Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Dice Story

Last year Chen gave Ah Boy dice as birthday pressie. Ah Boy has been practising very hard since Ah Boy gets the dice, from day one till today, trying to master the skill... It's not easy to roll the dice to the desired number leh.. needs tactic wan. Ah Boy has been practising very hard for the past one year.

Do you know what happened when Ah Boy get the dice earlier on.. Ah Boy kena bully cos didn't manage to roll & get the desired number. There is evidence for it... Chen wrote the whole event down in her blog somewhere in January this year (with picture summore).. Got bukti one.. Ah Boy didn't bluff.

Ah Boy copy & paste what Chen wrote in the past.. Of course with Chen's permission lah.. Below is Chen's writing...

This is my doggy's new toy ~ presenting the DICE.. (His 2 years old birthday present). I teach my dog how to gamble roll or throw dice, and he enjoys playing with it :)

I told him, if he gets number 3 or 5 from throwing/rolling the dice, he will get a nice treat, which is ice cream (My dog loves ice cream). My dog agrees and he starts throwing the dice..

1st attempt : number 4. You can see the disappointed look on his face. Never mind, he still has 2 more chances

2nd attempt : He tries hard to get number 3 or 5, but not successful. :(

3rd attempt : Number 1 :( *sob* So sad, no ice cream.. You can see the sad look on his face.

Although he didn't manage to get number 3 or 5 from the throwing dice session, but.... since he knows how to act cute, he still manage to eat the ice cream at the end. :P
Ah Boy now clever liao.. know how to roll dice liao... So Ah Boy can constantly get to eat ice cream :D


may said...

roll a 6!! roll a 6!! and I'll gip you 2 scoops of ice cream!


ei, how come 9 come out wan?!

mistipurple said...

sooo cleverr Ah Boy!!! i lap liu!

L B said...

Keep practising, Ah Boy, my four legged friend.. One day, we will play Mahpoli together.

liucas said...

cheh so easy i oso knowla.

i jus ask my kutus gang to roll for me lor. they all sure help me one i so hansem. cepat dan tepat i tell you

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I see there are some missing fuzzy dice from cars around here....

angel said...

ah boy, u got eat asam laksa wan bo? so u hv to roll wat number to get asam laksa?? :p

Ah Boy said...

may jie,
ah boy rolls 3 times and get 6 three times leh.. tat means ah boy can get 3 scoops of ice cream?
thank you May jie jie :D

no 9 woh..
may jie jie ngan fa liao.. :D
see wrongly..

misti jie,
can misti jie belanja ah boy 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream? :)

LB kor,
Err.. LB kor, ah boy really enjoyed the previous session of playing mahpoly together. Looking forward to the next session :)

Ah Boy said...

your kutu gangs?
wah wah...
u have lotsa kutu ah?

Don't infect ah boy with all those kutu or lice or Pediculus Capitis or Pediculosis Corporis or Phthirus Pubis.. Ah Boy hates kutu !!!

FF kor,
ah boy know liao..
must be FF kor kor steal those dice for ah boy leh?
thank u very much, FF kor :)

Angel jie,
ah boy doesn't eat assam laksa, but ah boy eats char koay teow, koay kak, oh chean, wantan mee etc :D

Winn said...

ahboy jom lets genting!

Simple American said...

Then you can play some games with me. You just need some more dice. 4 sides, 8 sides, 10 sides, 12 sides, and most important 20 sided.

Ah Boy said...

winn jie,
u bringing Liucas together?
he is my good fren..
must bring him :D

SA kor,
ah boy is truly amazed..
ah boy heard about Chen telling me about your dice collection in the past..
but ah boy can't imagine how a 20 sided dice looks like leh..
beyond ah boy's imagination :D

plink said...

AhBoy so krever: din roll 3 or 5, still got makan ice cream pulak!
*extra pistachio gelato for AhBoy*

sengkor said...

ahboy u know how to play dai wa sik mou? neh, karaoke always play one..

Ah Boy said...

plink jie,
double scoop, can? :D
Thank u :)

seng kor,
dunno ah...
but ah boy knows how to use dice to throw at people...
those who ah boy dislikes :D

mistipurple said...

10 mins time .... tic toc tic toc..
*brings out the ice-cream cake*

mistipurple said...

AH BOY i so excited for you!!
i running here and there wishing you. hahahaa
about time now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH BOY!!!! may you have everything you wish for!!!

Ah Boy said...

misti jie,
thank Q thank Q
thank Q very much for the ice cream cake :)
ah boy likes it very much..
ah boy curi makan a bit liao before the clock strikes 12 :D

ah boy wishes for more sio tu bak..
more grilled chicken..
more stew pork..
more bak kwa..

*woof woof*

may said...


may you have lots of bbq ribs, pussy-galore, gardenia bread, fluffy dice, ice cream, grilled chicken... oh, everything lah! many happy returns!

*lots of licks*

mistipurple said...

rushes in with sio tu bak, bak kwa.... just now not yet bbq finis.

Winn said...

happy bday present for me?

Chen said...

ah boy is now busy playing with his new black dog toy, and busy eating too..
so I will answer on his behalf :P

I thank Q on his behalf for all the nice wishes... lotsa kisses, lotsa hugs and lotsa licks... muacks...

ah boy busy playing & eating now..
wah.. so nice lah u..
i didn't bbq anything for ah boy woh..
now i feel paiseh liao..

ah boy busy playing & eating now..

walao.. good loh u..
no new toy for u leh..
u wanna share his new toy ah? :P

Ah Boy said...

Thanks to all kor kor & jie jie for the birthday wishes. Ah Boy very happy.. Ah Boy will post a post regarding Ah Boy's birthday later on tonight :)

may jie,
Ah Boy looking forward to meet May jie :D
Looking at the clock..
tick tock tick tock..
Excited :D

misti jie,
can ah boy has extra servings?
ah boy still hungry..
ah boy still in growing phase :D
must eat more :D

winn jie,
winn jie fikiran melayang-layang again ah?
Winn jie should be the one giving ah boy pressie leh.. not the other way round

L B said...

h a p p y b i r t h d a y
w o o f w o o f
h a p p y b i r t h d a y
w o o f w o o f
h a p p y b i r t h d a y
a h b o y b o y
h a p p y b i r t h d a y
w o o f w o o f

day-dreamer said...

Hello Ah Boy... I beh tahan wanna come here kacau kacau d... hehehehe!!

Happy Birthday oh! Big boy already, must sang seng teng wah, ok?

*pet Ah Boy's head*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
can replay the song?
can ah boy record the singing?
so that ah boy can listen to it over & over again :D

DD jie,
nice meeting u :)
ah boy big boy liao..
but ah boy misbehave during BD time :(
and kena scolding :(

Huei said...

Msg from Baby: Hey Ah Boy! I am Baby. Nice to meet you! =D I have a dice like that too!!! ;)

Ah Boy said...

Huei Jie,
wow.. Huei Jie brings Baby here too?
that's nice :)

Nice meeting u, Baby :)
U have a dice too?
Same colour?
It's nice to play with dice, right?
can shake-shake and throw the dice :D

Huei said...

Ah Boy, my dice blue colour wan! Do your good friend Liucas have a dice? We can open a gamble shop play Big/Small! ;P

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy thinks Liucas doesn't have a dice, might be we can ask his mummy to buy him one :D