Saturday, January 13, 2007

LG phone

This is the LG flip phone given to Ah Boy by Jellyfish quite sometime back. (Ah Boy dunno how to adress him woh.. He is Chen's god-brother aka KSL. Should Ah Boy calls him as kor kor or unker?).

Now Ah Boy has 2 handphones liao.. It's good to have mobile phone. When Ah Boy feels bored, Ah Boy can sms or call frens. But lately this Liucas very lcly, he dowan to answer Ah Boy's phone call. Ah Boy guess he is being locked inside cage busy riding his F1 kua? Never mind :)


L B said...

Wahahahahahaha!!! Niamah!!! Ok, AhBoy dont have iPhone yet.. Luckily! Otherwise, *PENGSAN*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor swearing here..

One day Ah Boy will try to bring down the iPhone..
At the moment, Ah Boy doesn't plan to do that yet ;)
Ah Boy wants to bring down food at the moment...
Might be lormaikai?
Might be roast pork
Might be italian gelato..
might be........


may said...

huarrrrr, so tann ah?! got phone summore! call me, faster! faster!

*ling* *ling*

Scooby said...

Hi Ah Boy. So nice of you to drop by Lynnx01's page. You have your own blog, maybe it's time for me to start a blog myself?

Baby said...

Ah boy got phone so nice!!

Baby wants phone oso!! =D

Ah Boy said...

hard leh not to have phone nowadays.
If ah boy hungry, ah boy can give Chen a phone call asking her to tapao food back for ah boy :)

okie, ah boy will call may jiejie :)

yeah snoopy. You should start a blog. Ah Boy waiting & eager to visit your blog :)

Baby, hehehhe...
fast-fast ask your mummy or your daddy to get you a phone. Then we can call or sms each other liao :)

iBitch said...

ah boy, call gua... *blink blink*

kyh said...

wah... ah boy so pandai hor! i see other dogs know some tricks like fetch balls and newspapers, but ah boy know use handphone!!! so pandai sial~ *faint*

_butt said...

walau! ah boy, you kenot have too many handphone.. give me la, I'll keep for you :P

Pink Cotton said...

EEEE i think u forgot to charge ur handphone leh!!

no ang kong wan! 'x'

Ah Boy said...

call u liao, but u dowan to pick up phone geh?????
so not give face wan :P

pandai leh?
Too pandai liao till kena tag to do the long-winded 70 Q summore..
by Her Royal Highness woh :P
Don’t play-play :D

Ah Boy tot Butt jie jie has handphone liao?
No meh?

pink cotton,
kekeke… Ah Boy talked too long the night before liao mah..
Pou long hours telephone porridge :P

Next time Ah Boy will call Pink Cotton jie jie to keng kai :D

Will said...

chen is your mummy ma... and jelly is her sai lou... so you must call uncle, cannot call kor kor... wanna call kor kor can only call Will kor kor :P


Ah Boy said...

but ah boy reads in forum ppl call u as unker panggang woh..
so, u r unker too, right?

Simple American said...

That looks like my phone. Samsung hor?

Ah Boy said...

really ah?
SA kor phone looks lidat wan?
Then ah boy will change the phone name from LG to Samsung :)

day-dreamer said...

Wah... Ah Boy... so wai sui got phone...

I got a handphone only after Form 5 leh!!

What line you're using? Maxis? Digi? Celcom? Or DogLine? :P

Ah Boy said...

u r better than Chen leh..
She only gets her first handphone when she started working leh..

Since Chen uses Digi-line,
so, Ah Boy uses Doggy-line loh:)