Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Liucas baked cake for his beloved Winn few days back.. Ah Boy must bake something for my beloved ones too :)

This is what Ah Boy bakes..

Hard work, u know?
Ah Boy created a mess in the kitchen just now..
beating eggs.. mixing flour with sugar, butter & water....
Hope Chen will like the cookies & won't scold Ah Boy for the mess Ah Boy caused in the kitchen....

And Ah Boy bakes all these cookies for those who sayang Ah Boy too :)

Ah Boy wants to bake more cookies just now...
but too bad Ah Boy run out of flour...
Ah Boy still sayang you all, for those whom that Ah Boy tak sempat bake cookies :)


Winn said...

wah TQTQ!! ah boy's entry always so sweet one. unlike liucas! liucas damn mm pei min the owner.

ah boy i heart you. but hor, i know u will keep all cookies to urself ..

may said...

waaaa, cookies!! so the yummm! thank you, Ah Boy! so tai sek.

but... I only get 3 ka?! my name so short, *sob*! simple american gets 14!!

*curi cookies*

Ah Boy said...

winn jie jie,
u are mostly welcomed
ah boy is a sweet boi mah..
people always praise ah boy cute :)

u must ask liucas to mix more with ah boy. Ah boy will teach him all the good stuff :)

may jie jie,
ah boy happy may jie jie likes the cookies :) May jie jie wants more ah? May jie jie can take the "sayang" alphabet cookies ;)

mistipurple said...

ah boy!!!! kiss kiss kiss! liu are so thoughtful! thankewwww for the cookies! just in time, i got no dinner yet.

L B said...

This is great! just perfect!! *munch* What a CLEVER little Cookie you are!!

LB sayang Ah Boy too! And will make more BBQ rabbits for him... including grilled vegetables, carrots, and tiramisu..

angel said...

waa waa waaa!!!! me is so late!!! ahboy really tai sek!

kesian l b oni got two... SA got so many!!! so not fair wannn... :P

but, tenkiu ahboy... now i know why u so many days din post liao... got surprise wan... ;)

*woof woof*
*lick lick*

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
ah boy licks licks Misti jie jie.
ah boy happy misti jie jie likes the cookies..
ah boy spent lotsa time baking the cookies leh..

lb kor kor,
the cookies are baked to perfection, right? ah boy happy lb kor kor likes the cookies :)

BBQ rabbit?
grilled vegetables, carrots, and tiramisu?
LB kor kkor really sayang ah boy :)
lao hao sui...
but ah boy cannot eat tiramisu leh.. can change that to other cakes ah?
TQ very muchie :D

angel jie jie,
Thanks for sek ah boy :)

yeah loh..
ah boy busy over the past few days.. now angel jie jie knows why.. :)

liucas said...

ahboy nei mm leng la, never share mummy jus now compared me and u , and she scolded me again. :(

L B said...

Ok, will change that to Mango Cake...? Goodie?

sengkor said...

wah, ahboy very dai sek.. do things all so nice. tht liucas ha, do wht also kik sei yan one.

Ah Boy said...

i know i know..
your mummy say u damn mm pei min..
no give her face wan..
no wonder u kena scolding lah..
next time must sek chou mah..

lb kor kor,
wah.. i like
sek sai lei
u remember i like mango hoh?

seng kor kor,
ah boy is such a sweetie hoh? :P
how not to sayang him leh..

Simple American said...

AhBoy is so sweet. The kids loved the cookies too. *scratch behind AhBoy's ears.

mistipurple said...

lol. lick AhBoy back!!

Chen said...

Ah Boy, I sayang u :)

Happysurfer said...

Hi Chen, this is so cute. So, your Ah Boy has also started his own blog, eh?

Welcome, Ah Boy!

King's wife said...

The cold bubur chacha nice or not?

Ah Boy said...

SA kor kor,
i like the scratching..
can massage my neck too?
*Wooooff wooooof* = means thanks :)

misti jie jie,
I dunno misti jie jie likes to lick too.. TQ
I feel being sayang-ed so much :)

chen jie jie,
ah boy sayang u too :)

Happy surfer jie jie,
yeah.. I started my own blog :)
welcome to my cosy home, HS jie jie

KW jie jie,
Very nice :)
I love it very much
*Licks bowl till the last drop*

mistipurple said...

come, i sayang you nite nite too. lick lick, universal language hor? pat pat Ah Boy on head. earlier LB borrowed your tail to stuff my ear. now i return your tail quickly. i rumah oredy, no need tail in ear. muacks!

L B said...

ok, ok, mango AND durian ckae...

Winn said...

Chen said...
Ah Boy, I sayang u :)


liucas said...


liucas said...

oi liucas, stop asking why before i castrate u!

L B said...

Where are cookies for Carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjaliboyliu?

Winn said...


Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
*lick lick back*

LB kor kor,
ah boy is a happy doggy :D
gets to eat mango cakes & durian cakes.. :)
Wooooffff, wooooofff (happy barks)

winn jie jie,
why u laugh woh?
U don't believe Chen sayang Ah Boy meh?
She really sayang me leh...

yeah loh.. why your mummy laugh for no reason???
Ah boy also puzzled...

Ah Boy said...

liucas again?,
Liucas, why u talk to yourself?
why u wanna castrate yourself?
u are confused too?
just like your mummy?


LB kor kor,
I will bake those cookies when Chen bought more flour & butter back home... I hope she remembers to buy..

winn jie jie,
ah boy also wondering... why?

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAAHAH!! really buay tahan! if Loctor's patients see all these!! or Loctor's colleagues!!! hahahhaaa

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
wat's wrong woh if they see Ah Boy's blog?
Ah Boy didn't write bad things about other people,
Ah Boy didn't flame people leh..
Ah Boy only writes about light stuff
Ah Boy so good boy :)

a^ben said...

aiyo` ah ben no cookies~

*go corner* *pasang spot light and draw circles with foot*

Ah Boy said...

ben kor kor,
ah boy ran out of flour half way while baking cookies...
so sorry woh...
lick lick ben ben kor kor's face