Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Ninja Text Generator

Since Chen is busy snapping photo in the living room, Ah Boy takes this opportunity to go online again.. This time Ah Boy play-play with The Ninja Text Generator.


Shhhh... Chen doesn't know about this site yet..


liucas said...

oi ah boy, u so free wanna come out and play? i booked the badminton court oredi.

may said...

cute-nya! ah boy, I think you know more hi-tech stuff than me liao!

angel said...

HAHAHAHA!!! this ahboyyy!!! smarter than lokter!!! why u not Dr. AhBoy leh??

Ah Boy said...

i dunno how to play badminton leh..
i only know how to play football :D

may jie jie,
paiseh lah..
ah may jie jie know more than me lah.. ah boy knows little bit bit oni.. cukup makan oni

angel jie jie,
cannot say lidat lah.. :P
*paiseh again*
ah boy never go to school leh..
ah boy wishes ah boy can be enrolled to study in school too..

L B said...

LOL @ badminton!!! Aiseh....

mistipurple said...

wah, even ah boy and liucas so sportive. cham ah, i potato couch.

Ah Boy said...

LB kor kor,
u want to teach me how to play badminton? If possible I wanna learn how to play tennis & squash too ;)

misti jie jie,
potato couch?
issit food?
can be eaten or not wan?

Ah Boy hungry.....

L B said...

I'll do better than that! I'll teach you to order in Italian, so next time when you want Tuna & Ham Pizza with cappuccino, you can show off and astound your Mistress, ok?

liucas said...

LB korkor. no need to teach AHboy la he so bodo he only eats gardenia bread and nothing else!

teach me teach me i m a fast leaner ! example, i know where to get giant muffin recipe! :D

Ah Boy said...

LB kor kor,
I learn italian in the past too..
when Chen is busy with her work, Ah Boy learnt something by himself loh... (ah boy very hardworking wan)

I know how to order Tonno & prosciutto pizza leh..
but i don't drink cappucino
i will order latte instead :)

liucas, u dont ka ka cau cau here..

err... I tot u were locked up by your mummy liao cos u misbehaved earlier on?

angel said...

ah boy, wat u had for dinner just now? CCF arr?

Simple American said...

I'm sending Chen the link. You cannot hide this from her. You are just an AhBoy and she is Chen.

L B said...

*jaw drops*

liucas said...

ahboy wanna go cut hair or not? my hair too long liao i need a haircut.

I drive , u nagivate ok?

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie,
ah boy had pedigree dry dog food for dinner yesterday night :(

SA kor kor,
*hiding in one corner*

LB kor kor,
jaw drops?
I hope LB kor kor didn’t dislocate his temporomandibular joint leh..
Ah boy is worried….

aiyak.. cannot lah..
ah boy punya hair so short..
less than 1 cm in length..
go cut hair, then ah boy sure become botak liao..
no more handsome liao leh…

Pink Cotton said...

i headrak looking at the moving characters...

btw boyboy...isit true that dogs are carrer blind???

wahahahaha 'x'

liucas said...


Ah Boy said...

pink cotton jie jie,
headache ah?
u want panadol?
I can take two tablets from u..
I know where Chen keep the panadol :)

aiyak, why u say lidat?
dogs mana ada colour blind woh??
*sob sob*

found your mummy oledi?

liucas said...

yeah she called..she said she gonna work late today.

can i go to your house tumpang makan?

Ah Boy said...

Poor Liucas.

I'm having pedigree dry dog food for dinner tonight with plain water. Interested? U are mostly welcomed to join me. We can play hide & seek after dinner :)

liucas said...

those food whr got sedap one.. come la, we go eat mcd.

Chen said...

liucas, I have no objection if u wanna bring Ah Boy out for dinner in McD... but Ah Boy has no pocket money leh.. u wanna belanja him? ;)

Ah Boy said...

ah boy knows those food tarak sedap, but what to do?
when hungry time, everything also I sapu... :(

go McD?
that sounds good !!!
I WANT !!!

can give ah boy some pocket $$ ?
ah boy wanna go McD