Sunday, January 07, 2007

My New Toy

Yesterday noon, I saw a cute little doggie at May jiejie's banner. Ah Boy likes the doggie, so Ah Boy politely asked May jiejie's permission whether Ah Boy can bring the doggy down & play with it or not. May jiejie very good. She replied Ah Boy "you try bringing down the doggie and see, be careful not to scratch the monitor too much, mmmkay?"

This is what Ah Boy did this morning when Chen was still sleeping. Ah Boy really go & bring down the doggie carefully. See? The doggy disappear liao from the banner liao, and no scratches on the monitor either. Now Ah Boy has a new doggie toy to play with liao. Ah Boy promises Ah Boy will take care of the doggie toy. Ah Boy will just play with it temporarily only lah.. Ah Boy scared May jiejie will cry if Ah Boy takes the doggie for too long. Ah Boy will return the doggie to May jiejie's banner ASAP :)


may said...

hahaha! so that's where Pooch went to play! I thot he lei kar chut chau liao. it's ok, you can main-main with him whenever you like, as long as he comes back by dinnertime, mmmkay?

*pat pat*

L B said...

Kakakakaka!!! Tiu!!!! Apalah... Ini AhBoytiu sekarang baru become scratchy?

Chen said...

no wonderlah the new toy looks so familiar !! kakaka

a^ben said...

waiseh` ah boy's computer skill` not bad` hahahahahha!

chen` evil owner still teach ah boy how to tart yeh?!?!?! hahahahah`

day-dreamer said...

Wah... clever boy!!

Your new toy looks SO CUTE!

Ah Boy said...

Ah BOy pinjam Pooch for a while then. Ah Boy will return it to May jiejie by 5:30 pm today. Thanks :)

yerrrrrrr.. why LB kor teach ah boy those scary words wan? Ah Boy hear no evil & see no evil :D

Ah Boy can share the toy with u if u wanna play with it too :D

wat tart yeh woh?
Ah boy asked May jiejie's permission liao leh.. She said ah boy can bring down the doggie wan. Ah Boy pinjam only mah.. will return it back to her later :)

Hehehe.. ah boy took the toy down carefully cos ah boy scared might scratched the LCD monitor screen :)
Cute hoh the toy?
ah boy likes it very much...
if ah boy can keep the toy, then good loh :)

Sin Ling said...

i want the new toy also, wanna share share with me or not? the new toy look like you or liucas? white white one wo... :)

_butt said...

ah boy guai.. be good this new year kie? :D

Ah Boy said...

sin ling,
ah boy would like to share-share too but now too late liao.. cos ah boy return the doggie to may jiejie liao as promised earlier on (gotta return the toy back by dinner time mah).

Next time, okie?
Btw, as long as the toy is small, can liao.. no need to look like ah boy wan :D


ah boy will be good, as ah boy always also good wan :D

mistipurple said...

HAHHAAHA!!! ah yooo AhBoy oso make me laugh like siow! just like Sotong! *hold stomach laugh somemore*

angel said...

sot-sot-sot! u oso kena the sot-sot disease liao?? ti(p)u!!!

Baby said...

So cute your toy!!! =D

Will said...

hahahaha ah boy so cheeky :D

sengkor said...

ahboy remember dun hump tht doggie ya..

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Quick go hide the toy!

Ah Boy said...

Glad ah boy can bring joy & smile to misti jiejie.
Ah boy loves misti jiejie’s mashimaro too..
thanks for letting ah boy play with it for a week :)

aiyoh.. ah boy so cute also kena ti(p)u ah?
Who start this ti(p)u culture wan??

Ah boy no sot-sot disease lah..
Ah boy really likes the little doggie, that’s why loh.. :)

Thanks, baby
Ah Boy hopes ah boy can have it forever too…
But ah boy is happy liao even though can only play with it for a day :)
The doggie is really cute.

Ah Boy said...

ah boy learn from all the kor kor & jie jie here wan…
ah boy is a fast learner..
See one, Do one and Teach one leh....
Ah Boy gonna teach ah boy’s mah chai to do the same thing liao :P

aiyoh… how come ah boy didn’t think of that earlier on?
Now too late liao cos ah boy has returned it to may jiejie liao..
Sengkor should tell ah boy earlier on mah…
now really "Chicken-run" liao..

aiyo… This FF kor teaching ah boy to curi pulak..
But... Good idea also hoh?
Ah Boy will keep this in mind :)

kyh said...

hahaha! ah boy very wu liao la! but very cute... :P

mistipurple said...

come in and sayang AhBoy. *pat pat head*

Simple American said...

Oh you can do that?

Looks at AhMay's ginger cookie. Hmmm...

Ah Boy said...

ah boy where got "wu liao"?
ah boy "hoh liao" leh..
woof woof

lick's misti jie's toes & fingers :)

SA kor wanna bring down the gingerbread cookies? Ah Boy can do tat :D