Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Motorbike Ride

Chen felt guilty for leaving Ah Boy at home when she go kai-kai in Ipoh last week. So she brought Ah Boy out jalan-jalan eat wind makan angin on the bike on New Year Day.

Ah Boy happy & excited leh.. First time riding motorbike woh.. Summore on the 1st day in 2007 woh.. 1.1.2007 = Hari ini Dalam Sejarah.. Liucas never have the opportunity to take a ride on the bike, right?

Ah Boy so good boi.. Sitting quietly there (Actually Ah Boy didn't move around cos Ah Boy dowan to fall down from the bike lah. Painful leh if falling down from the bike).


may said...

horrrr! Chen notti!! I thot she not supposed to ride bike wan? *tsk tsk*

horrrr! Ah Boy also notti!! 'cos you go kai-kai with Chen, never ajak me wan... *bawls*

Winn said...

ah boy mat rempit!!!!! SIGH!!!!!!

Ah Boy said...

May jie, Shhhhhh...
Chen curi-curi ride motorbike..
cannot say so loud wan..
Ah Boy sked later Chen dowan to bring Ah Boy hang kai-kai with motorbike liao leh..

May jiejie wanna follow us ah?
okie, next time Ah BOy will sms May jie when we go kai-kai time :)
Don't angry with Ah BOy lah...
Ah Boy sayang may jie..
licks licks :)

winn jie, ah boy wanna teach Liucas to be anjing rempit too :) Then only Ah Boy has kaki mah...
Can anot ah?

L B said...

LOL@Mat Remboy! Need helmet next time, ok? And a parachute, and swimming wings, and first aid kit!

angel said...

So, lu pi mana??

Ah Boy said...

Mat Remboy?
Ah BOy kinda likes this name
sounds so cool leh..

Need helmet wan meh?
ah boy dun like to wear helmet lah..
made ah boy look so funny niah :(
no more leng chai liao leh..

parachute & swimming wing?
wah wah...
sounds very.. err...
ah boy riding on the road niah..
why need all these stuffs ah?
*confused kaw kaw*

choy choy choy at the first aid kit :P

Ah Boy said...

ah boy dunno the name of the place leh.. That Chen never intro the places wan... Ah Boy just see-see look-look only.. Tour around Penang town loh..

Saw many boot-boot cheh,
saw many tall-tall mia buildings..
saw ah bengs & ah lians..
saw some leng kao chai too..

kyh said...

ah boy din pee in the bike ah? cannot tahan pee too long! kidney will burst one! now i oso canot tahan liao... :rush to the toilet:

Ah Boy said...

ah boy dun simply pee wan..
ah boy very civilized wan leh..
ah boy will pee first prior to motorbike ride mah :)

wah.. u dun cheat ah boy lah..
kidney where can burst wan?? :P

kyh said...

ah boy can oways try and see... i'll find ah boy a spare kidney if ah boy's one burst. :P

Simple American said...

Wow. Such a good doggie. Got room for me in the basket too?

Pink Cotton said...


this chen know how to ride motorbike meh????

wah i kalah to ah boy never ride on a motorbike before...SHHHHH...wahaha

eh dangerous la..i think u better don folo this chen on her bike liao!u see she take pic while riding bike!! SCARY!

L B said...

Ah Remboy!! Must take 110% precautions wan!! No play play chan, riding on motobike! Summore got driving license or not?!!

Ah Boy said...

ah boy knows physiology wan..
kidney won't burst wan lah..
or u tokking about bladder? :D
even if there is obstruction to the ureter, the kidney won't burst too..
it will become dilated nia..
become hydronephrotic kidney niah..
no worry..
won't burst wan :D

i wanna to share with SA kor too but the basket is too small to fit in both of us leh..

pink cotton,
Chen told ah boy she rides motorbike in KL in the past leh.. everyday from Setapak in KL to Cheras leh.. and in Kuching too :)

PC jie never rides on bike meh?
next time ask Chen to bring u on bike loh :D
She will be more than happy to do that :D

u so observant geh? kekekeke

err... Chen is the one who is riding the bike lah..
ah boy pillion rider niah..
or issit basket rider?
ah boy just relax & enjoy the scenery only..
no need to susah-susah wan.. ;)
Clever boh?

Will said...

ah boy got scared scared or not? chen got ride like minah rempit? :P

day-dreamer said...

kyh, don't fool with Ah Boy okay... his mummy is loctor leh!! Hehe, correct anot, Ah Boy??

Wah... so wai fong hor... get to go on Motorbike ride on New Year's Day. :D

Ah Boy said...

no doubt ah boy scared a little bit-bit initially but soon ah boy get used to it liao..
syiok also leh...
ah boy likes :D

no lah.. tarak ride lidat wan

kekkee.. yeah yeah :D
that's where ah boy learns the human physiology & pathology :D

DD jie did wat on niu yar day ah?
can share-share with ah boy?

a^ben said...

the tomato sos bottle there buat kacau saja! hahahahah~ spoil the view~ :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

hmmmm where his helmet?

Ah Boy said...

okie okie
next time ah boy will remove the tomato sauce bottle before ah boy sit inside there :)

not that ah boy dowan to wear helmet,
just that ah boy cannot find suitable helmet size leh
all the helmets so huge wan..
all for people with big heads only :(

day-dreamer said...

Mmm... what I did on New Year's day ah?? Think a lot loh... :D

Not like Ah Boy so ho mia go kai kai...

ah nel said...

ah boi got pee on the bike onot when lokter did some rempit style... ;D

Ah Boy said...

day dreamer,
wah.. DD jie really thinks a lot hoh on NY eve :)
hope it's not day dreaming :P
DD jie also can go kai-kai mah

ah nel,
ah boy not so "chicken" lah..
ah boy very brave one :D

ah nel said...

next time jump from the bike when lokter travel 100kmh... :D

Ah Boy said...

ah nel,
wah.. why u lidat geh?
ask ah boy to do stunt & dangerous acts pulak..
ah boy still wants to live leh.. :(
ah boy don't play-play with life wan
ah boy very cautious wan :)