simple American said...

Never seen a a Durian outside of a blog. Might try someday.

Ah Boy said...

hope SA kor won't be driven away by the smell.. u will only either loves it or hates it :P

_butt said...


*whispers back to DD*

yala yala.. sked leh, duno wut doc gona do next time.. aiseh, no eye see lo.. :P

Ah Boy said...

wah..... why u all whispering & gossiping here woh? Teacher told ah boy before it's bad to gossip & talk things behind ppl's back leh :P