Monday, January 29, 2007

Grab A Book woh !!

Ah Boy kena tagged again by JoeC kor last week - Garb A Book Meme !!

1. Grab the closest book to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the 4th sentence.
3. Post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the book and the author.

Ah Boy simply grab a book nearby lah.. The table is full of books anyway.. But Ah Boy still prefers to read comics (those with lotsa pictures wan leh), and not those thick boring textbooks. The book that Ah Boy picked randomly is as follow :-

Flip-flip and finally found page 123. See-see where is the 4th sentence.

A man on the point of starvation cannot plead his hunger as an excuse for theft. In order to plead duress as a defence, the accused must show that he did not of his own accord, expose himself to the constraint; that the fear which prompted his action was the fear of instant death; and the accused had no option but to die or to accomplish the act directed by the person so threatening.

*Yawn* Ah Boy also dun understand wat issit about.. Dun care lah.. Name & Author of the book as in the picture above. Ah Boy lazy to type out coz sleepy liao after reading those few sentences..

Ah Boy not going to tag any kor kor jie jie this time :)


may said...

ah boy, no need to read lah. jom we go play...

Pink Cotton said...


ah boy read criminal law!!


i like this tag leh! y u no tag me 'x'

Sin Ling said...

ah boy, melanggar undang undang ar? nvm la, polis only ma, no need to scare one, give them money enough d! hehe.. :D

kyh said...

aiyoyo~ ah boy so pandai oh! read wat wat criminal laws book *faint*

i still owe u a tag leh... the very very very + si peh + hak sei yan + gila babi cheonghei 70 questions one! dun worry...i will do it anyhow... my pay day is very soon, since it's end of month dy ma... den can happy happy go do the tag lo! :)

*i no ffk one, so dun worry!*

L B said...

Wooooooof me till pengsan, and fall over and shake both legs in the air like you! Thanks for not tagging anyone else with such a deep, meaningful, thought provoking, sensual, sotongless, satay-inducing tag..

angel said...


day-dreamer said...

Like that also can be called a tag?

I think I enjoy the previous few ones better. Hehe.

How come Ah Boy read law book?

Will said...

wah... criminal law...
chen got such book one ah?

Will said...

wait a minute, what is "garb" a book? :P

Mr. Goober said... did ahboy hold the books leh??

mistipurple said...

all doggies so learned. like snoopy, he also attorney.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Yawn oso.....

papercrazy said...

waiseh man Ah Boy u so the crever, read law ah??

ai si lor, now we know no matter how hungry, we cannot steal food cos it's not a pardoned crime...

but on 2nd tot, can lei, a hungry woman (gender equality) steals food, go to court, pronounce guilty, go jail, 3 meals a day taken care of liaw lor..

the end...

Ah Boy said...

yeah, let's go play !!
we play hide & seek?
or we play London bridge is falling down?
or 5 stones?

pink cotton,
ah boy read half a page only lah
tat book so boring :P
Beh tahan

pink cotton jie like this tag ah?
should tell ah boy earlier mah

sin ling,
ah boy so good boy, where got langgar undang-undang?
u give rasuah wan?
no good lah if lidat :(

Ah Boy said...

ah boy read half a page only,
this book very boring wan..
read comics better :)

today is the last day of the month liao.. 2 more hours to go leh..

trying hard to imagine LB kor shakes both legs in air...
Mmmm.. can ah boy shoot one photo of LB kor in that posture?

But hoh, pink cotton jie very weird wan !!
She likes this tag woh !!
Ah boy also dun understand liao..

Lick lick angel jie's face till she wakes up from pengsan-ness :)

Ah Boy said...

Nowadays got all sort of weird-weird & funny tags wan !!
Ah Boy also dun understand who created this weird tag :)

Yeah loh, the previous few ones are more interesting. At least Ah Boy didn't yawn when answering those tags mah

Why read law books ah?
Cos there are lotsa law books in da house mah..

These are not Chen's book.
Hers are those equivalently boring medical books :P
These are Ah Boy's papa's books

Ah Boy copy from JoeC kor mah.. He wrote that on his post mah.. Ah Boy also dunno wat is tat

no need to hold one..
put on the floor & flip the pages can liao mah...
tat's how ah boy read books :)

Ah Boy said...

Doggies love to read wan
can increase knowledge mah..

Misti jie got any books or encyclopaedia to donate to ah boy or not? Ah Boy loves reading leh..

Let's yawn together
How about snchronised yawning?
open mouth big big
stretch arms..

paiseh paiseh
ah boy read half a page only lah

wah !!! papercrazy jie so clever wan
ah boy likes your way of rationalising things leh..
ah boy sukak :)

mistipurple said...

ahboy read so much, wait later need specs how?

Simple American said...

Ah Boy is one serios doggie. Hey you know estate law?

kyh said...

i've completed ur tag!!! YIPPIE!!!!

c i told u i no ffk one... :D

Ah Boy said...

Mmmmmm... ah boy never tot of tat Q leh? Abuthen, got doggy wearing spec wan meh? Wear contact lens can liao mah.. :P

ah boy likes to learn new things.
Nope, dunno about estate law yet leh..

Good boy
belanja u makan pedigree dog biscuit ;)

_butt said...

walau eh!! criminal law!! ah boy paham or not ka? :P

Ah Boy said...

ah boy faham a little bit, if dun paham also neber mind wan... got someone to explain in greater details to ah boy mah :)

No worry wan..