Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Short Hair

Chen went to cut hair few days ago.. Why she cut her hair till so short geh??? Luckily still longer than Ah Boy's hair.

Ah Boy remember few days ago LB kor kor said Ah Boy is baldie.. Ah Boy punya hair although short-short but Ah Boy is not bald leh.. Ah Boy still has hair, just that Ah Boy's hair is short only. But good also Ah Boy has short hair... at least Ah Boy doesn't have to worry being forced to cut hair like what happened to poor Liucas.. Kena suruh woke up at 2 am in the early morning from his sweet dream & saw his mummy holding a big scissor in her hands.. and the next seconds.. can hear the cut cut cut & snip snip snip sound.. & sobbing sounds too... (someone is crying leh...). The aftermath is Liucas looks so.... *giggle* Now Ah Boy happy Ah Boy has short-short hair :)

Ah Boy doesn't have any camera, so Ah Boy pinjam the picture that Chen posted in her blog to put up here... Ah Boy asked permission liao from Chen to use the picture..

Although Ah Boy has short hair, but handsome also mah.. Good looking also, right? Don't you agree with Ah Boy?


may said...

narcissist!! LOLOL!! of course Ah Boy hensem lah. why mummy cut her hair so short liao? fatt hau ah? faster show picture of mummy!!

L B said...

Hahaha!!! Oh yes, LB Kor Kor made error.. grave error, it seems, because Ah Boy is not letting L B Kor Kor forget that gaff, eh?

*PussyGalore sends love and a coy wave of the tail, and says, "My Prince!!"*

Chen said...

ini ah boy..
why u sibuk go & tell the whole world i go cut hair woh.. :P

Ah Boy said...

may jie jie,
narcissist ah?
but thanks May jie jie for saying ah boy hensem..
ah boy very happy

why mummy cut her hair so short ah?
Ah boy dunno leh..
fatt hao ah?
ah boy doesn't dare to comment also.. later she pukul ah boy then susah :D

LB kor kor,
ah boy knows LB kor kor didn't mean it tat day.. tersalah cakap oni :D

PussyGalore is so sweet....
psss.. can convey the message to PussyGalore asking her to send BBQ roast pork instead next time? :P

beloved Chen,
cos... err..
coz sharing is caring mah..
must share the good news :D

angel said...

i know why... must be u hv been notty... that's why she keik khi and so went to cut cut cut!!! so now she sui-er or b4 cut sui-er??

ah nel said...

*delicious ah boi*

plink said...

AhBoy sooo... cute!!

L B said...

LOL! PussyGalore says no problemo! BBQ Roast Chee next time! With flying peanuts..

Sam Iam said...

Do you get to eat turkey for thanksgiving neat.sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

mistipurple said...

AhBoy, you so lucky leh. mummy go cut her own hair short short, and not turn you into botak head.
and yes lah AhBoy, you are very hansem. *pat pat AhBoy*

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie,
ah boy always also good boy lah..
except notti occasionally :D
but she is happy with ah boy mah..

sui-er before or after cut ah?
angel jie jie see yourself loh :P

sikui ah nel,
are u food? can i eat u? :D

plink jie jie,
*lick lick*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor kor,
wah.. got flying peanuts too ah
ah boy likes :D
so nice :)

No thanksgiving celebration over here in Malaysia..
no turkey...

misti jie jie,
thanks for your compliment :D
ah boy very happy... :D

a^ben said...

hahahhah~ chen fatt hao~~~~ hahahaha!!!!!

hahahah` the biscuits with sugar icing on top~ ooolalallaa

*throw some more for ah boy`*

liucas said...

ahboy.. sorry to tell u the truth. u actually not handsome. i am the handsomest!

sengkor said...

this liucas damn ng ji chau one.. u say some more la, afterward ask ur mummy to botakkan u.

Winn said...

ya liucas, or maybe i should use a mask to cover ur mouth like sk, u talk too much!!hmmp!

Ah Boy said...

ben kor kor,
how can u laff at Chen? :(
later she angry & dowan to feed me tonight then how?? :(
u have to give me more gem biscuits then....

I'm more hensem lah..
u lupa your hair now looks like sua pa kau?

seng kor kor,
aiyoh.. botakkan Liucas ah?
don't lah..
cannot botakkan him :D
later he go gila then how???

winn jie jie,
Good idea woh..
u want a mask for Liucas?
I can give u one of Chen's surgical mask..
I know where she keeps her stuff :)

ah nel said...


liucas said...

i use listerine everyday..

Ah Boy said...

hungry ah nel,
go & eat char koay teow lah..
or kolo mee also can..
or u want to eat steamed kacang?

u only use listerine but never brush teeth ah? :P
Ah Boy brushes teeth with Kodomolion toothpaste :D

_butt said...

Aiyo.. naughty you ah boy laugh at your friend (Liucas) cut hair.. not good, not good..

Got pic of Chen cut her hair already ar? Pretty hair must show ma.. :D

Ah Boy said...

butt jie jie,
he won't mind wan,
cos he also laff at me on & off mah

Ah Boy tarak camera, so cannot take photo :(

angel said...

chuk chuk chuk... ah boyyy... chuk chuk chuk... boyyyy!!! cum cum, wanna play racing cars?

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie,
chuk chuk chuk = wat alien language woh?
Ah Boy catches no ball...

racing cars?
Ah Boy wants :D

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy, the more i look at you the more i think you're so hansem.

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
thank u thank u..

wanna put ah boy's passport sized photo inside jie jie's purse so tat jie jie can look at Ah Boy's hensem face everyday? :D

liucas said...

ahem * proud*

i m more kembang than u now!

mistipurple said...

hahaha. i lap AhBoy. put as screensaver even better! i see whole day! muacks!

Ah Boy said...

i visited your kembang moment liao :D
don't kembang too much till explode woh.. :P

misti jie jie,
u know?
Chen uses Ah Boy's photo as wallpaper leh..
and not only that..
she uses several of Ah Boy's photo to make it into screensaver too..
Ah Boy so happy ;)

Simple American said...

Very handsome Ah Boy. But your nails are so long. Your scratch must hurt hor?

Ah Boy said...

TQ SA kor for praising ah boy hensem
ah boy very happy...

ah boy dowan to cut nails
ah boy hates cutting nails