Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coming BIG day

Ah Boy's birthday coming soon liao... Ah Boy will be celebrating the 3rd birthday on 2nd December leh.. this coming Saturday leh.. Ah Boy big boy liao... Last year Ah Boy get a dice plush toy as birthday pressie. Up to today Ah Boy is still wondering why Chen gave Ah Boy a dice ??? She wanna teach Ah Boy how to gamble ah?

Ah Boy wonders what is in store for Ah Boy on that day... I hope Chen won't forget Ah Boy's birthday. Is there any birthday party for Ah Boy? Will my beloved kor kor & jie jie out there buy cakes or pressie for Ah Boy? Ah Boy prefer FOOD .... Ah Boy dowan to eat Pedigree dog food on that day leh... Ah Boy wants BBQ spare ribs or fried chicken or Irish stew pork. Ah Boy hopes can have the chance to eat Durian & Mango Cheese Cake. Ah Boy hopes can get to eat pistachio gelato too !!! *Grin*


angel said...

wah piang, ah boy damn high crass! donwan dog food, want human food?? then why don't u become human, har? har? har?? :P

L B said...

Angel!!! LOL! Ah Boy knows how to order in Italian! Ah Boy can roll the dice (even though he never gets a 5, or an 8, for the ice cream), Ah Boy knows how to manja, Ah Boy has PussyGalore GF, and even though Ah Boy doesn't prance around in skirts (unlike Liucas), Ah Boy is human!!

may said...

ah boy, you so small, can finish all the bbq spare ribs and fried chicken and stewed pork and cheese cake and gelato all by yourself ka? afterwards eat until tummy pau char, then how?!

Ah Boy said...

angel jie,
ah boy is pedigree dog leh..
ah boy not chapalang or pariah dog
human food taste nicer mah..
dog food not nice wan..
if angel jie doesn't believe ah boy, angel jie can try the dog food and ah boy sure angel jie won't like it :D

LB kor,
LB kor teaches ah boy wan how to order in italian.. ah boy now in the process of learning how to cheat with dice.. LOL

may jie,
although ah boy so small, but ah boy eats more than Chen leh..
ah boy has very good appetite :)
if cannot finish all the food, ah boy can share-share with may jie loh..

Simple American said...

If I knew about Ah Boy's birthday sooner I would have mailed him a turkey leg. Think you would enjoy that. Just don't chew the bone.

liucas said...

ahboy u so good. my birthday my mummy lemme eat bbq tadpoles only.

Inevitable said...

LOL at Liucas's comment

Ah Boy said...

SA kor,
turkey leg?
sounds yummy...
can made roasted turkey leg leh..
ah boy wants !!! :D

err... ah boy tot liucas gets to eat BBQ imported sausage too besides BBQ tadpoles ? :P

inevitable kor,
liucas has very weird taste wan...
eat BBQ tadpoles :D

L B said...

sausages, tadpoles... hmm, ah boy is delirious..

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
Ah Boy not delirious leh..
Liucas started the BBQ tadpole first leh..
Ah Boy follows trend only..
imported sausage is what his mummy said wan..
in her blog leh.. :D
Ah Boy didn't made up stories :D

plink said...

o.O Dice? AhBoy is doG oF gamblerS liao!
Chen!! You teaching AhBoy puak kiau izit? ;)
*pistachio gelato to AhBoy*

mistipurple said...

Ah Boy, good morning. i just out of words temporary. come and sayang you. never forget you.

Winn said...

lol @ PLINKU!

becareful ahboy..u might end up on chen's plate. muahaha....

Winn said...

liucas dun simply cakap last year i made u poodle spaghetti remember?

liucas said...

i wanna eat min-pin fried rice for my next bday...

Pink Cotton said...



why give u dice ho??Mebe this yr she might give u cards...kekeke..then u can open a casino liao!


Ah Boy said...

plink jie,
ah boy will show u the hard pathway that ah boy went through before ah boy masters the skill..
not easy leh …
hard work…

stay tuned for the update :D

pistachio gelato??
Thanks… so delicious…
Can ah boy requests for more?

misti jie,
ah boy feels so warm…
ah boy enjoys being sayang :D

winn jie,
Ah Boy is worried Liucas might ends up in your plate instead leh.. :P
Ah boy remembered u always say u wanna eat him. :)

Ah Boy said...

winn jie,
poodle spaghetti?
So Liucas eats lotsa poodle hair & poodle fur last year?
No wonder he told me he kena asthmatic attack last birthday !!!
now ah boy knows why liao...

u should eat Maltese Char Koay Teow for your next birthday leh..
more delicious :D

pink cotton jie,
yeah.. ah boy big boy liao.. :)
ah boy dowan card leh..
not nice wan…
ah boy prefer food :D

_butt said...

ah boy greedy!! :P

Ah Boy said...

butt jie,
ah boy not greedy..
if greedy ah boy will ask for abalone liao :D

Butt jie also get to eat nice stuff mah when u celebrate your birthday :D

L B said...

*drops by to pat Ah Boy's shoulders with live sotong*

Ah Boy said...

LB kor,
can BBQ that sotong for Ah Boy or not? Live sotong stinks... :(