Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ah Boy "kembang" moment

Ah Boy feels very happy lately..
Ah Boy will show u some of the Ah Boy's "kembang" moments...

First of All, Ah Boy is featured in Charlie's THHC Angels leh.. as John Bosley Ah Boysley, (in The Hug Hug Hug Club X) thanks to LB kor kor.

U all can notice Ah Boy in the picture, right? Neh...The little cute dog there is Ah Boy.

Then one fine day, a weird looking cat says Hi to Ah Boy (from One Two Button My Shoe). Ah Boy dunno who is this cat till LB kor kor told Ah Boy that the cat is PussyGalore, and she loves pink flowers (daffodils), pink nuts (don’t ask), and pink meat (salmon)..

Next Ah Boy appeared in the cute button here, thanks to LB slash CK kor kor again.

Ah Boy feels so happy. Not only that, Ah Boy was also accepted as one of the honourable member of the long alphabet company, Carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjaliboyliu. Since Ah Boy becomes famous liao, Ah Boy starts to get attention from the public too... lately Ah Boy was also mentioned in one of the thread in the WAC forum leh.. Alicia jie jie praised Ah Boy sibeh cute. She also has one brown min pin by the name notti boi :)


However, despite all these kembang moments, Ah Boy is still a humble little doggy lah.. :)


L B said...

Hahaha!!! Woof woof woof!!! Woofie! Woof woof woof woofliu!! WOOF!! Woof.. *scratch hind legs* WooF!! WOOF!! Woof woof woof woof woof!!! WOOF!!

mistipurple said...

hahahaahaa!! Ah Boy you so cute i buay tahan! WOOOOF WOOOOF(i copy cat LB!!) means i lap liu!!

angel said...

*checks ahboy's kembang ekor*

waaa!! ahboy become celebrity liao?? summore kena mentioned in forums??? liuliuliu!!!

oops... wrong language... should be like lb & misti... WOOOOOOOOFFFFF!!!

Ah Boy said...

lb kor kor,
woof, woooof, wooooofff, wooofie
Ah Boy very happy,
thanks LB kor kor
Ah BOy noticed "woofliu"?
new way of barking for the liuliu gang??
woof, woooof, woooofff, woofliu

misti jie jie,
Ah Boy so happy :)
yesterday night Ah Boy has a good night sleep
(Ah Boy dream of food also leh..)

angel jie jie,
shy lah... cos Angel jie jie checking ah boy's kembang ekor :)
Ah Boy feels so elated leh...

*psss... Angel jie jie, Ah Boy's birthday coming sooon liao :) Ah Boy going to be 3 years old liao in 2 weeks' time :)

liucas said...

eh ahboy dun action ok. wait till i post my kembang-er moments then u know..

may said...

humble but kembang doggy... hmmmm... how does that go hand in hand? arf!

Ah Boy said...

ah boy looking forward to see your kembang-er moments.
Fast-fast post ;)
make your mummy happy with your kembang moments :)

may jie jie,
can.. can wan..
ah boy is a living example how kembang & humble can go hand in hand..

ah boy wanna eat dinner liao..

Pink Cotton said...

very cute!!!

HAHAHA boy2 u don kembang so much leh...later ur explode ..HOW?!?!??! 'x'

may said...

*lick lick*
*pat pat*

Chen said...

clever boi :D

Ah Boy said...

Pink cotton jie jie,
ah boy kembang little bit oni..
cannot kembang too much, cos ah boy is a humble doggy :)

may jie jie,
lick lick may jie jie's face & nose..
hope may jie jie get well soon..
ah boy sayang u :)

chen jie jie,

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy!!!! i miss liu!!! you tonight no computer to use hah? mummy using is it?

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
yeah loh..
Chen busy with her dunno wat tortoise post..
so ah boy just lie down patiently and wait next to her loh..
ah boy doze off for a while just now while waiting

ah boy feels so sweet cos misti jie jie missed ah boy :)

mistipurple said...

lol. Ah Boy, Chen posting about the kor lian tortoise who pwat toh pahlengtau. lucky you can turn upright yourself hor?

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
yes.. ah boy knows to pusing wan...
but dunno how to do somersault yet..
Chen knows somersault woh..
but she never teach Ah Boy..
might be she scared Ah Boy might get injured if Ah Boy do somersault... :(

Simple American said...

Give Ah Boy a quick scratch behind the ears.


mistipurple said...

wah, Chen jie jie can do somersaults ah? clever wor! misti jie jie bones all creaky oredy. cannot peng very well.

Ah Boy said...

SA kor kor,
so syiok...
can scratch & massage my neck too?
Thanks :)

misti jie jie,
cannot peng very well means...
can still peng, right?
ah boy wanna see... :)

L B said...

Waaa!! Woof woof #400 today!!! WooFliu Woof!!!

Ah Boy said...

LB kor kor,
ah boy never expect so fast got 400+ visitors liao visitng ah boy...
ah boy very happy..

mistipurple said...

AhBoy celebrity mah. sure have many visitors. later even more will come i tell you. hahahaa.

i peng-ed in bed just now on AhBoy's encouragement. thank you. now misti jie jie don't feel so old liao.

mistipurple said...

btw i think Liucas is thinking thinking he hoping AhBoy help him reply his visitors' comments. liuliu hor! i told him so too! *wink*

L B said...

*tickles Ah Boy's ears*

Winn said...

u can kembang kembang i tot u oredi know how to fly. wanna learn how to fly sumore?

like fly kite?

i tot liucas told me ur hp takda credit liao? stil can sms chen to complain ar? LOL.

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
ah boy is celebrity ah?
ah boy wants to eat steak :P

Misti jie jie still young mah..
jie jie can peng..
good good :D

aiyoh.. itu Liucas cannot be so lazy lah..
he gotta reply all the comments himself :P
but.. if he belanja me KFC & McD, I don't mind helping him to reply too...

LB kor kor,
so ticklish..
but Ah Boy likes..
more, more..

winn jie jie,
kembang & fly is two different thing leh..
Ah Boy wants to learn how to fly too...
Then Ah Boy can go travelling :D
Clever boh?

Just now I used my neighbour doggy's handphone to sms mah.. :P