Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sad :(

Yesterday night, Chen brought me out for dinner at her father in law's house. Ah Boy is lucky cos get to go out on weekends for dinner. Ah Boy ate fried rice yesterday night :) As usual, it rained quite heavily at night time. On our way back home, Chen was busy driving and Ah Boy wanted to manja with her... So Ah Boy climbed up Chen's lap - sitting & lying there while she was driving in the rain. So nice & cosy to lie on her lap..

Ah Boy dunno why Chen got so angry when Ah Boy sit & lie down on her laps. She scolded me and asked me not to disturb her and to go away.. Ah Boy so sad... so depressed.. wanna manja with her but kena scolding...

Ah Boy don't understand..
Cannot manja with her meh when she is driving ?????
Ah Boy will keep that in mind not to disturb Chen when she is driving to avoid kena scolding again...



Chen said...

Ah Boy !!!
I told u so many times liao now to disturb me when I'm driving..
This is the 3rd time u repeated the same mistake again leh..

Must remember not to disturb me or manja with me when I'm driving..

liucas said...

Wakakkaa! ahboy u manja manja so sissy! how can like that? must macho macho like me mah

joms lets play barbie mummy bought me new doll i named it tiffany

may said...

aiseh, dun lah sad, ah boy. come come, may jie jie sayang you. I can sayang when driving also, I'll just say "the dog was driving" if we get into accident, ok? choi!! taikalaisi!! choichoichoi... *touch wood*

Ah Boy said...

chen jie jie,
must forgive ah boy mah..
ah boy tends to forget...
don't scold ah boy lah.. :(

aiyoh.. I sad u dahlah don't console me, laff at me pulak..
no good wan lah u :(

u have new barbie doll called Tiffany?
u r so "macho" :D
can bite & throw the barbie doll high high up or not wan?

i hope i can get a doggy plush toy for my coming birthday leh..

may jie jie,
*sayang may jie jie*
wah.. may jie jie so good..
will let ah boy manja with jie jie when jie jie driving ah?
ah boy likes :D
ah boy wanna climbs on May jie jie's lap liao..

Winn said...

wah ah boy so hero!!!

if liucas do that to me i wil make sure he ends up like a pancake

Ah Boy said...

winn jie jie,
u say oni mah..
if Liucas did that, u won't made him into pancake wan...
the most u do is kick him down from the car, right?
and ask him to walk back home himself... :P

L B said...

hahahahahaha!!!! I am sure you only did that because you felt the presence of a hantu chasing after you, and it was natural to want to feel frightened and hide yourself between your Mistress' legs, mah.. hor? How come all these humands don't understand it wan? Why are they so blind?

*good grief! I'm talking doggie-speak too now*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor kor,
Ah Boy is amazed with LB kor kor's capabilities :D

angel said...

ah boy, angel jie oso dun understand why kenot manja when driving hor... u can manja me, cum cum... chuk chuk chuk... ahboyyy... mali mali...

liucas said...

what walk home?

i will take lrt

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie,
tat means.. Ah Boy can manja with Angel jie too when angel jie is driving?
angel jie won't scold Ah Boy hoh?

cekap lah u...
where u keep your $$$ geh when u go outing? :P

liucas said...

apalah ahboy.. money sure keep in wallet la.. dun tell me u dun hv a wallet.. then whr u keep ur ic?

sengkor said...

ahboy, next time dun kakacaucau when people driving u know.. dangerous one..

Ah Boy said...

I don't have to carry the IC cos got someone carrying it for me :D
u r using mykad or mykid?
or dogkad or dogkid IC?

seng kor kor,
but.... may jie jie says can woh.. angel jie jie too..

okie.. Ah Boy will try not to kacau Chen next time when she is driving.. Ah Boy dowan to be scold too..

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy, wait Chen make you wear seat belt or put you in baby seat in car if you still manja on her lap. better be good boy and sit still okay? Chen worried about safety mah. come come.. i gib you doggie ice-cream biscuit..

Ah Boy said...

misti jie jie,
Ah Boy dowan seat belt..
no freedom liao if sit inside car..
cannot walk around on the seat & look out at the window..
dowan :(
Ah Boy will try to be good boy

Doggie ice cream biscuit?

Simple American said...

Maybe you need a little cage for the drive, since you cannot wear the seatbelt. Safer for you my little friend.

Ah Boy said...

SA kor,
dowan dowan..
ah boy dowan to be kept inside cage
ah boy wanna moves around inside the car..
ah boy likes to see see look look outside the window wan..

Pink Cotton said...


if me ho..i will kick u flying out the window..cos very geli wo!!

Ah Boy said...

pink cotton jie,
kick flying out of window???
eeeee... u so violent wan..
u no sayang ah boy geh???