Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome to my cosy home :)

I follow Liucas footstep. Now I have my own blog too.
I hope Chen will be proud of me :)



liucas said...

ahboy! welcome welcome!

tonite u free to play counter strike mou?

Ah Boy said...

hi liucas :)

Nice to see u here..
tonite ah?
I will confirm with u later...
Dunno my master is at home or not tonite leh... :P

Winn said...

OMG!!!!!! pls allow me to laugh loud loud first!!!!!!

ahboy u oso run away from home ar??

sengkor said...

wah, really no eye see. rupa rupanya ahboy also clever got blog one.. liucas got kaki now.

Ah Boy said...

Winn jie jie,
no woh.. i didn't run away from home.
I sayang Chen very much & she sayang me too :)

sengkor kor kor,
yeah loh...
now i have blog kaki liao :D
so happy...

jumping up & down

Chen said...


Ah Boy starting his own blog too??
*open mouth big big*

Ah Boy, clever lah u
deserve to be sayang :)

Ah Boy said...

beloved chen,
I'm glad u didn't scold me,
i know u sayang me
i sayang u too :)

may said...

ahboy why you never tell me wan??!!!

I dun gip you my french fries ler... humph...

Ah Boy said...

may jie jie,
woof woof
ah boy just now busy greeting Husky
please forgive me, may jie jie

when can i get my french fries?

*cute eyes*

L B said...

*brings irish beef stew, bovril spare ribs, fresh figs, and peanuts...*

Ah Boy said...

lb kor kor,
i like lb kor kor,
he is so generous :D
so much yummy food..
tonight i don't have to eat dog biscuit liao..


angel said...

Sai kai pin jor...

carcar said...

erm, can start a pet forum now :)

so who else? ah may you also have a dog right?

erm, can my power ranger start his blog too?

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie,
the world is still the same :)
I sayang angel jie jie too

carcar jie jie,
yeah, I heard May jie jie has Jessie & Husky... I wanna play with them too :)

i wanna see power ranger blog
woof woof